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Uchiha Kisuke
Uchiha Kisuke
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A new mentor, and friend? (Kasai  Senshi) - Page 2 Empty Re: A new mentor, and friend? (Kasai Senshi)

Wed Jul 15, 2015 1:48 pm
Kisuke attentively listened to his instructor as he agreed with Kisuke on the ridiculousness of having to perform so many hand seals for a jutsu that is meant to save you at the last second. However he went on to explain how you could further master a jutsu and both no longer need to use hand seals and use less chakra to perform the jutsu. Intrigued by the new information Kasai had given him, Kisuke though to himself  "Interesting. But I wont waste my time mastering such a low level jutsu. I'll create my own, better version and master another jutsu thats worth while."

Now that Kisuke had some what easily and quickly learnt all the jutsus Kasai told him to, it was time to move on to the next one; Surface Walking. "Nice," he though to himself again, "I'll finally be able to climb up into trees and relax on roofs without having to take the stair wells on the way." Turning only his head to watch as Kasai walked up to a tree and started walking up it, Kisuke listened to Kasai's explanation on how to perform the jutsu. 

"Seems easy enough." Kisuke said to Kasai as he pounced off the tree and back beside him. "Ill give it a go." Pulling his hands out of his pockets and rubbing them together, a habit he had been getting ready to do something, Kisuke walked up to the same tree Kasai performed his demonstration on. Closing his eyes, Kisuke would concentrate on manipulation the chakra in the soles of his feet. Sending the chakra out from their points and into his boots, once he though he had sufficient chakra built up he started off by putting his right foot on the tree first. Slamming the sole of his boot onto the rugged bark, Kisuke tried shifting his foot up and down to see if it would slide but it didnt budge.

"Good." He silently said to himself as he eagerly lifted his left foot off the ground. Now with both his feet on the tree, Kisuke remained motionless for a couple of seconds to see if he would fall. He didnt. However just as he was about to lift his right foot to take a step, he started sliding downwards. 

"Oh no." Kisuke said when suddenly the chakra gave out from under his feet and he fell right onto his back. "Auuuugh, that hurt." Said the Uchiha as he rolled over onto his fours and pushed himself back onto his feet. Several more tries later all ended up failing, except Kisuke didnt fall on his back. Several more tries later, Kisuke managed to get the amount of chakra in his soles right. Slowly, step by step, taking his time Kisuke finally made it to the top of the tree. 

Walking upside down onto the branches, Kisuke looked over to Kasai and said "That was a little harder to learn than the other jutsus." Still pleased with his progress however, Kisuke would cross his arms and say "I'm image walking on water is a little harder than this, considering its not a solid surface and it can shift and move around."

ooc: no worries, we can end the thread whenever you have to leave or whenever your done teaching me. And that would be great
Takashi Chishiki
Takashi Chishiki
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A new mentor, and friend? (Kasai  Senshi) - Page 2 Empty Re: A new mentor, and friend? (Kasai Senshi)

Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:34 pm
Kasai watched the student once again perform the jutsu with much more ease than any other he had seen. He knew the boy would be able to go far if he wanted. 
Kasai smiled once again when he landed.

"Nicely done," he said, again. "And water is not necessarily harder, just very different. It requires the same amount of concentration and chakra use as walking up a surface."

Kasai glanced once more at the position of the sun, and knew it was time for him to go. However, there was something he hadn't told the student.

Pulling a Konohagakure Headband out of the folds of his robes, Kasai handed the headband to the boy.

"I'm afraid I must go now, but, Kisuke," he said, nodding his head. "This is your's. Congratulations on passing your exam. You are now a Genin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves."

Kasai had not told the boy that this was, in fact, not a training at all, but rather his Genin exam. However, Kasai worked best when under no stress at all, and thought it would help the student's performance if he was not under the stress of the exam, and so he had not told Kisuke.

With that, Kasai would bow his head, and leave the training grounds.

(Exit. WC= 1590 words. Requesting 7 stats, and 1.5k twoards fire ape form. 

jutsu trained to Kisuke that he can learn at half wc:
Fire Stream, substitution Jutsu, Transformation Technique, Clone Jutsu, and Surface Walking.
Also, requesting he gains Genin rank, with reference to this topic.

(and to Kisuke, if you need help with your exit requests, feel free to ask))
Uchiha Kisuke
Uchiha Kisuke
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A new mentor, and friend? (Kasai  Senshi) - Page 2 Empty Re: A new mentor, and friend? (Kasai Senshi)

Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:49 pm
Kisuke nodded when Kasai told him that walking on water is not necessarily harder but simply different and requires the same amount of chakra and concentration. "Hmmm, I guess I'll have to test that out on my own then." Kisuke though to himself. 

Hopping off of the tree, Kisuke would walk but towards his mentor but stop in his tracks when he saw Kasai pull out the Konoha head guard. Speechless, Kisuke would simply watch as Kasai handed him the head guard. "This wasnt just a training session? This was my exam?" Tons of thoughts started racing through his head like why didnt they tell him, had he really just graduated, what would have happened if he needed more time to learn the jutsus? Both shocked and stunned, Kisuke slowly took the head guard from Kasai's hands, still speechless.

"Thank you." Kisuke would finally say with a slight grin on his face as Kasai congratulated him. He liked the sound of that, "A Genin of the Hidden Leaf". Nodding back to Kasai, once he left Kisuke decided he was not going to tie the head guard around his head because it would crap his style. Better yet, he tied it around his waist, acting as a belt with the metal plate being positioned where the buckle would be. 

OOC: Exit. TWC = 2565. 
Claiming: +12 stats
Claiming: Fire Stream Jutsu, substitution jutsu, transofrmation jutsu, clone jutsu and surface walking.
Claiming: Genin rank
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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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A new mentor, and friend? (Kasai  Senshi) - Page 2 Empty Re: A new mentor, and friend? (Kasai Senshi)

Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:45 pm
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