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Urgent Letter Empty Urgent Letter

Thu Sep 05, 2013 4:00 pm
A crimson flash appears upon the desk, following said flash in its place is a scroll, the contents within being the link here
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Urgent Letter Empty Re: Urgent Letter

Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:53 pm
Misaki would of been going through the results of the recent closed battle royal seeing she had new chuunin in her ranks. Leaning back in her chair she would of had the file in one hand as her thumb nail was in between her teeth. She had a few things to settle soon she knew this,She would of prepared to raise from her seat but without a second thought as a crimson flash would of been summoned with a scroll appearing on her desk. Reaching as she would unroll the scroll to begin to read it contents as she saw it was from her uncle of all people. She would of took something to write with and begun to reply to her uncle message as such:

Dear Uncle

Kumogakure shinobi are raising in ranks,due to the personal works of my hand since becoming Raikage. They go under such trials to prove themselves for the rank of Chuunin and go through these trials and tribulations. So there have been two exams since my reign as Raikage, The first one had twelve participants,but only three were able to pass on and become chuunin showing there skill in combat and proving those skills till this day. The second one had only five participants unlike a tournament version like the first it was a team exercise having five genin try to work together against one of my elites. The outcome of that exam was only two were able to claim the rank of Chuunin,I promised a change and it slowly is happening. I asked them the same question i asked you when we first met what strives should of heard there replies,hope you find time to visit Kumogakure son to see the progress with your own eyes

                             ~Misaki Ametsuchi~

With that she would place the letter back on her desk as it would vanish in another crimson flash returning to her uncle."Guess i got one up on you uncle viper now its your move in this game,make it count"she would smile before popping open a bottle of jack daniels and taking a sip of it as she relaxed.

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