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A new dawn Empty A new dawn

Sun Nov 23, 2014 5:55 pm
The Demon was in the process of attaching his armor onto his body. It was time to move out and begin his part, first however there was one thing he needed to ensure he picked up before he left. During his time in various villages he would spend some hours going through the old history of the lands and learning on key points in time. There was a group of ninja that had banded together for what seemed like a greater cause but had been used in the end. The idea though of reviving this sect and once again letting it rise from the ashes would be a wonderful idea.

The Demon by himself would only be seen as a lone threat, something to be quickly stomped out and forgotten about in the grand scheme of things. However if he were to bring about a group and find members to become part of something bigger then they would truly become legends. However there was a certain downfall that came with trying to gather strong ninja all in one group. Each and everyone one of them would of course want to be the leader and have final say. Having a group and being able to put aside their differences to achieve the goal of making this world a better place for ninja everywhere would require the utmost patience and respect for each other.

Sitting down in a chair once all of his armor was connected and his wrist blade straps sat in place perfectly with his kunai launcher under his left arm he began tapping on the hand bar of the chair. He had to think of how exactly to word his pitch speech to the ones he wanted to invite to this new organization. Letting out a sigh from under the hod of his armor he played the outcome of talking to these individuals over and over in his head. fifty percent of the time the conversation was a success and they sided with him for the greater good of this world. The other fifty percent of the time...well those times didn't end well it involved fighting and one of the sides dying in a very brutal way. Standing up he began pacing back and forth as well his sharingan activating again in its eternal state as he paced. Focusing his senju chakra he would focus on pushing it into the dead plants he had bought that littered the area around him attempting bring them back to life still pushing for what ever this new power was that lay behind this imposing wall. Thinking on the people he wanted to ask he ran the positives and negatives through his mind.

First there was of course Maku, the boy was a genius of sorts when it came to genjutsu. He was also just a well rounded fighter in all aspects. His new form also kept what seemed to be a level head at all times now. Of course Maku was someone that he had worked wit multiple times and they both understood how each other worked and thought. The negatives of course were that just like any strong ninja eventually it would come to them trying to eliminate the other for supreme power, of course this would happen after all goals were met as it was a semi unspoken agreement between them. He knew that more than likely Maku would say yes to this adventure as long as they always stayed on course and didn't dally any longer on their decisions.

Then there was his new semi ally semi still wanted to kill acquaintance, Xyxer. The guy was a prodigy with a bladed weapon able to use it as another extension of himself effortlessly even in the most awkward of situations. While not the most level headed person he had ever seen the boy was able to speak his mind if even in the slightest way. He would be a perfect war general with tactics and explaining enemy formations and the like. However he was also very messed up in the head, no one ever really knew when he would break mentally and lash out at all those around him. Hopefully when had had been helped in the form of taking care of Konoha he would be able to find some peace as it seemed they were if not all a big part of his damage.

As of right now that's all he could think of to invite to the formation of the group. The others would have to be sought out and found at later dates. None of the genin that he had taken from Konoha were worth such a heavy title. He knew Kira would not readily join something thats only goal was to destroy everything and build in a new image, it was not in her nature. While she would do anything that Youka asked of her, the Demon was of a completely different cloth and slaughtering innocent children and women would not sit well with the girl. He would have to use her for other things such as intel gathering and scouting villages before hand. She would still be a member but in a different capacity, or she would need to take over a village as they were rebuilt so that things could continue to grow correctly.

Looking over at the plant it began to bud again as life returned and flowed into the plants around him. It was becoming easier and easier to do this the more he practiced. The only thing that was a downfall was that the power in his eyes was always becoming too much to bear and causing him to strain his eyes to see clearly. Smiling even over the pain he began to walk out of the room and to the tailor he had contracted to make the robes and things he would need to begin the reviving process of the Akatsuki. First on his list was to get Xyxer to join the coming new age before he left the village to further his own goals.

(1000 words going towards the 5k needed for rinne at 4k total now)
Yasahiro Yagami
Yasahiro Yagami
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A new dawn Empty Re: A new dawn

Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:00 pm
Approved you bad man D:<
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