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Shigemi Mikemi
Shigemi Mikemi
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Just One Step (Shigemi Mikemi's Genin Exam) Empty Just One Step (Shigemi Mikemi's Genin Exam)

Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:48 am
"So this is it huh..."

Shigemi chuckled nervously to himself as he stood behind the door of the classroom he was assigned to. He had learned that the Uchiha, especially Kenzo, had completed exam with the most ease. To be their equal, this exam was an obstacle.  In addition, if he passed this exam, Shigemi would be well on his way to learning more powerful techniques. Techniques that he could use to protect the people he wanted. There was more at stake here than just the rank. After Shigemi made a quick mental check over himself, he opened the door.

A dozen pair of eyes turn to greet him. Shigemi groaned inwardly. He was late? On one of the most important days of his life?

Across Shigemi stood a rather older figure. He must be the examiner.

"Hello, I'm here for that Genin exam...uh..." Shigemi muttered as he stood near the doorway.
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Just One Step (Shigemi Mikemi's Genin Exam) Empty Re: Just One Step (Shigemi Mikemi's Genin Exam)

Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:50 am
The instructor who was to carryout today's exam, would be know as Akuma sensei, the man with no beard. His tight built made his muscles bugle from within his jounin uniform. His walks were right and proper, as he made his way towards the class room.

As he made his way towards the classroom, he made his way towards the door. It was then that the kids would see a strikingly tall figure, who held a bag of goodies, the new Leaf headbands that were to be given to those who could pass the test. But, an obstacle was in the way, some shaky kid.

"Hey brat, either get outta my way, or preform the 3 basic academy jutsu." Yep, the kid who's name did not matter to the instructor, was the first to go on the chopping board. his eyes peered down at the little figure, the kid, waiting to see what he could do. If the kid would say no, than the instructor would attempt to bounce him out of the way.

(Perform the three basic academy jutsu in 800 words, and the genin rank is all yours.)
Shigemi Mikemi
Shigemi Mikemi
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Just One Step (Shigemi Mikemi's Genin Exam) Empty Re: Just One Step (Shigemi Mikemi's Genin Exam)

Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:47 pm
Shigemi nodded as he quickly made his way towards the middle of the classroom.
If he heard the proctor correctly, he could start with whatever jutsu he wanted. The young boy decided to get the transformation one out of the way. Raising his hands, Shigemi formed the appropriate hand seals.
Dog Boar Ram
“Transformation jutsu…”
A ridiculous amount of smoke puffed up as Shigemi intended. It was under this thick smoke where he underwent the transformation. It was odd at first, the feeling of his body contorting to match what he wanted to change into. His transformation took longer than usual but that was what the obscene amount of smoke was for. Shigemi could feel every single part of his body starting to grow larger to take in the shape he wanted. It was a rather interesting jutsu. It was disappointing, however, that the technique could not replicate strength and chakra. Thinking this to himself, Shigemi continued to work on building his body towards a certain image. The dozen pairs of eyes in the class gazed in amazement as they viewed Shigemi’s transformation. He had transformed himself into the likeliness of a tall Uchiha who had been on his mind for a while. Shigemi mentally slapped himself for not being able to replicate the Sharingan effect on his own transformation. He had no idea how to do it.
Shigemi held the transformation for about ten seconds and then returned to his regular form. Next, he was going to perform the substitution technique. It was a rather easy technique to perform. It had only taken Shigemi a couple of hours to get it down perfect. This was in stark contrast to the clone jutsu, which the boy took days to figure out and master. He was certainly not going to fail this exam now. All he had to perform was the substitution technique and the clone jutsu.
The young boy smirked as he remembered the certain act he planned out for the substitution technique. Shigemi pulled a kunai from his pocket and held it out with two hands, with the sharp edge pointed towards his throat. Shigemi could feel everyone else in the room sweat-dropped from his theatrics.
Just wait until they get a load of this!
Immediately, he thrust the kunai towards his throat, and screams of terror sounded out throughout the classroom. The young Mikemi smirked as the kunai came closer and disappeared through a puff of smoke, leaving the traditional wooden log.
The class was confused and began scanning for Shigemi. A slight knock by the classroom door garnered their attention. There stood Shigemi with a slight grin. He had buttoned up his coat in order to hide the damage from his kunai. Shigemi had practiced this act many times in order to get a reaction from people. But now, of all times, he accidently substituted a bit late and slightly penetrated his throat. It wasn’t a major injury but it would annoy him until he treated it. Shigemi quickly made his way once again towards the middle of the class.
One more jutsu stood in his way, the clone jutsu. Shigemi took a deep breath. This jutsu required great chakra control, his forte. This should be no problem if he does not screw up. Shigemi raised his hands to perform the seals. Before he activated the jutsu, he made sure to organize his chakra flow so a clone could easily take shape.
Ram Snake Tiger
“Clone Jutsu!”
Once again, a thick puff of smoke appeared out of thin air. Within the smoke, chakra flowed out of Shigemi’s body and created a similar body shape. The clone, however, was not taking on Shigemi’s features. This was a problem. Considering that this is a CLONE jutsu, his counterpart would have to look just like him.
No no no! Not now! Come on!
A beads of sweat rolled down Shigemi’s face as he focused hard on giving the clone definition. His performance of this jutsu took longer than usual. He was glad that the he had generated massive amounts of smoke. Without it, the class would be staring at a boy looking like he was trying to take a dump.
Come on black hair! Let’s go blue eyes! Get in there!
To Shigemi’s relief, his own features began to from on his clone. The developments were gradual but in a few short seconds, he had completely had himself cloned. The smoke surrounding him still existed and with a quick blow, it scattered to reveal him and his clone. The class looked awestruck at the perfect replication of Shigemi. With this, the young boy swelled with pride. He then began wiping his face. He had more trouble with the clone jutsu than he had before. Maybe it was his sudden increases in chakra? How did that work? Putting that aside, Shigemi look expectantly towards the proctor.

[819 Words]
Shigemi Mikemi
Shigemi Mikemi
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Just One Step (Shigemi Mikemi's Genin Exam) Empty Re: Just One Step (Shigemi Mikemi's Genin Exam)

Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:27 am
The bump of all bumps
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Just One Step (Shigemi Mikemi's Genin Exam) Empty Re: Just One Step (Shigemi Mikemi's Genin Exam)

Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:16 am
[Approved, but in the future remember to make hand-signs before the substitution, it's not an instant technique and if I was a particularly nasty sort I would have said your character was dead....Aren't you lucky I'm such a nice guy!? Anywho, Genin Rank is now a thing in your life.]
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