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Phoenix Wright <3
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Being lost Is so lame [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: Being lost Is so lame [Open]

Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:10 am
"Hey, I don't know if I asked you earlier but what elements do you have?" Levi asked Hysterio as he followed him to the clearing. "Please be fire please be fire, I need more fire jutsu." Which is his thought process when he asked the question. So far he have only one fire jutsu he was able to learn and do in the freaking eternal rain of Ame, where's his award for that? Well the walk seemed to take forever and coincidental he also held his hand out and began to focus chakra in his palm. "Still need to learn Rasengan and as much as I want to spar...GAAAH , WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAS TO BE SO DIFFICULT?" Of course Hysterio couldn't hear this unless he had some mind reading ability.
Kukla Nazar
Kukla Nazar
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Being lost Is so lame [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: Being lost Is so lame [Open]

Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:45 pm
Hysterio was of course not a mind reader, so he answered without expecting anything. Hope fully the other did not fly off the handle though. “Well, I have the earth and wind elements but I do not use them much, if you want help training one of them then I can help you a bit.”
Hysterio was also of course working on some thing. Concentrating his own chakra in a palm he focused on it until it began to glow a dark purple blue black, to his eyes anyway. The other boy might not see anything different about his hand due to the nature of Yuumei, assuming he could even see Hysterio’s hand, but that point mattered little. The hand glowed dark purple, a menacing aura emanating from it.

Hysterio arrived at the clearing that had been decided upon for a spar earlier, and turned to face the other boy – “Well, here we are now.”

Suddenly realizing the time he said "Oh snap, some of my luggage is FINALLY arriving from Tengakure, lemme go get it. Unless you need anything...?"

(potential exit)
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Being lost Is so lame [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: Being lost Is so lame [Open]

Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:10 pm
(sorry, I need to do something with someone else real quick, when I am done I can come back to this real quick)

Hysterio continued to work on the Yuumei Chakra Blade as he walked away. It seemed the other boy was not about to bother him which was good, since he was starting to get busy. He thought he had seen Mitako around but apparently he was mistaken. He wandered off to a new training ground. Perhaps he would see more people he could train with, though for the time being he would have to control his Yuumei now that he was talking to it again, sort of. The yuumei though he was a bit of an idiot for throwing away all his genjutsu practice but Hysterio was stubbornly deciding that using weapons was the way to go, since he had been whupped by Youta, and he knew of Xyxer’s own prowess with weapons. Since then he had largely ignored the yuumei though recently he had begun to talk to it again and the Yuumei had finally gotten over his change of skills, mostly anyway. It still made jabs and barbs while he tried to concentrate some of it onto his weapon to make it stronger, the Vibroblade he had drawn while walking down the road being covered in a purplish aura.  It would take a while to learn this one.


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Being lost Is so lame [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: Being lost Is so lame [Open]

Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:11 pm
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