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Odin Senju <3
Odin Senju <3
Ryo : 0

Look Out Below! (NK, Kense Fushiti) Empty Look Out Below! (NK, Kense Fushiti)

Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:37 pm
Mission Details:

Odin Onimusha never thought he would able to negotiate his way out of any problem.  Luckily, he left a note for Kense to come help him out with this mission.  He might need it.  He waited for Kense to arrive before continuing but he was going to scout a little before hand in order to better assess the situation.  Odin did the hand seals Tiger then Ram.  A puff of smoke appeared out of thin air, revealing Odin and one lightning clone he named Uno.

Uno proceeded to run at a speed of 15 towards the designated area while Odin stayed behind, waiting for Kense to arrive.  He went to the bar that was described.  Odin opened the doors to the bar, noticing the commotion inside.  Uno proceeded to inquire and question the locals at the bar to get any information out of them.  The locals ranted and raved about a few drunk men who thought they had Futon element in them and dared each other to jump off the highest buildings they could find. 
These drunk morons thought they could fly!?  This is worse than I thought...
"Where can I find these guys!? Where did they go!?" These were the questions Uno yelled at the locals but all he came up with were dead ends.  Uno scoffed as he left the bar, looking around for any drunks.  Kumo was a big village, it would take a lot of ground to cover in order to find these crazy drunks...

249/2500 WC needed

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Odin Senju <3
Odin Senju <3
Ryo : 0

Look Out Below! (NK, Kense Fushiti) Empty Re: Look Out Below! (NK, Kense Fushiti)

Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:05 pm
Odin didn't bother to be provoked by the rude attitude of the newly appointed genin.  Their fragile alliance was going to be tested here.  Odin cared not for the complaining, "I only brought you along for the mission to cover more ground and to split the reward money," He handed Kense the mission flyer.  The reward was circled in bold red ink, 2,500 ryo it said on it, "This is the most money I've seen from a mission so far.  You could use some gear so you aren't walking around so 'naked'.  Desperate need it seems," Odin said, looking at the lack of equipment the genin had on him. 
He sighed, pulling out his infamous sealing scroll.  He reached into it, revealing a bright light as he punctured it.  He pulled out a 20ft wire and 2 kunai.  He proceeded to toss these items to Kense before continuing. 

His lightning clone, Uno learned all he could.  He saw that Odin had met up with his partner and dispelled the jutsu.  Doing so granted Odin all the knowledge Uno learned while scouting ahead. 

"According to my clone's survey, there are three men who have a death wish. Their whereabouts are unknown.  They could either be all together or could have split up.  They could literally be anywhere so this might take a while,"
Odin sighed before continuing.  He knew Kense wouldn't like this part at all, "We need to scower the WHOLE village to look for them," he shrugged.

"Don't consider me your leader Kense, we are equals in rank.  Plus, we need to get along if we are going to rank up to chuunin anytime soon.  You need this money as much as I do."
He closed his one eye for a moment, trying not to laugh before he continued.  He opened his one free eye and smirked, "Plus, consider this repayment for the book and weapon I gave you if you truly need an excuse to help me."

Odin looked around to hear any commotion in the area.  Nothing but silence and a few passerbys.  No one seemed to be in a state of panic. 

He turned back to Kense, his smirk seemed to vanish now that he was focused solely on the mission, "Well what do you want to do?  Should we split up? Or should we go together and get each others back?" 

He reminded Kense before the genin could answer, "Our job is a rescue mission.  I don't think brute force is needed and we can't send these people to hospital.  We fail if they are hurt or end up in the hospital....and we lose all the money as well," Odin warned Kense.

WC: 449
449+271+249= 969/2500

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Odin Senju <3
Odin Senju <3
Ryo : 0

Look Out Below! (NK, Kense Fushiti) Empty Re: Look Out Below! (NK, Kense Fushiti)

Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:17 pm
Odin nodded in approval to Kense's plan.  The genin was pretty perceptive for a newbie.  Odin would be sure to take note of this trait for the future, "That sounds good to me.  Honestly my clones were the best option to use.  Make note of these hand symbols for later," Odin did a Tiger then Ram hand sign in rapid succession of one another.  A puff of smoke exploded around him, covering the area for a few meters. 

The smoke quickly disappeared, revealing 4 Odins.  Odin was slightly embarressed to say it but he had to tell Kense, "I like to keep track of my clones and each one has their own unique name."

Two clones paired up with each other.  Odin pointed them out as if Kense would know the difference; they were an exact copy of himself.  Odin jested anyway, "These two are Uno and Ichi.  The one going along the rooftops will convinently is named One,"  the three other Odins sighed at the fact that the real Odin revealed this information.  Kense would probably think lesser of him for this. 
"I like to keep track of which one so I make them do something subtle," he sighed as well before continuing, "I will be searching the grounds with you.  If my clones find something, I will know at any time."

Odin nodded at Ichi and Uno, watching them use flicker movement to sprint off along the edge of town, looking for any high buildings to examine.  They would be running and scouting instead of asking any bystander for assistance. 

The lone clone named One, quickly used the hand symbols rat then boar to use flicker movement as he run towards a building.  He jumped on top of window frame of a building and propelled himself upwards, leaving an afterimage trailing behind him as he front flipped on top of the roof.  One quickly sprinted at his maxed speed toward the center of the village. 

Odin looked at Kense, nodding, "Where do you want to check first? Should we head towards the front of the village and work our way towards the back?"  He decided he was going to have Kense's advice guide them this time.

WC: 368

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Odin Senju <3
Odin Senju <3
Ryo : 0

Look Out Below! (NK, Kense Fushiti) Empty Re: Look Out Below! (NK, Kense Fushiti)

Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:04 pm
Odin chuckled at Kense's response, "That sound logical enough but you forget that they all went to look for their own buildings to jump off.  Let's just head to the bar and work our way from there while my other clones do the scouting just in case."

Odin started a light jog towards the bar at a speed of 10, lagging sometimes for Kense to keep up with him.  He knew Kense was finally getting stronger throughout all the training.  After a few minutes, they reached the bar.  Odin planted his feet firmly on the ground.  He grabbed Kense He looked upward and jumped at his full speed.  
He used a combination of flicker movement and dynamic entry to jump up onto the roof.  

Odin and Kense became a blur as they bolted upwards flying for a moment well above the roof of the bar.  Before Odin could apologize, a huge shriek for help was heard in the distance.  Mind you, Odin and Kense are in mid-air still, almost as if they are floating for a brief moment in time while the person called out in desperate help.  

A few buildings away, a man is dangling by the cuff of his pant leg wrapped around his foot off of a scaffolding.  The man shouts that his pants are ripping and a plea for help is heard again.  The rest of the man's words are begging some God to see his kids once again.  

Without thinking, Odin's eyes widened.  He turned to Kense, ignoring if he was willing or not and put his flicker movement and dynamic entry yet again to use Kense as a baseball, making him Odin's very own dynamic entry.  
"No time! GO! DYNAMIC ENTRY!!" Odin shouted as he propelled Kense towards the near death man.  
Odin made sure Kense's flight path was just next to the guy.  If everything was done right, Kense would grab the man and land on the roof of the third building behind the man.

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Odin Senju <3
Odin Senju <3
Ryo : 0

Look Out Below! (NK, Kense Fushiti) Empty Re: Look Out Below! (NK, Kense Fushiti)

Sat Jan 17, 2015 5:54 pm
Odin laughed as he threw Kense at the drunken man.  He watched as he genin flew through the air and caught the man who almost lost his life.  It worked just as planned, Kense rescued the man and Odin had showed him what strength was for just a genin.  If Kense was perceptive enough, he would have picked up on the two jutsu that he just did.  When he got yelled at in response to what he did to Kense, he smiled and yelled back across the roof tops, "We had no time to think and I will always be trying to teach you new tricks!"  
Odin's laugh was heard in the distance, obnoxious at best.  

Meanwhile, One was traveling across Kumo in search for any wannabe flyers.  He jumped from rooftop to rooftop, looking around for anyone suspeciously intoxicated.  He jumped up on a telephone pole and shimmied his way to the top.  He climbed up and squatted on the top of it, putting a hand over his eyes to block out the sun as he scanned the area for people.  
Suddenly he noticed a man climbing on top of the Raikage's office, laughing and stumbling.  

One leaped from the pole and did the hand seals of rat then boar, expelling some chakra out before he landed.  At a speed of 50, he jumped forward, skipping the next roof, flying to the second one.  His after image trailed behind him as he twirled past a pole, using it as momentum to run faster.  He finally arrived at the kage building, jumping once more and flying at his full speed at the surface of the building.  His feet stuck to the surface using the surface walking jutsu and he sprinted upwards toward the drunkard, never breaking stride. 

The man jumped off the ledge, holding his head upwards as he spread his arms out.  
"You truly believe in yourself, don't you!?"  One laughed as he jumped in synch with him.  He grabbed the man on his waist, ignoring his screams to let him go.  One thought he was going to teach this man a lesson as they plummetted toward the ground.  He spun several times, preforming several back flips before gracefully landing, making sure to hold the man up so he didn't hit the ground.  
The man immedietly threw up and begged One to never do that again.  One laughed at that but proceeded to scold him on that suicide flight attempt.  

Ichi and Uno had a difficult time finding anyone that was attempting to daringly jump off any sort of cliffs.  They both searched high and low, Ichi on the rooftops and Uno on the ground, and found no one.  
All of a sudden, by the village gates, there was a huge commotion.  Ichi and Uno promptly followed the noise.  They pushed through the crowd, pressing forward.  They split up just in case he were to flee the scene.  
All of a sudden, it got quiet.  The clones looked at each other through the crowd, which was slowly increasing in size, with extreme concern.  Ichi was the first to burst through the front of the crowd.  His eyes widened with surprise at what he was seeing.  He laughed and dispelled the jutsu, knowing there was nothing he could do. 
Uno was next, he saw a puff of smoke and wondered what had happened.  As he pushed his way through the crowd, he saw one of the drunk guys from the mission flyer.  The man was getting ready to jump, just not exactly off a skyscraper.  
This man was on a food stand, practicing his technique to jump.  He was loud and rambuncious, gaining more on lookers who wondered what he would do next.  Uno shook his head as he made it to the front.  He had a feeling what was going to happen next;  The man jumped off the small 10 foot stand with his arms raised like a super hero.  Next was as expected, he slammed into the ground, belly first and knocked himself out.  He began snoring and the crowd slowly lost interest.  Uno laughed before he dispelled the jutsu, turning into a puff of smoke.

After Odin settled down from laughing, he went into a slight trance.  The memories from the clones all channeled into him.  He gained all the information and whereabouts of the rest of the drunkards.  He also knew they were all rescued and safe from harm.  

"Looks like we're done here Kense!" Odin shouted across the rooftop to the genin a bit further away from him, "I'm going to head back and report the mission as a success!  My clones did their job and found the other two!"  he informed Kense.  
He held out a thumbs up coupled with a big grin on his face, "Good work!  Come see me at the training grounds soon if you want to keep getting stronger! I have a new jutsu I need to try out!" Odin praised as he parted ways with Kense.  


TWC for mission:
Odin's TWC: 2235

+5 AP
+2400 ryo

1224 towards Chidori Mastery 
1224+ 2776= 4000/4000 needed

1011 WC towards Temporary Paralyze Technique Mastery
1011/2000 needed

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