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Kuro Hozuki
Kuro Hozuki
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Down the rabbit hole...[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Down the rabbit hole...[Open]

Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:39 pm
Kuro listened to what Lucian had to say about putting time and effort into making his puppet... wait, making... That's what he'd meant to be working on! He was supposed to make himself something to fight with! Since he wasn't a very good hand-to-hand kind of guy, he needed something just in case. Something he could defend himself and others with. A shield. What he would make it out of was aa pretty easy choice. Water of course, what else would he use? He silently thanked Lucian in his head and started to pool up some water in his chest, condensing it as compact as he could and hardening it with chakra. The process felt rather slow and was probably going to take awhile before he managed to complete it.

Hearing Wuark ask about what happened to Yuki, Kuro shrugged and leaned back where he sat. "Honestly, I'm not really sure. I was visiting the waterfall village with a bunch of other Yuki genin and then we kind of split up... The that village was attacked by somebody. I didn't know what was going on so I got out of there and got lost in the jungle for a long time. Only Vixie to keep me company until I met a special friend. Once I finally managed to find my way back home, I was stopped before I could even step foot inside the village... I could see it was heavily damaged though. My teacher told me it was too dangerous to go back... so we headed to Konoha." Kuro sighed, deciding to leave out that his 'Special friend' was a hydra and that the one who stopped him was a dragon.

Kuro smiled and nodded in thanks at the mention of the guest bedroom. "Tea huh? I guess I'll take it cold. Keep myself cool." Vixie yawned and curled up in his lap after stretching her legs, the fox bored of the human small talk.
Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
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Down the rabbit hole...[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Down the rabbit hole...[Open]

Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:42 am
"Delito is a weapon only in a worst case scenario. First and foremost he is, as I mentioned, a work of art, wouldn't you agree?" Lucian reaffirmed as the trio walked to the apartment. Up to this point Lucian had been fortunate. He had managed to avoid putting Delito to deadly effect. In all honesty the genin did not wish to use the puppet against anyone. Unfortunately, from his experiences with human nature he would one day be forced to bring Delito into service.

If...No, when, that day comes it will pay to be prepared. Believe the best, but expect the worst....

Upon arriving at the apartment the conversation had shifted over to Kuro. In the short exchange Lucian was able to glean that something had happened to where the boy lived. However, beyond that even Kuro seemed to be a bit jumbled which did not transition to a story all too well. Though, one important detail the Funkagakure shinobi was able to catch was that people did indeed go about attacking villages. Sure, he had heard of such things and read about more than a few historical invasions, but here he was hearing about it firsthand. The very thought of such an occurrence made his heart beat a bit faster than normal.

"Thank you Wuark, you are too kind." The genin replied to Wuark's generous offer of his own bedroom. This whole situation felt odd. Lucian recalled how...what was her name? Ah, yes, Akihana had mentioned how the civilian population was distrusting of shinobi. Yet here Wuark was letting two people, very obviously shinobi, into his home. Odd, but now was not the time to work on the subject. A time would no doubt present itself later.

Ah, Tea, it has been ages my old friend.

"I'll take my tea hot, hot as possible." Lucian stated curtly. His grandmother used to make something she had dubbed volcano tea. The stuff could sit for hours on end and still remain boiling hot. Apparently the trick was to use blazing hot lava rock, but Lucian was never too sure. He never learned the secret. Surely the tea Wuark had was not nearly as good, but it served as a reminder, a reminder of his home far away. Then came the question, it was expected, but there is was all the same.

Why am I here?

"I am from Funkagakure, the land of volcanoes and eternal shining sea. The village itself is on an island far out in the sea off the coast of the land of Fire." Lucian said after some thought. "As for why I am here of all places? Well, simply put it is a tradition in my family that everyone go on a journey of enlightenment at one point in life. This is my journey and that is what brings me here. Nothing more, and nothing less." 

Now is the time.

"Though, I am more interested in how I ended up here." Lucian waved his hands around the apartment lazily. "I was told upon entering Hoshigakure that people here are not too trusting of outsiders, Shinobi especially. So, why, if I am not overstepping my bounds here, are you showing us such hospitality?" 

Yes, why indeed?
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Down the rabbit hole...[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Down the rabbit hole...[Open]

Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:14 pm
It surely was day full of surprises for Wuark. He had met two ninja from outside Hoshigakure that were not so bad. Of course he knew that this experience was not common, but not impossible to interact with. Both ninja had been civil, kind, and very accepting of keeping their distance and their wants and desires vague.

But all that had just started to shift. This wasn't all going to be a bad thing for sure. But Wuark knew that at some point he couldn't talk his way out of the deep topics that were going to be discussed.

First. He smiled with pride when heard that Lucian had wanted to view his puppet as a work of art. It showed that he cared more about killing; killing seemed to be one of the only reasons people became ninja these days. To find out that Lucians number one priority was the art, effort, and time that he put into his creation was definitely a relief.

His attention was shifted to Kuro as he answered his question about what happened to Yuki. Wuark remembered how easy it was now for ninja to travel from village to village in this time of relative peace in the world. Sure there were still the maniacs and ruthless killers out there but for the most part the ninja world was accepting and treated almost everyone here with respect.

But it wasn't surprising that these maniacs, the people that Wuark mentioned before, would go and level a city. There was no need for such violence in this world. Senseless actions that lead only to despair and fear are some of the reasons Wuark was led to utopian neutrality in Hoshigakure. He then continued to listen to the young ninja's tale about how he first got to Konoha and then here by use of his special friend. Special friend? Wuark doesn't hear that kind of language and does not think that something is up. However that does not mean that these ninja can keep some of their secrets; after all Wuark has his as well.

Wuark would then reply to the young ninja's tale. "Then I am glad and surprised that you have gotten this far, Kuro. The world is a big place and death comes when and where you least expect it. Believe me, I know." He would say as the young ninja got more comfortable on the couch.

"Of course, Lucian. You see I don't want my owl causing any trouble. So if I'm allowing you to stay here then I should make sure that my pet doesn't do anything stupid." Wuark would reply to Lucian. It was just a way to make sure that Komi didn't try to peck his eyes out while they were sleeping. It was just the best way to make that no person in this house, even the fox, was harmed.

Wuark would continue to make the tea that he had started. HE would put some ice and a sweet lemon in a tall glass for Kuro. He would take some tea, which was ready at this time, and put it too the side to let it cool down so that it wasn't scorched. He would then take a clay cup and put it directly onto the stove top. The clay would not shatter because it wasn't warm enough to do that. But the cup would become very hot and wuark would pour some tea into it. After pouring some tea for himself in his own cup he would take an oven mitt, pick up the tea, and place it into cup holder. The cup holder would make it so Wuark and Lucian could hold the cup without a mitt, and it would help to keep the tea warm in the cup as per Lucian's request. When the tea was ready Wuark would hand it to his guests.

Wuark would be doing this while he listened to Lucians answer to why he was here in Hoshigakure. "A monk from the volcano village. I honestly have never been on such a journey around the world, I would assume going around the whole of the world is no small feat. I hope that what you gain from your journey will lead you to enlightenment, or whatever it is you are looking for. Is the volcano village a nice place to live in?" Replied Wuark. Wuark would not know everything about the ninja villages in the world. After all he hasn't traveled the world but from the rumors he had heard from passersby they would give Wuark the assumption that it wasn't the best place to live. But Wuark truly had no clue about what was going on there and hope Lucian could clear things up.

Then the conversation would turn to him. Everything up to this point had been Wuark asking questions to his guests. While I guess now is the time for the host to start being a bit more open with his guests.

"Hmmm, Lucian, you are not overstepping your bounds. I understand your curiosity. Hoshigakure is a village of scholars, intellects, and citizens who just want to live their lives in peace. Until recently the events of the ninja world have just passed us by. We are just a small nation with no affiliations of any kind. Our neutrality is what kept us safe and our queen and he rule have kept us fairly happy here...." Wuark would pause. His heart was racing and his mind thinking about all the different scenarios that could play out. However after another deep breath he would continue.

"My brother was killed in Konoha. Some of my family possessed unique chakra that the village wanted to learn about. My family used to live there, our family was there for a very long time. But after my brother was murdered I decided to leave the village and the corruption that I believe is in that city. For the past while I have lived my days in peace and acceptance of the world....

But that doesn't mean that it wouldn't come to Hoshi eventually. The world is changing, and neutrality is seen as weakness now; and it appears that our queen has decided to let chakra into our village. Such is the way of things...

When I first came here I was broke and starving and a man granted me kindness by allowing me to stay with him before I was able to get a footing here. He too did not trust chakra but he knew that I was here to stay, he knew that if i granted him kindness I was more likely to return that kindness.

Now I am giving you both that kindness. So that you too may return that kindness to me or to this city one day. This city isn't ready for chakra, but for most... we don't have a choice. Chakra is coming.

I have seen good, and bad, come from chakra coming to this city... and I intend to insure that chakra is only used as a way to progress this village and not corrupt it. I know that people this moment are trying to use their chakra to abuse and corrupt this city. I have heard stories of ninja being downright arrogant in their use of chakra and want to force their will down on the hard working citizens of this city."

Wuark would conclude his monologue and lean against the wall and drink his tea.
Kuro Hozuki
Kuro Hozuki
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Down the rabbit hole...[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Down the rabbit hole...[Open]

Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:02 pm
Kuro accepted the cup of tea a took a few sips as he listened to Wuark and Lucian, closing his eyes as Wuark began his monologue. Not because he was falling asleep or anything, he just felt the chakra charged water bubble in his chest reaching a larger size. He needed to make sure it was solid and strong. Recalling how he used Water Needle to freeze small portions of water, Kuro took a deep breath and began covering the chakra water disk inside of him in ice, essentially slowly turning it into a circular Water need. He let out the deep breath, a bit of steam visible as if he was standing in somewhere cold, visibly wincing slightly before opening his eyes again. 

"Well, you sound like a real stand up kind of guy Wuark. You too Lucian. And I know you said you don't like to fight but... I actually remembered something important you guys could really help me with. I'm trying to make a shield, something I can use to protect myself and anyone who needs it. It would really mean a lot to me if you could help me test out how strong it is. I don't want to try and save someone with it only to have it shatter and fail. We don't have to do it right now, but I just want you to think about it. It would mean a lot to me." Kuro looked down a Vixie and looked rather sad, shivering as he recalled the vision of Vixie's corpse that the spider he'd fought had shown him. He didn't want anything like that to happen. He couldn't, wouldn't let anything hurt her. He leaned down slightly and kissed the top of her head before looking back up. "Anyways... I think I'm ready for some sleep. We all know each other pretty well now I think. I'd say we can all trust each other from now on."
Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
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Down the rabbit hole...[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Down the rabbit hole...[Open]

Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:54 pm
Bowing his head ever so slightly in thanks and recognition, Lucian took the cup Wuark handed him and cradled it gingerly in between his hands. Taking a breath he inhaled the fumes wafting from the cup. It reminded him of home. Taking a quick sip he quickly found it was not much like the tea he had back home, but there was something there. There was something there like a hint of deja vu, a glimmer of his past. The sensation he felt was quick and fleeting, there one moment and gone the next. A twinge of the past affecting the future. Such was life, a web of interconnected memories waiting to be triggered.

Lets not get all soft and mushy now.

"I would not suggest visiting Funkagakure on a whim," The genin replied to Wuark's inquiry. "The land is beautiful, but the people are evil. Cannibals and killers stalk the land. It is not a pleasant place and a death trap for the unprepared."

Taking a breath of resignation Lucian continued.

"But, it is my home."

Lucian would never willingly lie about the true nature of Funkagakure. Sure, he loved the land and called it home, but the people there were quite unsavory. Outside of his clan he had met no one of note or stable mental state, Taios included. Only bad experiences and possible death could extend from his lying about Funkagakure and its inner works. So, he avoided doing such things.

Luckily, Lucian did not have dwell on such thoughts as Wuark launched into a monologue of sorts. Slowly but surely the genin came to see both Wuark and Hoshigakure in a new light. It became clear to Lucian that perhaps Wuark had shown kindness to both Kuro and himself, because of how someone in the past had shown him kindness. By that same token he also noted how the man had come to distrust the use of chakra. Murder for the sole purpose of a bloodline was the worst kind possible and could no doubt set up lifelong prejudices. Furthermore he came to see that Hoshigakure had really earned its nickname, Haven, because it was essential a Haven for wayward wanderers and customs of the past long outdated. 

This is what I was looking for, a place like this. Not Kumogakure or Funkagakure, Hoshigakure.

For a moment nothing was said, the air was still and Wuark's words still hung in the air. Then Kuro spoke. He spoke of a shield. Lucian would not mind helping him. So long as it did not lead to a spar or anything else akin to a spar the genin was fine with it. Helping people was something he excelled at and hoped to improve. Then he said it, Kuro said it, trust. Trust was not an easy thing and Lucian did not trust either man Kuro or Wuark. Sure, he wanted to believe that they were nice people. Everything they had done up to this point pointed to the fact that they were nice, but he could still not be too sure.

I only just met this guy and he is talking about trust?

"In that case I wish you a goodnight Kuro," Lucian said taking a sip of his tea. "I'd be more than willing to assist you in testing your shield. Just come and find me when you are ready."

Pausing once again Lucian considered what to do next.

"Wuark, is there anyway to get on the roof of this building? The moon is supposed to be full tonight and I was hoping to meditate under its rays. Of course if it is not possible I am sure I will be able to find a place that will work." 

Living on the road had changed Lucian, but it could not change his habits. His habit instilled in him from birth were impossible to shake. Meditation was one such habit. It allowed one to center oneself and keep a handle on events.
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Down the rabbit hole...[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Down the rabbit hole...[Open]

Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:51 am
Wuark would listen to hear about how lucian explained a bit about his home. It seemed almost barbaric; as thought the ninja there were primitive in nature, or found enjoyment in what most people would say was "uncivilized". Did this mean that his houseguest was going to attack Wuark? Did that mean that he was going try to him and Komi in their sleep? No... it couldn't be that a man that cared about his puppet like a work of art would be so cruel. There is no way such things would happen. Still, it could be, so Wuark would have to keep an eye on his house guest. He wished not to insult him, provoke him, or judge a book by his cover as it were. Wuark would think for a moment after giving Lucian his tea and replied to him.

"Sure, you land seems, uncanny, but I hope not all the members of this village are bad. The land seems diverse, refined but still new, cultured but uncivilized. It seems like a place that has much to learn but if you find the right people can give as well. Are you one of those ninja that can give something to me, and the ninja world?" Wuark would respond. He felt terrible that he would continue to lecture and give this ninja third degree. If he had not said anything about how ruthless his home village could be, maybe he wouldn't have asked him more questions; but such is the way of things.

Wuark would begin and end his monologue without any interruptions. Then he would look over to Kuro as he began to speak. Wuark would be curious about why the man put so much faith into what appeared to be nothing more than two other guys. Kuro did not really know either of these ninja personally, but offering a bed and tea to a ninja could make anyone seem much more hospitable.

"I'm not really the one you should be asking about tools. I cant really provide much in that respect, but you still want to fight sometime and maybe with some hand to hand combat we might be able to help you." He would respond to kuro.

It was interesting that the ninja wanted to sleep so early. The sun was barely setting now and he wanted to sleep? Perhaps he had a rough day here and needed his time to rest, perhaps he was just an early riser. Wuark didn't know and quite frankly he didn't care that much.

"Have a good night then, Kuro. If you need to wash up or anything feel free to use the bathroom. Just don't use up all the water please." He would say to the young ninja, pointing to the bathroom." After doing so he would go and turn off the furnace, drink some more tea, and pour the rest of the tea into a large cup with a lid for later. He would take the kettle to the sink. He would be sure to wash it later.

Turning his attention to Lucian, who was looking for a place to meditate to the rays of the moon. What an interesting question.

"Hmm, Lucian, outside the apartment there is a ladder to your right that can lead you up to the roof. I am not sure if the authorities will allow you stay there all night, but you are welcome to give it your best shot. Are you hungry, is there any food that I can get for you, Lucian?"
Kuro Hozuki
Kuro Hozuki
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Down the rabbit hole...[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Down the rabbit hole...[Open]

Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:40 pm
Kuro listened to both of his new friends once more, hearing about Lucian's home and Wuark questioning his guest afterwards. Kuro simply shrugged and said, "There are always some unsavory characters, wherever you go. The only real difference is how many there are and just what it is they do that you could call evil. Your home just happens to have a lot more of those guys living there than most other places. After it was destroyed, Yuki is probably starting to slowly get covered in bandits and such since there are even less fighters to stop them. Who knows, in a few years, Yuki might become just as dangerous. Or in a hundred years a new village in Yuki might rise and become a great place, better than it ever was. The waters of life are unpredictable, and anyone could come from anywhere and change it's course. All it takes is time and the right people being in the right place."

Kuro would then stand up and begin walking to the guest room, Vixie waking slightly and shifting her weight in his arms to keep herself from slipping out of his hold. "Now then, I can feel a bed calling my name. I'd hate to keep it waiting after not having one is so long. Good night my new rfriends, I will see you in the morning. Ooo, maybe tomorrow I can gather the materials for some rolls, it's been forever since I baked anything." Kuro would close the door behind him with a smile and lay Vixie to rest on the bed before putting a hand on his chest. With a deep breath, he would slowly pull the beginnings of his shield from his chest, the shape and design still completely raw and unready. "And I'll finish you after breakfast. Maybe I'll even get to show off Agro if we get somewhere that the guards won't freak out and attack us. Yes, tomorrow will be a good day." Kuro then slipped into the bed and closed his eyes, quickly falling asleep. Vixie stretched out along side him, though sleeping she did still have her instinct from living in the jungle, ready to awaken at the drop of pen.

Claiming 2376/3000 towards Kuro's Shield
Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
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Down the rabbit hole...[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Down the rabbit hole...[Open]

Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:50 am
Good question, what do I have to offer this world?

"Truth be told Wuark, I don't know what I have to offer the world." Lucian said quickly not wanting to wax on and on. "I think that is why I am on this journey actually. To find what I have to offer the world around me. When I have an answer for you I'll tell you, but right now I have nothing."

"Good night, Kuro." Lucian said with a slight bob of a head. It was odd that one went to bed so early, whatever.

Nodding more to himself now than anyone else the Funkagakure shinobi felt a bit stupid. Here he was a good way into his journey with nothing to show for it. Some Nazar clansman seemed to know exactly what they were meant to do. However, Lucian felt lost. Moreover he felt at drift. At drift in a foreign world. His sole job amounting to finding himself. In theory an easy thing to do. After all, how would anyone not know themselves? The idea was absurd, yet, here he was not knowing who is was or what he was meant to do.

At least I have a roof over my head. Yes, there is that.

Food, that was it. That was the empty feeling he felt in his stomach. He needed something to eat. Though, he did not want to impose on Wuark more than he already had. Then it dawned upon him. He could work on paying back Wuark. Sure it would be a negligible dent in the debt Lucian believed he owed Wuark. 

"Now that you mention it I am rather hungry." Lucian replied thoughtfully taking the last gulp of tea from his cup. "However, I do not want to impose on you too much. Before I met you I planned on eating at one of those food stands scattered throughout the village" Pausing for a second Lucian considered stopping there, but continued. "I know it is not much in the way of compensation, but could I buy you dinner or something?"

Real smooth, top notch, great use of words Lucian chided himself internally.
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Down the rabbit hole...[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Down the rabbit hole...[Open]

Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:34 am
Wuark would listen closely to Lucian's reply about what he can offer to this world. It truly was a difficult question and one that Wuark couldn't possibly answer right now on the spot either. But still he was curious as to what Lucaian had to say about it.

"A journey of enlightenment?" Wuark retorted to the young volcano ninja. HE would pause for a moment to think about the rest of his reply. Often times the best of people, including Wuark, have gone on journeys to far away places; however few actually find what they were looking for. Perhaps that was the advice that he could give to Lucian. "Hmmm, be sure not to be unhappy in what you find. The pursuit of inner knowledge leads people to go to great lengths to discover more, and the desire may lead to your destruction; that is if you don't choose to accept the role the gods chose for you." Wuark was not necessary religious but he would put those words in anyways.

They had power and meaning. It was his brother Vretiels search for more knowledge that lead to his untimely death years ago. Although he didn't feel a strong connection to the ninja he did care about his well being, physically and emotionally.

The prospect of food seems to entice Lucian even more. Instead of going to sleep like Kuro was doing the man was actually excited to move forward with the conversation. It was of course also nice of him to to offer to pay for the food but Wuark had different ideas.

"Hmm, That is really nice of you Lucian, and I would take the offer in a heartbeat.... if it wasn't that I could get us food for free anyways. You see I help an older gentleman and his daughter at their family noodle shop. Its a small establishment not to far from here; anyway every week they  receive their delivery and I carry the heavy stuff for them. They offer me free food there whenever I like and I haven't gone this week yet. So what do you say?"
Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
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Down the rabbit hole...[Open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Down the rabbit hole...[Open]

Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:17 pm
Wurark was starting to sound more and more like his clan elders. Don't do this, don't go too far, be careful, the list of reprimands went on and on. Though, in a strange way it made Lucian feel at home. A reminder of what he once had from day to day life was pleasant so far from home. So, instead of shrugging Wuark's advice off or rebuff the man, Lucian flashed a knowing smile that probably came off as haughty at best. 

Who'da thought? Me. Homesick, go figure.

Then Lucian came to his next conundrum, how would he pay Wuark back? If Wuark had a place he was going to take them free of charge then it defeated the purpose of Lucian buying him dinner. Sure, it would have been a small step in paying back the debt he now owed Wuark, but it was something. Alas, he now had nothing. Shame really, Lucian did not like being in debt to anyone no matter who or how large.

"Free food is the the best kind of food." Lucian said grinning slightly. " By all means lead the way!"

Maybe this will actually be fun? Time would tell.
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