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Kuro Hozuki
Kuro Hozuki
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yo yo yo what it is? (Private) - Page 4 Empty Re: yo yo yo what it is? (Private)

Wed Jul 22, 2015 9:03 pm
Kuro's eyes widened slightly with surprise as Amber explained the situation, slowly nodding thoughtfully. "all right. I understand. I really like this place. Not as much as home, but I'd rather nothing bad happen to it. Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep my head about me."
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yo yo yo what it is? (Private) - Page 4 Empty Re: yo yo yo what it is? (Private)

Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:38 pm
"Excelent. If you have an issue.... call out to the spirit of sorrow and one of us will appear to aid you. Continue getting stronger. If you need, we have a small camp set up in the borders. Remember it's your job to gather power for koukan. If you find someone of significant power bring them into the group, send them to me. If you find others with power we can use ourselves...... " She would pause, letting out a small sigh. She'd sworn not to be the cause of more torment at the hands of her soul blade... But the pain of a few would defend them against the loss of hundreds.

"Bring them to me. I'll do what i can to gain what we need without taking their lives however... It's imperative that first and formost our group gains the power we need. Those with rare bloodlines, power elemental jutsu, or doujutsu.... may need to be taken care of for the greater good. I trust you to this." With that she would simply walk away, heading off to continue the search for the strength needed to fight her student.

Kuro Hozuki
Kuro Hozuki
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yo yo yo what it is? (Private) - Page 4 Empty Re: yo yo yo what it is? (Private)

Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:10 pm
Kuro took a deep breath and nodded in response to the orders. Things where starting to get really serious. Things weren't simple like they were before and Kuro was going to need to adapt. He watched her leave then looked down to his hands. He wasn't sure how well he'd be able to kill anyone he wasn't certain deserved it... but he couldn't afford to let anyone get the drop on him. If he didn't strike first, he might not get the chance to... unless he could find a way to stall and stop an attack. He needed something... he needed a shield.
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