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Jason Fredriksson
Jason Fredriksson
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rise of a puppet (P, NK) Empty rise of a puppet (P, NK)

Sat Oct 04, 2014 9:58 pm
Jason woke up, as usually, morning tired. after a quick hot shower, he walked out, fully dressed and entered the kitchen and his parents were already up. his mother sat down and gave him his breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs, all this, while his father sat and read the morning paper. his mother was asking him questions and Jason answered while he was eating his breakfast. after breakfast, Jason headed to a forest at the plains. though what sucked was that he had to walk a LONG way from his house. he hated walking long path's. Jason started his training, after finally arriving at the forest outside of his town, to jog around and to get familiar with the area. boy, was the forest big. Jason jogged in to the forest and rested by sitting on a stump. when he was done with his resting, he did 10 by 3 pushups and 10 by 3 situps and 10 by 3 crunches. when he was done, he went up to a tree log and began slowly punching the branches. he went faster and faster until eventually, they broke off. Jason's father told him that doing this, would strengthen his knuckles. Jason thought it was bullshit at first, even the very first time he did so, he thought it was bullshit. and sure, it hurt his knuckles badly the first time, but the first time hurts. that's what he was told. Jason then focused his chakra and made some hand seals to perform the jutsu for clone jutsu. after about a hundred times, Jason unfortunately lost count, he managed to do it. to celebrate, Jason began to jog around the area he was in, both forward,backwards and to the side. all of them were 10 laps. afterwards, Jason sat down and meditated and thought of how to become a good if not the best puppeteer in the world. when he was done, Jason focused chakra to his feet and began heading to the lake to attempt to walk on the surface of the water. attempt was right as he instantly hit the watery deck as soon as he stepped in. Jason quickly got up and waited until he had dried off which only took about 20 to 30 minutes. he then tried again. he doesn't know how many times he tried doing this. maybe about after the 110th time, he finally made it. he took slow steps before eventually getting used to the watery surface. Jason then took 10 laps around the lake before heading to dry land and lying down and resting. today was a good day, Jason thought. and it was. after an hour or so, Jason got up and focused chakra to his feet again. this time, he started to walk up a tree but as soon as he got 3 feet, he fell to the ground. Jason got up and tried again. and again. and again. and again. after about the 1000th try, Jason finally got up to the top tree branch. Jason was heavily panting as he was clutching the top tree hard. after a while, Jason jumped down and sat down and focused chakra to his fingertips. Jason managed to make chakra threads that were 10 centimeters long, and then dispelled it, being thankful for doing this much at least. Jason thought to practice with his chakra threads so he created chakra threads and have them wrap around his foot and as he pulled his arm up, his leg came up with it. Jason thought it was intriguing. Jason let go and did the same to his other arm. he used his right hand to wrap around chakra threads around his left arm and as Jason pulled upwards lightly, his arm went the same way, and just as lightly. this intrigued Jason a lot. to think that chakra threads able to do this. hell, they are able to move a puppet around with just chakra threads. Jason continued to do so with all of his body parts. and this intrigued him even more, it was fantastic.Jason got up and did another round of jogging. this time, he jogged backwards for 3 laps. Jason then decided to build his strength up, so he lifted up a big rock over his head and slowly walked. he decided to walk across the forest with this big rock over his head and his arm felt like jelly when he was done taking one lap, so he threw the big rock someplace. Jason sat down and moved his arms in a circle to ease the pain. Jason stretched his arms and legs, so as to not strain his muscles when he practices. he should have done that before he even got here, but oh well, there's always a next time. Jason moved his wrists in circles in a clockwise motion the first time and then counter-clockwise the second time. he then, slowly, looked down to the ground with his head, and slowly, craned it up, then slowly turned his head to the left, and slowly to the right. he then centered his head and cracked his neck, leaving an audible crack that felt good to him. Jason cracked his knuckles and went up to a tree and began punching it and kicking it. with each hit, the tree barks fell off of the tree. after 20 minutes of doing this, Jason stopped and smiled, feeling good. Jason decided to, before he goes home, to do one last session of pushups and what not. he started by doing 10 by 4 pushups. his arms hurt doing this, but it'd be worth it, he thought to himself, and then switched to situps and did 10 by 4 situps. this would give him a great bod, not just for the girls to admire to, but to build up his upper body strength to carry two or more puppets on his back, if that was needed. later, Jason switched to doing crunches in which he also did 10 by 4 reps. his body now ached, he was done. no more training for today. with a very slow pulling up, Jason got up to his feet and brushed off any dirt and grime and whatever else you get from lying down on grass and ground and other stuff. Jason washed his face to at least look alive when he got home. boy would he explain to his parents what he just went through. sure, they'd hit the roof, but at least they'd be proud of him. hopefully. with one last look of the forest, Jason then turned around and walked off home. surely, he'd be a great puppeteer, and who knows what lies in his future?

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Yasahiro Yagami
Yasahiro Yagami
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rise of a puppet (P, NK) Empty Re: rise of a puppet (P, NK)

Sun Oct 05, 2014 2:31 pm
Approved, for 5 stats and training.
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