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Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:02 pm
She wouldbe continung to flip through her folder in her hand learning more of Ganki that she needed to know, She was curious about him but a new life on the seat of authority will ease stuff off her shoulder as she would continue to glance at this for the begiining at least it was a start nontheless"There is a few things actually..i need you to tell me what you know of Funkagakure...we had a visitor from there not to long ago who came for a missing nin that had left there so do you know anything about that village in particular. She would look at him as she asked these questions maybe she could get better insight from Ganki point of view and probably be better at piecing the situation together."Who is there leader,what kind of village is it?"these questins pondered in her head. She had pondered the situation ever since Shouten left what kind of village did he hover from or did she even want to know.


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Stopping by (Private) - Page 3 Empty Re: Stopping by (Private)

Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:39 pm
"Funkagakure? No, my basic knowledge is as good as yours, I've never been to that village ever", Ganki said. In fact, Ganki has never been outside the walls of the village. Ganki would do some research amongst the villager's in his spare time, to find out more about the village.
A few seconds later Ganki remembered something, the first time he met Misaki, the meeting of the new Raikage. That kid, he mentioned that he himself was from the volcano village. "Wait, that kid Misaki, named Kira I think, he was here during your introduction meeting with all the village ninja. He mentioned something that he was from there, he also said some other weird things as well. I bet if we call him in he could give us some more information about the village." This was all Ganki could come up with for now. he would wait for a reply.
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Stopping by (Private) - Page 3 Empty Re: Stopping by (Private)

Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:48 pm
She would of bit her bottom lip as she could see he didnt know either she just sighs deeply as she rubs the back of her head.She would listen to his next set of words as she would prepare to reply"Kira....had to return to volcano..a man named i forgot came here looking for him and once they found him,hewas taking back to volcano for them to decde his punishment"she would explain as she sighs deeply this will be a long day for sure but she had things to do"Thank you for your cooperation Ganki you are dismissed unless there is something else? if not you will step out of here with new power im counting on you"she says with a smile.

(2031 Words Ganki Chakra Memorized)

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Stopping by (Private) - Page 3 Empty Re: Stopping by (Private)

Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:50 pm
Ganki was now captain of the ANBU, a huge title that carried a huge pay check. Ganki would have to step his game up quite a bit if he was to keep his promise to the kage. Of course this would mean more hours, and the possibility of doing endless night patrols of the village to help keep it safe. But, it would all be worth, to help keep the cloud village safe from all who oppose it. Ganki leaned his head back a bit, while bring the bottle towards his lips. he would finish the bottle of jack, as it was a sin in this village to throw away a bottle of jack with a few drops left in it, letting it pour through the mouth piece of the mask. Once he finished it, he sighed for a bit, tossing the bottle into the garbage can, he felt weird, but light at the same time.

With a nod towards Misaki, and a great big bow he gave at her, while crossing his legs. Ganki made his way towards the door, yep, things would be totally different from now on. When Gnaki would have enough time, he would do some more research about the volcano village, when his head would be much clearer than now. "See ya Misakiiiiiiiii", he said. He had a lovable smile on his face, gave a little giggle too. Even though he had been at he Kage bar once, and ha taken the first steps of becoming a holy alcoholic, his tolerance levels were in serious need of training.

What Ganki really didn't know, was that he was actually headed towards a window in the office. After he opened it, he would crawl through it, only to walk the outer walls of the building. Due to his ninja training however, his feet stuck to the walls due to his chakra, casually walking down the building as if everything was normal. he wondered if the building was under construction, since this was not the same way he entered the office. While scaling the walls, he pulled out his book, the sealing book, and looked at a few pages, squinting at most, at last. Ganki finally realized how sealing techniques finally worked. Ganki then made his ay towards the lab, to give his honesty report. Ganki sure was the luckiest guy in the village, he thought while walking down the walls, backwards.

[exit, wc 2902, 29 jp, switching taijutsu spec for fuin spec, I have the fuinjutu book so minus 100 words off requirement, anbu mask, and bingo book.]
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Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:56 pm
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