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Altar Shinkou
Altar Shinkou
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No One Else to Blame ~Solo~ Empty No One Else to Blame ~Solo~

Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:26 pm
Altar awoke with three actions happening swiftly, in an incredibly fast succession. One, he snapped awake at the sound of a scream. Two, he reached for the sword  that hung above his bed. Three, he looked towards the source of the noise, or where he thought it was, and drew the blade in an arc, towards where he heard the noise. Upon seeing the blade did nothing but cut through the humid air that filled the bedroom, Altar shook, activating his Byakugan for the time being, before realizing it was his sister, sat bolt upright in her bed. Throwing the blankets off his bed, Altar swung his legs over the edge of the bed, his feet colliding with the floor at an angle. He pushed off the floor, sending him speeding across the room, into his sister's. Entering the room, Altar activated his Meigan, completely battle ready. Nothing would harm this girl, if he could help it. On hearing yet another scream, Altar swiveled around, looking to see his sister shaking, clinging to her pillow. Seeing no one else in the room, Altar began to open his mouth to question his sister, but quickly realized two things. One, it didn't have to be a physical entity to frighten his sister to that point. Two, he was probably only making things here worse. Here he was, both discolored eyes active and vibrant, sword in hand. He must've looked like some kind of demon. And come to think of it, wasn't that what he was to her for a while?

De activating his eyes, Altar would slowly kneel and put the blade down, and walk over to his sister, sitting next to her on the bed. Seeing her visibly cringe and move away from him, pressing herself just slightly into the corner next to her, only made the feelings of guilt and despair grow bigger and deeper in Altar's stomach. Slowly and calmly, Altar would reach his hand out towards her, the hand resting gently on her head as he spoke. "It's okay. It's just me, your sibling, your brother. It's over, you're okay. Just calm down, breathe." The boy would say, hoping his steady voice would aid in calming the girl. The only shred of family he had left. There was Haru, who he regarded as a great father figure. The guy had taken him under his wing so to speak, and basically raised him. He had been a better father than his real father for the most part. Hell, he even had his eye implanted into his head. But Altar's right eye constantly beckoned to him, his yuumei constantly reminding him that though the man was important to Altar and a great guy, he was not blood related. Not even close, about as far from it as possible. Next there was Youta, whom he was pretty sure he loved. He wasn't exactly sure yet, but there was something there. That much he was positive of. Though she had yet to give him a proper attachment, a proper title. She seemed hesitant. Perhaps she never would fully accept him.

And then there was his sister, sitting before him, quivering like a small child afraid of some invisible boogey man that only she could see. And perhaps there was one. Greater demons existed in this world. One was sat right before her. She had run from him, tarnished what he believed ha had stood for. She was what kept him alive and human still, and yet she ran from him like he was the beast he had tried so desperately not to be. Perhaps she was to blame for his dark, sadistic side. But she knew very well and good, better than anyone else knew, that that would be a grave mistake. And Altar knew she was no masochist. She wouldn't condemn herself to that. Not of her own will, anyways. So perhaps she thought it would be better for her and everyone else that she leave. In the end, it allowed Altar to stand on his own two feet. And that was what mattered most. He was, for the most part, a respectable shinobi of the mist village. That was nothing to joke about. It was a serious affair, as it was a serious village. He had accomplished quite a bit in his short span of life. And to think he had his family to thank for that, alongside his friends. It was enough to elicit a scoff and a dry chuckle from Altar, which must have confused his sibling to no end.

Turning his attention back to her, Altar would smile, seeing the girl had calmed down by now. "Now, why don't you tell me what that whole ordeal was about, huh? You almost gave me a heart attack, sis." Altar would say, barely getting out the last half of his sentence as he was struck, quite violently, in the back of the head with a surprisingly soft object. His sister had just smacked him upside the head with her pillow. "I almost gave YOU a heart attack? You almost killed me, jackass! I thought you were supposed to be protecting me! What if the bandits that... what if they followed us here?" the girl said, her eyes shifting from place to place, her voice changing rapidly from anger and rage filled, to fearful. "They won't follow us here. I promise. I swear on my life. Besides, if they try... well, you saw. I'm not a little kid anymore. I've protected you before and I will again. Forever and always. You're all the family I got left, sis. If I lost you, god knows what i'd do. Probably flip out and go insane. Now... that's what it was, wasn't it? You were having a nightmare about the night I found you again. It must have been pretty damn traumatizing for you. It was bad enough for me, but the things they did... come on, tell me about it. Speak. I'm listening." Altar would say, shuffling a bit closer to his sister.

"They... they... they were in their camp. And they had... they had us all. They took mom, and- and dad, and they... they killed them, right in front of me. Next they dragged you out, kicking and fighting with all you had. But you weren't... you just weren't strong enough. You told me to look away and you tried to fight but they... they got you too. Then they walked over to me and... that's where it ended. That's when I woke up, screaming." As his sister finished,  her eyes welled up with tears, Altar would grab her firmly by the shoulder. "Well the important part to remember is it was just a dream. I'm still here, you're still her. We're both fine." Altar would say, before a light took his eyes. "Come on, get dressed. Let's go out for a walk. The midnight air always has a fine way of clearing my mind and waking me when I get started by a nightmare." Altar would say, heading back to his own room to dress fully. And after that, they were out.

The night was gorgeous, for what they could see. Starts shimmered high above in the sky, shining their light through the mist, the hanging water projecting it through each particle, making for a beautifully illuminated night. Though it was a bit chilly, both Altar and his sister had dressed for the occasion, wearing somewhat heavy clothes. Though hers were much more fine than his were, and hers were much more... let's say intact. Altar's cloak had become battle worn and scarred. He'd have to get a new one made, preferably by the old Tengakure tech squad. Up ahead, a low rumbling brought Altar out of his thoughts. He would hold his hand out to the side, motioning for the girl beside him to stop. A purple lethality would slowly start to leak from Altar, and he would go into attack mode, suppressing his chakra and searching for any ahead. He found a signature, but not one he was hoping for. This one was massively powerful, and it was not one he knew. It held a very violent disposition. This could be trouble. Creeping ahead, Altar would draw his blade, before rounding the corner ahead of him. The last few things he heard were as follows : A scream, a laugh, and a thud as he hit the ground.

Sometime later he awoke in a strange place. Everything around him was murky and dark. He tried to move his arms and he quickly found he couldn't. They were either locked in place by something or completely numbed and unresponsive. He wasn't sure which he would prefer at this moment. Somewhere up ahead, a soft white glow appeared, starting to grow larger as it grew closer. Once within visible range, Altar could make out the shape of a man that seemed to be inside the glow. Once withing normal close quarters, Altar could see that the man wasn't inside the glow. He was the glow. Or more specific, he was wearing it. He was enshrouded by the white light, and above his head was a halo, behind his back there were wings. This man was... an angel? Had Altar died? No, he refused to believe that. There was no way he would die, especially not at this time. Altar Shinkou did not die. So what could that leave this to be...? Some sort of dream state? A trance? An illusion? But... it felt all too real. Somewhere overhead, a light flickered on, and the Shinkou in Altar hissed at the amount of purity and light this place was putting off. "Do you believe you can atone, child?" The man said in front of Altar said, his face shrouded by what seemed to be the only shadow in this place.

"I'm... sorry? Atone for what? Who are you? Where am I? Gimme some god damn answers or I swear i'll tear those wings off your back!" Altar would say, before struggling with his arms and looking for his sister. The man would chuckle, then answer. He had a loud, deep, booming voice that seemed to echo on forever. "You are in my world. As for who I am, well, to answer you simply, I am god. At least, the only god you need concern yourself at the moment. Oh, and you'd do well to not take my name in vain, boy." he said, leaning in close. "Now... answer my question, before I condemn you like all others alike yourself. Do you believe you can atone and be forgiven for your sins?" Altar would grit his teeth, looking off to the side. He needed a way out of this. He needed to find his sister. But then why did he feel so compelled to contemplate this and answer the man?

" I do not believe I can atone. I am a creature of darkness and sorrow. I wear my sins on my sleeve like a mark of pride. But never have I done wrong without justification. I have committed atrocities, and my hands are unclean. But in my mind, the water of the greater good washes the blood from my hands. In that, I have already atoned.

"Ah... self justification. A misinformed sense of justice. Pride. You are beyond redemption. And with this, I sentence you to your damnation. Witness your personal hell, Altar Shinkou!" As the man spoke, a new scene was revealed in front of Altar. Everyone he knew and loved was there in front of him, being maimed, tortured, killed and revived, only to start the cycle over again. Eyeing the crowd, Altar picked out the few that really stood out. Xyxer, the man he had grown to like, then loathe, then like again, was being slowly dissected. The man was greater than legend, his own kage, but he was still only human. Haru, the man he revered as a father, was being cut to shreds, only to regenerate and repeat. He may have been immortal, but he could certainly still feel pain. Youta, the girl he loved. She was simply killing herself time and time again. Altar was sure this was his own torture, not hers. At least she would no longer need to live with him any longer. His parents, being murdered by the bandits he had so desperately fought against to save them. He had failed them. Though he thought he hated them, family blood is more important than you could ever think. Finally, his sister. The girl was strung up, being jabbed by various faces he recognized as those he had maimed or killed. However, this torture shattered. Altar's sister started to fade, and he was replaced with the winged monster himself. He was strung up as she was, taunting Altar, goading him to break free and harm him if he could. And without further ado, that's exactly what he did.

Altar snapped, both his eyes flaring into existance as he broke whatever binds were holding him, ran over to the man, and promptly shoved his lightning coated hand through his chest. Then he did it again. And again. And again. Until he felt a warm splash of blood on his face. Altar thought this strange, as the blood on his hand was freezing cold, as if the man were made of ice. Another splash of warmth on his face. And a third. And finally, the genjutsu shattered, and the illusion melted away. 

Altar opened his eyes to see his hand firmly planted inside another human being. This one was all too real. However, the body was feminine, lithe and slender. She was so tiny and petite you'd think you'd break her if you touched her. Though her clothes were heavy, as though she had been dressing for the cold night. Perhaps planning to take a walk to clear her head. And she was quivering before him, like a child who could see a boogey man no one else could. Except her eyes were firmly planted on him. Deep, blue eyes that he recognized all too well. The same deep blue eyes that gave him the most intense waves of guilt ever.

He didn't even know he was screaming. Nor did he know he was crying. Altar clutched his sister's near-lifeless body close to him, shuddering like a baby. Blood was flowing out of her at a steady rate, and most of it was on his hand. "No, no no please, not like this. I didn't do this i'm not a monster. I swear i'm good I didn't do this, I didn't do this. Please, please stay with me. Please don'" Altar murmured, the words rapidly leaving his mouth, so quiet only the girl would be able to hear them. Altar would try to heal her, pressing his palm against the hole in her stomach, forcing chakra into it, but it did nothing.All he got were sparks. All he could do was harm and attack. He searched his memory, trying to remember if Haru had ever shown him anything medical. But nothing came up. Just a glowing green hand, and that strange mark on his forehead. Altar would try again, time after time, but to no avail. After yet another failure, Altar would feel a cold, wet hand resting on his face. He'd look down to see his sister smiling at him slightly, her eyes distant. Her words just barely escaped her mouth. "It's not...your...fault. You...didn't..." she took in a breath, and exhaled as the life left her eyes, and her body went cold. Altar froze, the tears streaming more now. God, had he, no, no he couldn't have, he...this was his doing. He had no one else to blame but himself. Looking up, Altar would see a familiar face, but without the wings. The man who called himself god stood before him, laughing slightly. Altar's mind blanked, and all he knew was rage. He wanted this man dead. That was all that mattered. Sister forgotten. Gejutsu forgotten. All that mattered was that this man died.

However the man simply opened his arms, and the only noise he made was a gasp when Altar's arm went straight through his chest, right where his heart used to be. Some whispered words were said by the man, but none of it made it to Altar's ears. Instead, Altar withdrew his arm, the man falling to his knees. And Altar would shove his hand through the man again, though this time leaving a hole where there would normally be a face. Looking down, it was only now that Altar saw the orange flare tucked inside the man's jacket. And as soon as he laid eyes on it, it exploded. Altar was sent tumbling back, pain exploding from everywhere he could feel. As he rolled and landed, Altar would survey himself, survival instincts taking over. His arm was broken, as were a few ribs. Other than that, he had a few bruises and cuts but nothing serious. Looking to his hands, he would notice a soft, mystical glow. Running it curiously over his leg, he realized it healed his cuts. He was using some kind of medical jutsu. Had he discovered this seconds before... this power could have saved her. Tucking that thought away, Altar would run his hand over all parts of himself, his body coming away completely healed after a short time and a few retries. After finishing with that, Altar would walk back over to where his sister lay, and kneel down. She was gone. Now he was without family.

Shedding a few more tears and spending a few more moments by her body, Altar would close her eyes, pick her up, and set off to find a suitable place to lay his sister to rest.

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Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:47 pm
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