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How are you Ma'am? (Private) Empty How are you Ma'am? (Private)

Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:25 pm
The village had been attacked recently, and Tomoya wanted to find out more details about what exactly had happened, as some of what he had heard in rumor would definitely interest Den. A woman had been drawn into the fight by the Raikage, some blonde haired woman named Akihana. One of the intruders had even talked to her after supposedly defeating a tailed beast, the kyuubi in fact.

Before knocking on her door Tomoya's hands made the sign of the dragon. His hand made an audible, but not crashing noise against the door as he counted down the seconds, hoping that the woman would answer. He had a lot of question for her, but if he answered the door he would extend his hand to shake as a greeting first, smiling and introducing himself, "Hello Ma'am, I'm Tomoya. I heard you got dragged into that terrible battle... I just just thought it proper to check and see if you were alright I suppose." He gave off the vibe of a good natured, shy young man. He of course, would only speak if Akihana opened the door. His focus was not entirely on the situation however, but on his home, and how he'd be glad to return there soon.
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