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Kosa Kaguya
Kosa Kaguya
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Kosa Training 1 Empty Kosa Training 1

Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:17 pm
Kosa left his house with an exited bounce to his step. He was super pumped to get to the training grounds and work himself to the bone today, no pun intended. As he made his way out onto the training field, he noticed the small pond and the dozens of training posts and training dummies to be used for Taijutsu and weaponry practice. The sky was cloudless and there was a slight breeze, all in all a perfect day to train. He had been thinking long and hard about what areas he needed to work on. He knew that he didn’t know quite as many jutsu as some Genin younger than him did, but he also knew that Ninjutsu didn’t make a ninja, and sometimes you couldn’t count on having the chakra to use a jutsu, so he decided to work on improving his already impressive physique and work on some Taijutsu techniques. The first one he had read about was called the leaf whirlwind. It was a series of kicks that alternated between high and low at a quick pace in rapid succession. The trick to this technique was to use the leading high kick as a distraction and block the opponent’s view of the oncoming low kick and then the rest of the kicks. He began to do is warm up laps and hand stand pushups before he worked on the katas. After 100 laps at a jogging pace and then 100 hand stand pushups he began to read over the scroll that contained the katas. He started to copy them in a slow manner, using the time he had now to commit each movement to memory. He wanted to get this technique down to muscle memory. He gradually sped up his kicks as he began to lose balance less and less. Eventually he was preforming the attack at half speed and was only stumbling on the final kick. As he continued to work through the attack he tried to focus on perfecting each step to the point where he was confident he could perform it against an opponent with no worry of messing up. After about an hour of working though the attack, he decided to take a break from the katas and work on his kicking, punching and agility. He walked over to a shuriken post, which was nothing but a solid log that was used for target practice with kunai and shuriken and began to do 500 punches and then 500 kicks without pause. When he finished the post looked splintered and had some blood on it, from his knuckles and shins. He then wrapped them in bandages and began to work back through the katas to see if he could perform them to a satisfactory level. Finally he got it to the point he could go at max speed and preform the whole technique without stumbling. He then decided to use the attack on a training dummy that was made of straw and wood. He bolted at the dummy at a speed of 15 then about 8 meters away he sped up to a speed of 30 then as he initiated his attack he was going a speed of 45. His attack hit with the force of 25 and his final high kick tore the head off the dummy. To Kosa this was very good progress. He knew that if he continued to learn various close range attacks then most people who rely on Ninjutsu would be caught unawares when he suddenly attacked them from up close. He then thought of combining his Kekkei Genkai into the attack. As he executed the attack this time he sprouted bone spikes from his feet that looked like daggers and cut up the whole body of the other dummy. Leaving nothing but half a torso and its left arm still attached to the post. He then withdrew the bones back into himself with a slight sigh. He sat down and drank some water and used his sleeve to wipe the sweat from his brow. He could feel the cool wind whipping against his face and the sun beating down from the cloudless sky. He didn’t want to rest for too long because he wanted to do the technique some more so he could put it to muscle memory. He began to think about any possible ways he could make the technique more useful. As he stood up and stretched his limbs he grinned, his canine teeth being slightly elongated. He knew that as long as he continued to work on his strength and speed, even the simplest of techniques could become deadly. He began to run through the technique again only this time he started with a wide roundhouse kick to the right followed by a low backwards roundhouse with his right leg. He then went for the usual combination but it had the desired effect he thought. His first kick was merely to block the victim from seeing his next attack and his second attack was to throw off their balance enough for his flurry of kicks to hit their target. He was starting to get the hang of this attack, as he glanced through his white hair he took off his trench coat and undershirt to allow for less weight as he had both of them weighing 20 pounds due to simple weighted seals that his academy instructor gave him upon completion of the Genin exams. He was very proud of his achievements so far and was determined to make a name for himself, not because of his clan but because even to this point he had no friends and he wasn’t well liked by anyone. No one gave him the time of day and he knew that if he could just become powerful and do something amazing then people would recognize him and he could make some friends. That is why he had long ago decided that he wanted to be the Hokage. His ultimate goal was still far out of reach though as he was only a Genin and didn’t know any useful techniques. But, with his training today he was hoping to change that. He began to stretch again and keep his limbs loose and flexible as he long ago learned that this could always help you in a combat situation. He decided to run some more laps in order to collect his thoughts and think of how to proceed with the technique. As he ran and the wind swept through his hair and his violet eyes scanned the area in front of him he began to do a lot of in air acrobatics like flips and summersaults and spins in order to work on his maneuverability and his agility. As he worked he noticed that his movements were becoming more fluid and that he could feel that he was moving slightly faster than before. He began to speed up to test his new speed limits until he ran straight at a training post and preformed the leaf whirlwind on it destroying it completely. Once he landed he immediately threw a kunai at a target directly to his right and hit it right in the head. This signaled a “kill” for him. As he began to weave in and out of the training posts sometimes jumping onto them and sometimes punching them or kicking them he felt his attacks grow stronger as he grew faster. He then stopped his training for a moment and sat down on the grass and looked at the next kata he wanted to begin learning. It was called the leaf gale and required knowledge of the whirlwind technique to utilize it to its fullest potential. It was in all basicness, a rear spinning low kick that required speed, precision, and strength more than anything. It was mostly a stepping stone technique that when combined into other techniques could make for a devastating combo. As he began to read more about the requirements of the technique and the general rundown of it, he decided to try to run through it one time to see how he fared. His earlier exhaustion still present, he began practicing this low sweeping kick. He could see a few ways to integrate this technique as a direct follow up of the Leaf Whirlwind. If one were to master both techniques and then add in some other attacks, they could potentially have limitless combos. He decided that after a few times of performing it at a speed that he felt was good enough that he would try to use it on one of the many training posts planted in the ground. As he ran towards one of the posts and immediately dropped into the low sweep, he brought his right leg around behind him. His right heel connecting with the log, shattering and splintering it and sending his leg straight through it. After deciding that he had that simple technique down he decided to attempt to combine the Whirlwind and the gale to see if the combination worked as well as he hoped it did. He jumped away from a fresh post and cracked his neck and slammed his fist into his palm. He then dashed straight at the post becoming almost a blur, until he got 1 meter away and leapt into the opening roundhouse of the Leaf Whirlwind. He performed the second low kick, splintering some of the wood from the log. Then some of the kicks that followed also left chunks of the log breaking away towards the bottom especially. Then Kosa went for the Leaf Gale and when his heel hit the log, it ripped it from the ground and sent it flying around 10 meters away and actually fractured the bone in Kosa’s heel. Luckily, he was a Kaguya and broken bones and the like weren’t even on his list of minor annoyances. After the bone healed He began to think of ways he could use his bones to augment his fighting style. Maybe he could find a way to make his bones denser and allow for them to hit harder or take more hits. He also wondered if he could use his bones as throwing weapons. Or if he could use them as other weapons. He decided to try, he created a 2 meter long pole of bone from his arm and then broke it off leaving the tip a jagged spike. He then proceeded to spin it and hit it into a raining dummy and try to get the feel for using it, like a bow staff or a spear. He then pulled it back into his body and began to run through the kata for the combo he had been working on. He knew that if he could only get it working well with minimal mistakes he would be satisfied. He ran through it for a few hours, finally getting it to a level of perfection when his white hair was dripping with sweat and his violet eyes showed nothing but weariness, he kept pressing on as his body wouldn’t let him quit. His Kaguya blood forcing him to continue to grow stronger and much more powerful. “I’ve almost got it down to memory, I hardly have to think about it anymore.” Kosa said with a tone of excitement. He could practically taste the progression. By the blood seeping through the bandages on his knuckles to the sweat glistening on his chiseled chest and 8 pack to the look of fatigued victory in his eyes. He was truly proud of himself and knew he was already much stringer because of the time he spent training. He could tell just how strong he had truly become and he was ready to continue to be stronger. He definitely wasn’t arrogant enough to believe he could stand against any opponent, he was merely a Genin. Not even faster or stronger than most. But, when someone is a master of the basics, a Genin could topple Kage after only a slight mistake. So Kosa decided that he needed to make his body as physically strong as possible and then make his mind as mentally sharp as possible then he could become the perfect weapon of mass destruction. As he continued to ruthlessly practice the combo over and over settling for nothing less than perfection, his arms grew tired and his legs began to give out sometimes. But he fought through the pain and soreness in order to master these techniques to a degree that he could perform them in a combat situation and not worry about messing up. He wanted these techniques to be an immediate response not a thought out reaction. After he finally got to the point that he couldn’t throw another kick with it being any form of effective, he began his trek home. He knew that these sore muscles would be better tomorrow so that he could train them more. He had always pushed his body to it’s limits in order to truly gain the strength he needed in order to become the most famous ninja in the village. As he walked calmly through the chilly night air, he felt his bodies soreness as it seemed to be chastising him for pushing it so hard. He didn’t know why though, because he knew he would be out there again the next day, and the next, and the next. Because he has a burning desire to grow stronger and he will stop at nothing to reach that goal. As he walked through his door he immediately collapsed on the couch and went into a deep slumber.
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Fri Oct 02, 2015 1:30 am

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