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What even is this place..... [Mission] Empty What even is this place..... [Mission]

Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:19 pm
Knowledge v. Wisdom

Journal entry 132
Day , September 20

This place was strange....everything about it is different than the others, for an example the culture,  how the people dress, and the fact it has a Queen was really different from what Laz has seen so much peace. He wanted to learn more about his new environment and extreme interest in the royal palace and the family. Family....something he was missing. At first it just started as an odd hobby for him to go study about the family's history and all things royal, learning of the Queen, her parents, and their parents, and on and on until somethings soon sounded like old legends like the ones his mother use to tell him.  Yes maybe this is why he gained so much interest in the palace and the ones who lived there...because it reminded him of the stories his mom told him, of Kings and Queens, knights and Warriors, Hero's and Legends! He spent days studying everything he could about the family even if it meant sneaking out the orphanage and breaking curfew time to time but heck he did it anyway!

Laz just wanted to learn more and more even going to some length in reenacting some events pretending to be king or a royal guard and in some cases he wrote his own stories basing them off his few adventures he had and combining them with a bit of Hoshigakure's culture.  He drew sketches of the scenes, wrote plays of the story, and poems but they would never see the light of day....he was alone...only so fee knew of his existence in Hoshi and only so few would care if he just...disappeared. So braving himself and just saying fuck it, lets YOLO this. In the middle of the night he snuck out of the orphanage,  it was actually early in the morning just a few hours before the son will fully rise and takes it place in the sky. A few hours is all he needed...he was quiet as a mouse as he evaded the royal guards and sneak past them using such clever sneaking skills and distractions such as tossing rocks and making strange animal noises to make them leave post and there he was in the palace.. Really the Royal Guards suck if they seriously let Laz outsmart them to sneak in. He was not really sure what he was doing,  maybe he could find some more information in the Palace library rather than all the library has given him.

Arriving there after having a few close calls with the Royal Guards, Laz found it...the place that could give him more information and fuel his obsession with the Royal Family. Walking inside,  he slowly pushed the door open making sure no one was inside and then the studying commenced. He spent at tops, two hours and only having another hour to return before the sun breaks through the night's darkness and the roosters call. Oh yes if he got caught this would be seriously bad, because A) this is breaking and entering,  B) It's the Royal Palace  C) It's past his curfew and D) IT'S THE ROYAL PALACE. Then he heard footsteps coming towards the door.... "Oh crap..." he mumbled in a hushed Voice as he looked for a place to hide but finding none he went out the window!  Falling a few feet and landing on his side sending much pain through his arm he got up and scurried away finding himself in the Royal Garden.  That's when he saw her....kneeling down in her nightgown a woman was tending to the flowers. He was surprised but wasn't sure he was certain it was her..the Queen.

She looked sick, Hella sick.  So why was she out here in the middle if the night tending to some flowers?  Laz silently watched from behind a tree and continued to do so as he watched the older woman.  Internal Laz be like - "OH CRAP HOLY SHIT, IT'S THE QUEEN, I CAN LITERALLY WALK OVER THERE AND SAY HEY UGH WAIT THAT MIGHT SCARE HER...BUT SERIOUSLY SHE IS JUST A FEW FEET AWAY FROM ME, SO MANY QUESTIONS I WANT TO ASK!!" However external Laz would just watch, silent.  Like the snowfall in Yuki. Okay the sun was rising and he needed to go be so close to someone of her rank..very tempting to make known of his existence but...she doesn't have time for him, she will just probably forget he existed anyway if he doesn't get jumped by some Royal Guards.. He sighed as he finally decided to retreat and accidentally stepping on a stick and causing a snapping sound and in result THE Queen looked at his direction...."Who's there?" He stopped and froze when he heard her voice and he really didn't want to go down in history as that kid who got caught and was never seen again. Was the jig up? He was about to speak but was stopped as he saw one of the maids come out and seemed to be very worried about the queen being out here. She would then help the queen away and Laz let out a sigh as he watched the queen leave but took one more glance at his direction.  

Sneaking back out and returning to the orphanage he wasn't really sure what to think or do....except that the Queen seems to sneak out at night to tend to flowers. Sneaking back inside the room he looked at the others who were sleeping and yawned as he crawled into his bed. Pulling out his journal he would then begin to write down this adventure and decided to expand the story a bit...he will tell the younger kids this story later after all.'s the least he could do. Laz took kindly to telling them stories at night of course he had to modify this one a bit because he could get in some serious trouble. He wanted these kids to have a better life than he did so far so when some come and go he was fine....of course soon they would all disappear and have ones to call family but Laz...part of him just felt like he would be the last one here...who would want to adopt an 15 year old anyway?  Finishing his somewhat of an report journal entry, he laid in his bed and pulled his covers over his head.

And that was the end of this journal entry~

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What even is this place..... [Mission] Empty Re: What even is this place..... [Mission]

Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:47 pm

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