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Daemon Yuki
Daemon Yuki
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Mission Patrol Empty Mission Patrol

Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:28 am

Daemon had been walking around the village looking at some things to buy, he had seen some really cool weapons and items while he was out, but alas he had no Ryo. Daemon continued to walk when a bird flew up to him holding out his arm the bird rested on his fingers. Daemon looked at it to see a piece of paper tied to it. Carefully removing the paper and gave the bird a pet on its head before it flew off. He unwrapped the paper and read what was inside.

Daemon we need you to patrol the walls of the village. There should be nothing to note as these are peaceful times but we can never be sure with all the missing ninja still running around. If you find anything report back to the Tenkage immediately, upon completion of the mission you will receive 400 Ryo.

Daemon smiled he was in need of money and it was close to the amount that he needed to have to pay back Shinji. 'A few more missions like this and ill be set to pay him back in no time.' he thought to himself as he headed towards the Village walls.

Daemon made it to the walls in no time and began his patrol, stating at the north side of the wall he would walk to the west his eyes searching for anything that could be a threat. The young boy had made it to the south end of the wall thirty minutes later keeping his eyes peeled and began to walk back to where he had started at. Another thirty minutes later he had arrived where he had begun and saw nothing that would alert him to danger. 'Time to go collect my reward." He thought as he went to get his ryo.

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Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Mission Patrol Empty Re: Mission Patrol

Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:40 am
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