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Daemon Yuki
Daemon Yuki
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Solo Chakra Training. [PNKIO] Empty Solo Chakra Training. [PNKIO]

Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:06 am
Dawn, Daemon loved standing in his room looking at the sun as it rose into the sky he had even went downstairs early to make some coffee just so he could watch the event while drinking a cup of it. His coffee had of course gotten cold as soon as he touched it, something he would have to gain control over for coffee was the only thing he hated cold. He watched as the sun climbed higher into the sky signaling that it was time to eat. He walked downstairs and began to fry some eggs and bacon and made some toast, he would wait a few seconds for it to cool down and grabbed an orange and started to peel it leaving no white layer on it as he did so. After it was peeled Daemon pulled the pieces apart and laid them around his plate after doing so he would pour him a glass of milk and sit to begin eating. 

His stomach full of food and a couple of orange pieces left, which he popped into his mouth and eat quickly, he walked over to the sink and put the dishes in the water to soak. 'Mother can take care of those when she gets out of bed.' he thought as they hit the water. "Im headed out to do some training." he said to his mom who was still laying in the bed. Not waiting for a reply he headed out of the house and locked the door.

Daemon walked around the village for a bit before deciding to go to the plains just outside of the village. He made it to the village gates before a guard stopped and asked "And just where do you think you are going little boy?" Daemon looked at him and studied his features the guard had short black hair and stood about two feet taller than him he had blue eyes and white teeth showing that he was not a smoker he wore typical chunin attire which consisted of a chunin flack jacket and blue pants as well as a village Headband. "Im going out to do some training I hope to take my Genin exams soon after!" Daemon said showing that he had nothing on him that would note a potential missing ninja. The guard seemingly happy with the response nodded and left him alone. 

Daemon made it to the plains in little time after leaving the village gates. He looked around him to see what was there that he could practice with, seeing a few logs some flowers and a lot of pebbles he smiled and knew what he could do but first he would practice some basics. He formed the hand seals that would be needed and concentrated his chakra and not long after he had made a clone of himself 'I think i may have used to much chakra, the colors are brighter than they are on me.' he thought to himself as he studied the clone before passing his hand through it and making it disappear before repeating the actions again and forming a perfect clone. 'Now thats better!' he thought as he looked over the flawless clone sitting down and watching it as it began to sit also. Daemon swiped his foot out and watched as it did the same dispelling it rather quickly in the process. He smiled as he leaned back to see what the sky held in the clouds, he saw a cloud that looked like a bunny and some others that looked like a bear the most prominent one was one that looked like a Salamander it was odd maybe it was a sign or something he thought to himself as he stood back up and began the next Jutsu. 

He brought the image of the guard up in his head how tall he was what he looked like, hair length and style along with the color, and performed the Transformation jutsu and in a cloud of smoke and an audible poof he changed, he felt as he seemed to grow taller broader and muscular even though he strength had not changed a bit from just a moment ago. He smiled assuming it had worked but he had no way of knowing if it had or not for he did not have a mirror he decided that it didn't matter he would test it as he went home to make sure he had it down. 'Ok one thing left now.' he thought to himself as he began to gather a few things.

Daemon went and gathered some flowers along with a few small logs and a couple of rocks, the flowers he gather would be weighted down with some of the smaller logs to make it match the mass of the young Yuki clan member. He set the things down and looked into the sky and threw the rock high into the air and began to form the hand seals hoping he had done them right before the rock smacked him in the face it connected but only for a split second as he was replaced by the flower covered log and the flowers began to scatter everywhere something useful as a distraction and on that he would keep in mind if he needed to use it later on.

Daemon was satisfied with the level of his jutsu and headed back to the village, using the transformation jutsu before he got there so that he turned into the guard again and began to walk through the gates when he caught sight of the guard looking at him. A smile grew on his face, or should he say the guards face, as he got near the Real chunin and dropped the jutsu the smile still on his face. "So what do you think did i do a good job with my transformation jutsu?!?" he asked seeing the guards white face, he looked like he had seen a ghost or something. "Ill say that was scary watching me walk towards well ME!!!!" he said the color beginning to return to his face now. "Well then im ready for my exams then!! Bye!!!" Daemon said as he left the guard and headed to the academy to take his Genin Exams!

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Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Solo Chakra Training. [PNKIO] Empty Re: Solo Chakra Training. [PNKIO]

Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:18 am
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