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Mitako Raicho
Mitako Raicho
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The Start of Something (private) Empty The Start of Something (private)

Tue Dec 30, 2014 8:28 pm
Darkness shrouded the tall buildings of Tengakure no Sato. The moon shone brightly, casting a dim shadow over everything in sight. The stars seemed to number infinitely, twinkling in the sky. None of that mattered really, as Mitako was inside goofing around in late hours of the night. I'm not his stalker, but it looked like he was snacking on some muffins before heading to bed. One the child started to doze off he was greeted by the image of the huggable shukaku, "That's right kid, lull yourself to sleep so I can destro-" He was startled back into conciousness by a demon, and, well.... that threw him into a panic attack. He thought it was just a nightmare, until the same booming voice had clawed it's way into the back of his head. I'm not gonna go into the details, let's just say Shukaku wanted to see Mitako's entrails hung from every inch of the room. 

At this point, instinct told him to run. So he flung himself out of bed, sprinted out his bedroom door, jumped down the stairs, and burst through the front door. Where he was running? He didn't know, not yet at least. He forgot to put his regular clothes on, so he was outside running amok in a thin shirt and some shorts, barefoot. He soon found himself running past the Tenkage Training Tower, and past all the shops where Team Youta did some missions. He slowed down as he imagined what Youta would do to the beast, and started laughing hysterically. The Shukaku, who up until this point had been throwing insults toward the poor boy, inquired "What's so funny child?! Do you want death?!" Mitako would wipe the tears from his eyes, which were part happy, part fear induced. "I don't need to be scared of you, you fat prick!" He would then remember the story of the Bijuu. Was it possible he was a jinchuriki? He didn't remember having the beast put in him, but by chance it could have manifested it's self into him. Anyhow the one tail was extremely offended by the insult toward his weight. Was he really that self concious? Probably not. "You little! What makes you so brave after your little bout of fear you runt?!" 

Ignoring the booming voice in his head, he continued walking toward the plains. Was he to live the rest of his life in solitude or as a nomad? No. But he did recognize the danger it brought, and that he would have to learn to control it. He also thought about the power it could bring, maybe he could finally put a scratch on Youta, who up until this point had laid his ass flat. 

For hating humans, the Shukaku sure seemed to talk a lot. The beast still wanted to know what made Mitako laugh so bravely at him, and he finally came up with an answer. Still not realizing Shukaku could hear his thoughts, he spoke outloud, "What makes me laugh?" He sat and looked up at the sky. "You're not any scarier than Youta, and she doesn't have to be loud to threaten me." The poor stupid genin heard a growl from the Bijuu, "You mean to tell me you're more frightened of some girl?!" Man, he must've struck a nerve with that one. "Yep." He would say outloud. Deep, deep, down inside he knew the beast was far more dangerous than him, Youta and most of the village. But if he let the big guy bully him around, then he lost right? Besides, he heard about another tailed beast that had been near the village and nothing came about from it.

Mitako's attitude grew a bit, as he was but a lowly genin who housed this huge beast. He did hear somewhere that the less tails a beast has, the less powerful it was. "Say, lard-ass, what's your name?" The Shukaku's patience had already worn thin, "The mighty Shukaku!" Before the beast could continue, Mitako cut him off, "That sounds nice, actually, it sounds better than lard-ass." Mitako began to concentrate, because if the creature lived in his head he could meditate himself into some meeting place with it.

After many minutes of ignoring Shukaku's yelling and insults, Mitako found the concentration to find said meeting place. He looked arounder and noticed all the sand dunes, the sun off in the distance, the few wispy clouds in the sky, and a large cage made of sandstone which held this large beast. No wonder everyone could sense when. Mitako was coming, he could feel the amounts of chakra just pouring out from the beast. This time, he got a much better look at it, noticing the sand like skin, jet black eyes with gold pupils, and the weird marks all over its body. Not to mention the size, this thing was huge. His first goal was to get acquainted with the beast, as any and all goals Mitako had would involve it's cooperation. "I'm Mitako-" before he could continue, the beast cut him off. "Like I ca-" Mimicking the beast's actions "You better fucking care, I cared what your name was!" 

"That sounds like Bunpuku would have said," the beast said as he sat back in his cage. This puzzled Mitako, as all he did was treat him with a little respect, "Bunpuku was an old man whom I used to be sealed in you little shit." Hmm... Mitako had never read or heard anything of this man. He would make a mental notell to ask later. "Alright, you appear to have calmed down. I have a request..." Shukaku laughed, "I don't care what it is, I'm not helping you!" Mitako launched some the sand toward him, "Listen this could be beneficial to you, you could escape!" he said in a forced cheerful tone. Shukaku closed one eye a bit, "Go on..." Finally a bit of progress. "I want your power, but as you know it comes with a risk, if I attempt to take it now you gain control. I'm going to try taking bits of your chakra at a time." The beast laughed while Mitako yanked off one of the various seals on his cage. 

Oops, that may have been a bad move. The beasts chakra began to leak out of the cage, encompassing Mitako and forming a boiling red shroud. He felt his mind being taken over by the Shukaku bit by bit, "You're putting up a good fight boy, but you can't even handle this much of my chakra," It appeared the beast was correct, as out side of his mind, Mitako's eyes opened to reveal a change in pupil. The once normal pupils were replaced by a golden circle with a black star-like shape. The red chakra began to manifest itself in the real world too, as his body stoof up, and slowly started toward the village. It appeared Mitako wasn't out for the count quite yet. The genin had made a mistake sure, but he was starting to fight back, concealing the beast back into his cage using his own chakra. The struggle however, took its toll on Mitako's mind, he literally had to use every ounce of his being trying to push back the beast. 

"Give up boy! You can't contain me forever!" The Shukaku boomed as they both struggled for dominance. His vision began to fade, but he was able to conceal it again before exiting the beast's world and collapsing in front of the village gate.

[1258/2000 for V1 cloak]
Mitako Raicho
Mitako Raicho
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The Start of Something (private) Empty Re: The Start of Something (private)

Sat Jan 03, 2015 2:28 am
By the time he awoke, it was around noon. It appeared that he didn't succeed one hundred percent in putting the beast back in its cage, as it felt like the one tail was pushing back again. The mental tug of war continued on and this time Mitako had the upper hand, as he was still the beast was just starting to break the seal again. Why couldn't they just get along? Why did he have to type two thousand words to earn the one tail's basic powers? Wait, that's breaking character and it's not allowed, moving on. 

The one tail appeared to remain quiet, which made Mitako wonder of the loss from last time upset him. He began to walk his way back to the middle of the field, deciding it best not to risk the village on the off chance that the one tail took over Mitako. His thoughts began to flow to the recent events in his life, and how they might be connected. Was that why the strange man approache'd me while I was teaching? What if I was placed under Youta's supervision for this thing? If they knew, why didn't they tell me? Deep in the back of his mind, he knew these were all unlikely, but in his current state of panic his thoughts ran rampant. The Shukaku was at it again, this time trying to force his way out. Mitako had no choice but to confront the beast in a meditative state again. 

He reached the far side of the plains from the village, and sat on the grass. His body was shaking, he was indeed scared of this thing, but he had two options: Let the beast run free, or try and supress it. Option two seemed the best route, because at least of he died, he would die knowing he tried. He closed his eyes, and calmed himself enough to focus his attention on entering the beast's realm. Upon arriving, he found himself standing in the front of the cage, this time the sky was blotted out by a raging sandstorm. The sand didn't effect him however, and he stepped up to the cage. Maybe diplomacy would work if the deal was sweet enough. Maybe if he couldn't get it stop entirely, he could bide his time until he was stronger. 

"Shukaku! Listen, please!" He tried to sound calm, but the beast new better "Oh, so now you're scared!" It seemed that the beast enjoyed his fear. Mitako continued on, "We could work together, an-" He was cut off by a hearty laugh from the beast, "And why would I, the Great Shukaku, want to work with a runt!" Mitako had to come up with a bull shit reason, hopefully it would work for now. "There are people who would use you for war, they'd turn you into a slave. I'd be willing to work with you, even under you, if you'd let me live" The one tail knew that by letting him live, he was still trapped inside the boy's mind. But, he saw the chance of letting a person serve under his mighty ego. "Hmmmm" the beast groaned as the storms died down. "You would act as I command you too, and if I see you unfit for my power, I'll break my way out of here." Mitako grabbed the bars of the cage, "If I must." He then plopped down to the ground, with one thought appearing in his mind, "When I grow in power, I'll be back, and we'll see whose really in charge." 

It appeared the One Tail had the same thought, as soon as the opportunity arose, he would break his word and make an attempt at freedom. He would have to do it soon though, if the boy grew too strong, he would be beaten. Mitako left the place in his mind and went back to the real world. He was still in his sleeping clothes, and barefoot. This definitely wasn't some bad night mare, so he picked himself up from the grass of the plains and brushed himself off. He looked like a nervous wreck, he was all sweaty, his eyes had dark circles, and his hair was unkempt. As he headed back for the village his mind began to race with what seemed like a thousand thoughts. "How am I gonna amass the power to beat this thing? Should I tell somebody? If so, then who? Wait, can it understand me?" He would, upon reaching the village gates, decide that talking to the Tenkage would likely be the best course of action. More than likely, he would have some solution to this... problem.

[For a grand total of 2048 words, claiming the Bijuu V1 cloak.]
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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The Start of Something (private) Empty Re: The Start of Something (private)

Sat Jan 03, 2015 2:43 am
Approved <3
Mitako Raicho
Mitako Raicho
Remove Ryo : 8500

The Start of Something (private) Empty Re: The Start of Something (private)

Sat Jan 03, 2015 2:45 am
DOH! I FORGOT THE STATS TOO! Claiming dem also.
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