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Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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Haru's Patrols (Solo Missions) Empty Haru's Patrols (Solo Missions)

Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:36 pm

This thread is going to be reserved for patrols only.

Haru looked at his schedule. It seemed he had A LOT of patrols this week. Shrugging as he walked out the door to his first of the batch, he pulled his robes and gear on, and headed out. It was an especially peaceful day in Tenkagure, and he doubted anything exiting would happen today. Still, easy money was easy money, and he needed every coin he could get. He had his eyes on a very special set of robes that would boost his speed substantially. In the meantime, however, he'd just have to work for the money. He figured these patrols would net him a lot of Ryo for just such a purchase. He walked through the streets, to the gates. Looking around, he started around the perimeter of the village. His mind wandered as he walked. How much could those speed-boosting robes possibly push him? He was already ridiculously fast, and he had always been the quickest kid in his academy class. Not to mention the fury, which doubled his already considerable speed. How far could he push himself past his limits? And would it ever be enough? 
"No. Not yet. Shinji and Yuri are far faster." He said aloud, shaking his head. Still, that was a reasonable goal. To be the fastest person alive. He'd always seemed a finish point, somewhere that he would consider the final check on his list. It was always a good Idea to set goals. 
"Alright then." He said, nodding. So far, his patrol had brought no evidence of attack, so he headed back to the gates to collect his reward. Slowly but surely, he would get enough money to outfit himself. After all, the equipment is just as important as the skill of the user! He headed back and collected his reward, deciding to take a nap between now and his next patrol.

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