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Samuru Uchiha
Samuru Uchiha
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A chance meeting, a life long friend and mentor. P Empty A chance meeting, a life long friend and mentor. P

Thu May 19, 2016 3:25 am
It is early, too early.  It is the boys second day in this country, he enjoys new things but the weather and the temperature, he doesn't know how he'll survive.  Thrice he has kicked off his blankets, and gotten up to get them in the middle of the night due to the cool night air, and the humidity.  It's impossible to get comfortable.  Out of pure distress the boy is reduced only to his undergarments, the blanket covering only a fraction of his body as he snores loudly, barely having gotten sleep and only 3 hours ago gotten comfortable.  The light shines brightly in the sky, the rays of sun piercing the window and shining upon the boy.  His body tenses, his eyes shutting tighter, he groans audibly at the sun and his own exhaustion.  A kick of his leg sends his blanket to the floor, his eyes open in twitching flutters as he looks at the ceiling.  He will never get used to this place, he is going to die here...despite that, part of him enjoys the new experience, and the new land, most of all being able to be with his Uncle Koroshi, he owes him a great deal for looking after them.

He rolls to the edge of the bed, adjusting his body as he stands up, forcing his body to move due to lack of sleep as he makes a solid attempt at showering and getting ready, the water being what does it, it is turned to nearly as cold as it can get, comical steam comes off the boys skin due to the conflicting temperatures, his head ducking as it runs through his newly cut hair.  The coolness causing his eyes to close for a minute, the boy dosing off only to be jerked awake, his hand grabbing the wall.  After a few minutes in the shower he gets out after cleaning himself thoroughly, this place is causing to sweat like crazy until he gets used to it.  He is thankful that Koroshi took them shopping and suggested some outfits, he's going to need them.  The boy proceeds to get dressed in a light brown tank top and shorts, the headband of the leaf still tightly upon his forehead, his home.  Looking towards the window the boy smiles, it is time to get back to work, he needs to continue his training so he can repay his Uncle Koroshi for everything he has done, he needs to start doing missions as soon as possible.

The boy makes his way to the door, going down a long hallway, and eventually down long spiraling stairs.  This is similar to what he remembered of the leaf village, he seen the Hokage chambers, and even the inside of the uchiha's administration building, they had similar bedding chambers like this for the leaders, clan heads, and their direct families.  He eventually makes his way down stairs, passing several closed off rooms that he can assume to be meeting or storage rooms that he has no business being in.  Finally reaching the front counter he sees a woman behind it, however he loses sight of her when he hits ground level, being unable to see over the counter.  Knocking upon the base the boy jumps, his eyes and the top of his head peeking over the edge, his words coming is pieces only coming out when his eyes meet hers. "!" His breathing gets a bit faster as he exhausts himself, chakra goes to his feet as he stands upon the air, looking over the counter normally.  He prays that he does not anger her, or anyone else for using a jutsu in the administration building, he could try to find some books or something if need be, but it wouldn't be good for him to stand on their books either...he is stuck, short and stuck.

His actions thankfully generate a laugh and a smile from the woman.  "My name is Suki, it's nice to meet you Samuru, Lord Kazekage told me that you would be staying with us for a while.  Is there anything I can help you with, anything I can get you?"  The woman offers with a warm smile.  This causing a mirroring smile in the child.  "I'm actually looking to find a Fuinjutsu instructor so I can continue my training!" He exclaims with excitement in his voice.  Suki giggles a bit. "Fuinjutsu huh? That's a little complex for someone at your age, are you sure that's what you're wanting to learn?"  The boy nods. "I know a little already, but I want to learn even more so I can help out on missions and reinforcing the village.  Suki shakes her head softly in amazement, according to Lord Kazekage the boy before her has reached the rank of Chuunin, an impressive feat indeed.  Very well, she'll find him someone.  Asking for a moment she begins looking through a few files of standing by shinobi and kunoichi before she finds the perfect one.  Pulling her file, picture included, she introduces her.  "Her name is Lily, she is a Jounin of the village.  She is actually a close friend of mine, you two should get along nicely.  I do want to warn you however, he training is very strict, she takes Fuinjutsu very seriously, to her it is more than a jutsu, it is an art form. "


The boy looks over her picture, studying how she looks so he can find her.  "I see.  Hopefully we will get along, I'll make sure to train very hard." She nods, putting the file back in her folder, afterwards she scribbles a note and puts it in a canister.  She walks to the window and whistles, the whistle is unique, her arm extends as a beautiful light brown hawk lands upon it.  Taking the canister she attaches it to its right leg.  Petting it a few times, she sends it off. "I just let her know of your arrival, you can head there any time you want."  The boy grows even more excited, his chakra ceasing on his feet as he falls to the ground, loosing his balance he falls on his rear.  Recoiling he stands up straight.  "I'm heading there now, bye Ms. Suki Ma'am!"  He raises his hand, waiving to her before running out the door.  Suki shakes her head a bit and wonder if he is going to outrun the hawk, hopefully there was enough time in between.

The destination is on the outskirts of the village, looking up he sees many hawks and different birds flying over head, the open sky makes it very fast and efficient to send messages back and forth, but he can only imagine the danger of using birds to cross deserts, he needs to ask what else they might use for communication, his eyes peering around he doesn't see anything else with messenger envelopes or scrolls aside from birds...maybe they don't have anything else but birds?  This interests him greatly.

The sun beats down upon him, even this small amount of walking is exhausting him out in this heat, those that thrive here he is growing a great respect for, their endurance must be off the charts.  He breaths a bit heavier, moving his body to stand under an awning to get some shade.  As the boy takes a moment he hears a soft chuckling behind him, the voice is elderly, he turns as they speak.  "You look thirsty little one, here!"  An elderly man with a cane hands out a small wooden bowl of water to the boy, his smile genuine.  "You're not from around these parts, judging from your headband."  Samuru takes the bowl in his right hand, grasping the bottom firmly.  "Thank you so much sir!"  Tilting the bowl up to his lips the boy drinks, trying to control his pace so he doesn't slurp and audibly gulp it down.  Lowering it from his lips he exhales, that felt so good.  "Yeah this is my first time in the sand village, my endurance certainly needs some work."  He says with an embarrassed laugh.  "So, what brings you here to our beloved village?  A mission perhaps?"  His form lowers as he speaks, sitting upon a stone bench aside his door, he motions for Samuru to take a seat if he so chooses.  The boy accepts, sitting beside him with a childish smile, he is loving this village more and more.  "Actually I'm staying with my uncle for a little bit so I got transferred here, I'm wanting to do well by everyone here as thanks for letting me stay."  His eyes look up to the sky, looking onward at the hawks flying past, seeing all there lettings before his eyes widen, he's gonna be late!  Standing up he turns, bowing as his fist is placed in an open palm. "My apologizes! I forgot I have to meet someone, I'm so late!"  The boy exclaims, the man laughing and shaking his head.  "Kids these days, always rushing around, keep in mind, if you let your youth go by too fast by all this running around, you'll be left with regret you'll never be able to sate." The man advises, a bit of parting wisdom that perhaps he has dealt with.  The boy nods during his bow.  "Yes sir, I'll remember that...if you'll excuse me..."  With this the boy turns and leaves with a waive.  He runs down, making his way through the village, his feet tapping upon the lime stone roads.  

He after some time, reaches the outskirts.  the house he is greeted with looks very simplistic, crafted of stone like the other homes, it is however, upon closer inspection perfectly symmetrical, even the  corners of the stone are sanded down to be curved smooth corners, the home being very well taken care of.  Upon the porch is the woman known as Lily, she is sitting upon a stone stool, the hawk resting upon her shoulder which she softly strokes.  [color=pink["I take it you're the one Suki was talking about? I expected you here sooner."[/color]  The boy stops and bows. "My apologies, I got caught up on the way here!"  The boy states, his head still lowered.  He hears a soft sigh followed by wing beats of the hawk taking off.  "Then let us begin, we have a lot of work to do.  From her letter you have some knowledge of Fuinjutsu, correct?"  The girl opens the door to her home walking inside and leaving it open so he may enter.  Looking up the boy makes his way inside, all the while answering her inquiries. "Yes Ma'am, I know an A, a B, and a D-Rank Fuinjutsu so far, my uncle tough me some whilst I was in the leaf."  Suki makes her way to her kitchen counter, pulling forth a pot, and two cups, along with some scrolls.  She puts the cups upon the table along with the pot, pouting each one of them a glass of tea first.  The scrolls are left before the boy on his part of the table, a brush, and an ink canister is placed alongside the scrolls.  "I see.  Your training is very scattered, in order to train under me, we're going to start from the ground up.  If you will stick with my training, you will be a master of Fuinjutsu.  I warn you though, Fuinjutsu...True Fuinjutsu is the most complicated art form in the world, you've managed to learn some, but Fuinjutsu is more than simply memorizing a few array, as you will soon see."  She sits down upon her seat, taking the glass of tea in both hands, and taking a small drink. "What i want you to do is write out the alphabet in kanji, along with every number up to one thousand.  This wiill be done using only three blank scrolls, which are before you.  I will come check on your progress in a little while."  The girl stands, making her way to the back room of her home, and shutting the door.

Samuru hears her instructions and sits upon the table, unrolling the scrolls.  Just as she said, they are blank.  He takes a calming breath, how can he fit that many characters all on just three scrolls, the alphabet might be doable, but not that many numbers. Dipping the brush into the ink, he begins.  With a few strokes he begins working on his first letter, A. The kanji coming out nicely, albeit a bit shaky. ある.  His hand moves down again, the second letter, B. Then C, his hand moving in a fluid motion, attempting to get every last letter as neatly and space efficient as possible.  Despite his effort, he fills an entire scroll with the alphabet.  This leaving him with only two more to do the numbers upon.  The boy begins again, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten.  Each stroke is fine, but after some time it is clear he is not going to be able to do this.  He can't help but wonder what this has to do with Fuinjutsu, why is he just writing out kanji?  He already knows how to write.  Uncle Navi didn't have him go through this while he was teaching him.  The boy is going slow whilst writing the numbers.  One hundred, One hundred One, One hundred Two, One hundred three, One hundred four.  At this point Lily walks within the room, looking over the scrolls he has already written upon. "Your letters are crooked, your writing is too big, you can tell the brush is shaky, very few of these kanji are aligned, and you're destined to run our of room.  Start over."  A seal is formed, the scrolls glow, before all ink vanishes within the parchment, the boys mouth hanging open at all his hard work being erased, should he of been of civilian blood, his hand would most certainly be cramping at this point.  With the removal of the ink Lily makes her way into her back room once more, leaving the boy to his work.  Stroke after stroke, the boy trying his best to make everything smaller, it is hard with a brush, and his levels of strength, his sister would be so much better at this than him with her training in the gentle fist.  The causing a sigh as his brush moves across the page, the boy growling a bit as he finishes the alphabet which only takes up half the page, but with the size there are no spaces and they look too squished. abcdefg.  He knows this isn't acceptable.  Before moving on, he needs to get the get the alphabet right.  He takes a deep breath, his fingers etending to let the brush rest on his palm, his thumb holding it in place. Taking the brush down after putting his hand in a gentle fist formation he weaves his hand and body to get the graceful approach to his writing, it starts to look better, it does not look like a blob anymore, but he still lacks spacing, he continues this all the way to the end of the first scroll before Lily's door opens again.  Once again her seal is formed, the scrolls cleared.  "Do not use Hyuuga methods again. You will learn to write it normal, you will not be carried by your blood, for without it, what are you?"  The boy looks down as he hears the door shutting again.  His bloodline, it's always been a problem for him.  No one has ever accepted it, the mixture of both, how his even knowing the Gentle Fist enraged the Hyuuga Clan of the leaf, maybe he shouldn't be practicing either of their ways...His eyes shut for a moment as he composes himself, some of the memories whilst the beast was in control he wishes were lost...Taking the brush firmly in hand he goes back to writing, gradually he begins making progress.  He instead of writing it all at once only writes out a few letters. A, B, C, D, The spacing is getting there but the B still has some blobbage to it.  Taking his time to only do those four on each set has him getting better at it.  This being the point of this training.  You have to take it piece by piece, the amount was a show to overwhelm someone at their first glance, although needed in the long run, one is expected to walk before they can run, and write kanji before they can produce Fuinjutsu.  He is still a ways off, but it is clear he is getting there.  The boy takes extra time with his work, not caring if he takes a full minute doing one Kanji, it has to be perfect.  Just like with Fuinjutsu, one misapplied array will fail the entire seal, or end up backfiring horribly.  Lily at times comes out and watches him, clearing the scroll form him if requested now instead of by force to frustrate him.  Her smile is warm while she is watching him, he cheers up the boy, he passed her first test.

A few hours go by, the same process done over and over, half the alphabet can be written out perfectly.  Whilst the boy works Lily moves through the house, going to the kitchen at one point to prepare a meal for the two. A chicken stew mixed with different herbs and seasonings, the boy upon smelling it lets his focus fade as he revers back to his crooked writing, this warranting a giggle from Lily.  She places the bowls before each of them, filling their glasses of tea, and placing two spoons on the table  "Now, eat up, you've earned a break."  The boy looks at the meal as his stomach growls, he forgot to eat breakfast so this causes a blush to dust his cheeks.  Taking his spoon he dips it within the broth, scooping up the meat, and bringing the meal to his lips before indulging in the euphoric flavor. "Samuru, do you know how the scrolls clear themselves yet?"  The boy glances at the scrolls that have recently been cleared, perplexed, he looks back towards her, mouth full as he shakes his head no.  "That ink you're writing with is imbued with chakra that tries to seal itself to the parchment, the parchment however is infused with a fuinjutsu breaking seal, which on my command breaks the hold the ink has over the parchment, and removes it.  There is a reason why the ink that you've been using hasn't run out yet.  From here on out, you will have controll over breaking the seal, I presume you know the beginning levels of Fuinjutsu breaking am I correct?"  The boy swallows, giving his full attention to his teacher, nodding in amazement and understanding, then finally in acknowledgement that he knows basic fundamentals.  "Then your next step will be this.  What I said before I hold true to. All the things I wanted written, the alphabet, and one to one thousand, I want them all on the scrolls perfectly. I will permit you to take the scrolls with you and work on them back at Lord Kazekage's manor, however, you will not bring them back to me until it is perfect, at that point, I will know you are ready to continue your training.  To clear the scrolls simply preform basing Fuinjutsu breaking upon them to clear the ink off."  With determination the boy takes the scrolls after finishing his meal. "I won't let you down sensei, I will be back soon!"  With this, the boy leaves after putting his bowl and glass in the sink.  He's going to be better than anyone ever was at Fuinjutsu.  His eyes look upto the sky as he smiles.  'Uncle Echo, Uncle Navi, I hope you're watching, because you'll have a lot to learn by the time I'm done."  The boy confidently say to himself as he makes his way back home to the Kazekage mansion.

Walking within the door he smiles towards Suki and waves towards her as she goes through papers, waving back between stamps as he goes up the spiral staircase into his room.  The boy can't sleep, even though it is late.  Laying the scrolls on his desk he goes back to work, stroke after stroke, letter after letter, he is gradually getting better in time.  His eyes start to droop however as he goes into his third consequtive hour after leaving Lily's, it's midnight now as he still continues to write.  Slapping his face, shaking his head, and even to the point of purposly stubbing his toe, he tries to force himself awake.  He continues his brush strokes, finishing a scroll before erasing it as he critiques his own work, wanting to make sure everything is perfect.  The boy can't remember when he falls asleep, only that he wakes up with the blinding sun of the wind country, ink smeared upon his face as he wakes up with a jolt.  He feels his skin tighter on his right cheek due to the dried liquid in his faces relaxed position.  Looking at the mirror he sighs out, laughing slightly, he wonders if the same effect will work as with the scroll.  Taking his right hand he extends his index and middle finger, chakra glows upon it as he places it on his cheek, it holds for a few seconds before a snapping sound is heard, the ink seal breaking as it vanishes and breaks down into raw chakra.  The boy is excited, he fist pumps the air proud of himself and what he is able to do.  Now however isn't the time to be satisfied, he still has a lot to do, Kanji is always difficult, he can only imagine how well Ashie might be at doing this.  The boy begins chaining letters together as he gets more fluent with them, writing out full words at this point, chaining together is difficult at first but he is getting the hang of it.  A few days go by as he writes and writes, barely even leaving his room.  He can finally do it, every letter, every number, all on three scrolls, they're written small but they have perfect spacing between each and every one of them.  One thing sticks out to him however, he is always critiquing his work, even now that anyone else would look at it and tell him it's perfect he still looks for a way to improve it.  Annoyed at himself he clears it, writing it out again, it looks the same, he clears it again, he groans as his head impacts the desk, what can he do to make it better?  He sighs out, perhaps this was one of the lessons, nothing will ever be perfect, there is always room for improvement, and you should never stop looking for it.  He stands, thinking over this lesson before he smiles softly, he understands.  Taking the scrolls and brush he rushes to Lily's house before knocking upon her door.  

The door open smoothly, no creaks, no catching of the ground below it, it is perfectly symmetrical with her frame.  There she stands, an ordinary cloth kimono wrapped around her, her hair in a bun.  "Is it done?" She asks softly, the boy nodding as he bows and presents the scrolls to her.  "If have to apologize, for it is not perfect.  This has taught me that nothing will ever be perfect, and there is always room for improvement."  She takes the scrolls from him with a soft smile as she walks into her home, placing it upon her counter, welcoming him in.  "Normally it takes those who study under me far longer to grasp that concept, you make me proud.  From here on out I will be your personal teacher for Fuinjutsu, when you are ready I'll go over some scrolls with you, and see what you would like to pick."  Smiling from ear to ear the boy says he wishes to start now, welcoming him to sit they begin as they go through scroll after scroll of different Fuinjutsu, the boy spending a week under her tutelage.

4,045 Total for this thread

2250 for Chakra Storage Seal
2250 for Paralysis Seal
3000 for Chakra Barrier
3000 for Telepathy Seal
11,250 for Fuinjutsu Breaking S-Rank

21750 Total

Trained for 4045 words

Remaining amount needed is 17,711.

Using the grand total from 18,000 in reserve gets them fully unlocked with 295 words remaining to be used later on.

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Samuru Uchiha
Samuru Uchiha
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A chance meeting, a life long friend and mentor. P Empty Re: A chance meeting, a life long friend and mentor. P

Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:28 pm
Training completed.
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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A chance meeting, a life long friend and mentor. P Empty Re: A chance meeting, a life long friend and mentor. P

Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:34 pm
Approved, ya little shit.
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