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Kuroda Momiji
Kuroda Momiji
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Patrol (Mission/Solo) Empty Patrol (Mission/Solo)

Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:03 am
Mission Name: Patrol
Type: Scouting
Character Requirements: N/A
Mission Location: Village Gates, Tengakure.
Word Count Requirements: 300
Repeatable? Yes.
Reward: 450

Scout around the village to make sure the area is secure. If anyone who doesn't seem to be an ally is seen, report it to higher ranking shinobi.

Kuroda walked around the edge of the village with his hands behind his head. This was easy! All he had to do was patrol the perimeter. No fighting, no need to deliver anything, he just needed to patrol and watch for anyone suspicious. His large sealing scroll bounced against his back as he walked casually around the walls of the village. Really, Tengakure was well hidden enough to be inaccessible to most, and being in the mountains it was nice and cool, which was perfect for Kuroda's liking.

He stretched, smiling, which was unusual for him, but, as there was no one around, and he was in such a good mood, there was no reason not to smile. He carefully looked into the rocks that lined the mountain range around the village. He didn't see anyone, and if there was someone there he would see them, so, he kept on moving. "There aint no rest for the wicked~" He was mutter the lyrics of a song he enjoyed in order to pass the time, because even though the job was easy, the time passed painfully slow. He continued to walk, humming from time to time, and stopped frequently to scout the area, but over and over again he saw no one, there simply weren't any intruders thank god.

It took about an hour to get around the entire circumference of the village wall, the only reason it took so long was because Kuroda stopped for two or three minutes to do thorough searches or to do a bit of rock climbing. Yeah, the climbing wasn't part of the job, but he needed to keep himself interested after the initial enthusiasm wore off. At last, he arrived back where he had started, at the village gates, and, humming once more, he headed back in to the citythat he called home, ready to report in that he had found absolutely nothing. It had been boring, but the pay was good and the inconvenience was minimal. So it had been worth it.


Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Patrol (Mission/Solo) Empty Re: Patrol (Mission/Solo)

Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:05 am
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