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A Leap of Courage. Empty A Leap of Courage.

Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:43 pm
Hoshigakure no Sato scorched with heat, causing the humidity to form a smog within it's proximity. Birds squacked outside of Souji's window as the sound of her alarm rung. After missing the clock several times, the teenager's fist struck the top dead on enraged. To her dismay, bits and pieces of plastic danced in the air completely murdering what was left of the clock. "Seriously, this is the second one in five months..." Whined the Hyuuga brushing the plastic material off her bedsheets. Both arms rocketed into the air as a mighty yawn emitted from the small child, relaxing her shoulders while her arms grew limp. Lazily Souji struggled to kick off the rest of the blankets, quietly screeching as she groggled to herself. "It's wonderful being a Genin and all, however my body cannot continue to keep up with such excruciating physical labor!" Scabs were slowly growing on top of one another, every limb nearly scratched head to toe. Her body shook with every step, both tendons and ligaments over exhausted far beyond comprehension. One could easily mistaken Souji as something you'd see out of a horror movie. Glistening off the sunlight, her eye's buldged after having a glance of the monstrosity she had become overnight. Hair more frizzier than one has ever witnessed, the girl laughed how comparable it was to a lion's mane. "My god... The humidity out here is insane. Konohagakure was sure as hell warm, but nothing compares to both of the elements together."

 After an hour of brushing almost each particular knot out of her hair, Souji picked out her usual attire. Something was new, the headband Lady Akihana honoured the Hyuga graduating her exam. Memories begin to flood into her mind, mental images of her hugging onto the Proctor emotionless as her grip tightened. Her mind wandered further down memory lane, to her earliest moments with her foster parents. Screeches emitted from the child, her alcoholic innebriated father raising hell against her. No matter the conflict nor what the situation was, the only outcome was to release his anger upon those who cannot defend themselves. For merely six agonizing years Souji endured disgusting acts of immorality against her including being assaulted both mentally and physically, sadly sexually several times as well. After each "punishment" given, her foster father always spread his arms in order to hug the scarred child. Before her tragic escape resulting in over eight years of travel, that was the last time Souji had ever gotten a hug. Dampness between her toes continued to spread as she snapped into reality, peering at herself in the mirror both teary and red-cheeked. Multiple attempts of sobbing failed as she struggled to breathe, tearing her medicine cabinet open before grabbing onto a labelled container reading "Xanax." Souji popped the top off, grabbing a tablet before putting her mouth under the faucet. She'd tilt her head upwards dropping the pill in, swallowing it instantly. Moments passed before the teenager was capable of gathering her thoughts, her anxiety attack slowly coming to an end. "P-please... Don't make me regret in trusting yet again." She whimpered.

 So far Souji's morning wasn't going as planned, dragging herself from her bedroom into the kitchen. Mr. Maeko wasn't around as usual, most likely working overtime. Even though the man was rather upset about my resignation in order to become a Genin, he was more than ecstatic to keep my company around. Her cupboard quickly swung open, her fingers tensing in miraculous time preventing the corner from hitting the wall. "For the love of god, calm yourself woman it's just food..." She thought, her mouth salivating picking up a ramen bowl. The flame roared from the element, heating up the water in the kettle as Souji prepped her morning tea mixture. Herbs and spices swirled, dancing around in both her bowl and cup as the boiling hot water poured into them. An aroma one couldn't compare to any other travelled within the room's proximity, gradually increasing as she took her first bite. The savoury flavours of beef and curry crossed paths of the orange citrus tea, Souji moaning in delight. Once the kitchen was tidied up the Hyuga's chest tightened, exhaling out any negative beliefs she had in order to make space for the positives. "Well, I suppose it's time to go train" she squeaked, locking up the apartment door behind her venturing off towards the gates.

 "Hey, little girl stop right there!" Roared the voice of a massive guard, standing almost three times the height as the Hyuuga. "W-who the hell do you think you're calling little!" Screeched Souji, stomping agitatedly towards him. Flames of fury burned within the Hyuuga's white eyes, glaring directly at the guard as his very soul began to feel as if it was slowly ceasing to exist. "S-sorry there man your structure isn't what you'd consider avera-" he paused, "Excuse me however is that a Hoshigakure headband?" Souji's eyes drooped, staring intently at the man as if he had to be joking. His belly shook as a mighty laugh emitted from the man, patting the teenaged girl's shoulder as her facial expression stuck. "Yes, as a matter of fact I am a Genin. Therefore one shouldn't expect any harassment trying to leave!" Instantly, Souji turned his grin into a frown with her seriousness. Turning her back towards the guard, she paced off taking her first steps out of the village since she had arrived. "W-wait!" Nervously screeched the guard trying to get the Hyuuga's attention, "You're not even being escorted nor with anyone of any exp-" That was Souji's breaking point, her ankle twisting as her body spun around. "TRY to tell me more about my experience again, seriously I mean it!" She rambled to herself, removing the bindings of her Bo Staff falling off her back into her hand. "Don't F@#* with me!" Screamed the little girl, allowing her Bo Staff to revolve between her fingers several times, tensing up her wrist as the other hand grasped the base. Dust rose around her, the sunuke material capable of leaving a tiny imprint within the ground. Sighing, Souji wrapped her staff as it was previously, tieing the fabric together behind her back. "What else will I have to deal with today?!" She screeched, pacing away quickly from the scene.


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A Leap of Courage. Empty Re: A Leap of Courage.

Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:54 am
Please add links of every topic you're trying to claim WC from. Generally we don't allow saving WC so it might be easier just to claim WC towards weapon in whichever topic you're writing it in. You can claim bit by bit but it needs to be claimed in the topic it's written in. <3
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