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Touka Keisuke
Touka Keisuke
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Into the wild land. [NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: Into the wild land. [NK]

Tue Dec 02, 2014 9:53 pm
Not surprising Xyxer was not  true to his words. Now as Tatsuya was in a choke he listens to what the man has to say. Seeing as how Tatsuya would not be leaving he wants to fight Xyxer even if it does leave Tatsuya dead. All Tatsuya wanted was to fallow his passion.
Tatsuya decides to swallow his tongue and agree to his request. Tatsuya looks into the red eyes of the demon with anger and then calms him self before speaking. 
"You are a man of cards and I will respect your wishes." Tatsuya will remained tided down to this land until he cuts the chain.  Tatsuya will leave this place by his own choice at some point and travel to were he wants to go. But for now he will stay. Once Xyxer sets him down if at all Tatsuya will turn to say respectfully.
"Your wishes have been met but i will let you know that they will be broken once again in the far future."
This may provoke Xyxer to hurt Tatsuya once more but if not then Tatsuya will walk back into the village of Tenga.

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Into the wild land. [NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: Into the wild land. [NK]

Wed Dec 03, 2014 6:24 pm
"You may leave of your own accord once I've lost all use for you, until then, you are mine.. Your body will be a required infrastructure for rebuilding a great village, after the village is built.. You are free to wander as you please." Xyxer, however, was not about to release the male from his choke grip, in fact, he was quite angered.. With the flourish of his hand, the mighty, smallest  form of Tidebreaker would be summoned, and Xyxer frowned as he drove it down through the genitalia of Tatsuya once more, certainly having deja vu of this event. "This time, Tatsuya, remain a eunuch and I won't torture you again." If this was to go through, and the genitalia of the boy were to drop to the ground, Xyxer would rush towards the hospital so he did not bleed out, simply crushing the testes and phallus under the ball of his foot during his sprint. Of course, once at the hospital, Xyxer would inform the workers to not reattach the genitalia and instead to just sew it back up and cauterize it, but of course, leaving a hole for urination. Enjoy your sex change.

[Exit unless he does something]
Touka Keisuke
Touka Keisuke
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Into the wild land. [NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: Into the wild land. [NK]

Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:59 am
Tatsuya was disappointed that he was not leaving as well as he was injured again. He winces as the injury is made. It was interesting that Xyxer wants him to help build this village when for quite a wile he has been just hanging around doing nothing productive for the village.
At least Xyxer was bringing him to the hospital. Hopefully Tatsuya was now on Xyxer's radar so that he would give Tatsuya something to do. Then again Tatsuya could just train alone but he wanted something else. Tatsuya would just have to live with it. There was still life that has spurred from the ground. All the plants in the world we connected in some way Tatsuya just needed to figure out how to connect him self to the plants.
As they leave Tatsuya says. "I look forward to the tasks you have for me."

[Ooc: So because Tatsuya us injured and Xyxer is taking him to the hospital do I need to make a topic there?]
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