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Ryou Hyugi
Ryou Hyugi
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Attempting to Return to Tengakure. Empty Attempting to Return to Tengakure.

Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:04 pm
Atsui walked up to the village gates of Tengakure. He currently was waiting by the gates, and waiting for someone official looking to come by and grant Atsui access back into Tengakure, since he had left. Since he had left, Atsui had become a C ranking mission. He was returning for two reasons. One, to check up on his family, making sure they weren't caught up in the supposed attack, considering he had no idea on what would happen. Two, to avoid being killed off by Tengakure's, and, well, any village ninja. Seeing as Atsui wasn't exactly the most superior ninja, he didn't feel qualified to be capable of wandering as a missing nin. So, he would simply wait, for an ANBU member, or whoever had the authority to grant Atsui back into Tengakure.
Yasahiro Yagami
Yasahiro Yagami
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Attempting to Return to Tengakure. Empty Re: Attempting to Return to Tengakure.

Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:38 am
Shinji had, once again, successfully escaped the monotony of office work by traveling around the village. Alas, it would seem his anbu had been keep tabs on him, because as he sat on a park bench simply watching the crowds go by he was tapped on the shoulder by one of his anbu. The anbu came bearing rather irksome news: Shinji was needed at the gates. Apparently one of the shinobi that had been unaccounted for after the recent attack scare. Naturally the duty fell to Shinji to reassess each shinobi that came back. Earlier he had had to kill a particularly bad shinobi who had gone wild when the attack happened. Hopefully this shinobi would be different.

In heartbeat Shinji was at the gates he wore all his normal attire, but for the most part it was covered up by his Tenkage cloak and hat. Walking towards the boy that the anbu had indicted Shinji shrugged internally and approached him. Once he got to be three meters away from the boy Shinji spoke up, "State your name and business." Shinji was not in a mood to mess about. He wanted to be in and out. Hopefully he would still have time to wander the village afterwards.
Ryou Hyugi
Ryou Hyugi
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Attempting to Return to Tengakure. Empty Re: Attempting to Return to Tengakure.

Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:49 pm
'State your name and business.' Atsui heard, this sparking his bored attention, an official having stopped by so quickly? It was rather fast, thankfully, now he could simply go back in to Tengakure and enjoy himself, perhaps checking up on his family before anything. "Uzumaki, Atsui. A hopefully soon to be EX C ranking Nuke-nin.." He said to the man, who was wearing a hat and cloak. "My business?.. I'm simply attempting to return to Tengakure." He said. "So.. may I?" He asked, assuming this man could even grant him permission to become once again a shinobi of Tengakure.
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