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Naoki Gekou
Naoki Gekou
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Mastering the Singing Blade (P, Solo) Empty Mastering the Singing Blade (P, Solo)

Wed May 15, 2013 9:00 am
The doors slowly opened making a creaking sound and Yozora entered her house. It was late, well actually it was an early morning, just before dawn, but it was late to her because she had spent the whole night on an ANBU mission and she got back only now. All tired. Normally she would fall into her bed without a second thought and sleep until dusk, but this time wad different. On the mission she had an idea for a new fighting style. The one she was perfecting for some time now - the Singing Blade. She had become able to produce more potent Genjutsu, but it was far from complete. And today she figured out how to increase its power the longer she used the style. But she needed to practice it. And for that she needed to bear without sleeping a bit more. Dropping most of her gear on the floor in her house Yozora only took her cloak and two of her blades with her and left again. She made her way through the sleeping village, hardly any people on the streets, only some drunk folks or people who knew what they were doing. Silently like a shadow Yozora moved through the streets not drawing any attention to her until she reached the gates. She would nod to ever vigilant guards and leave through the gates into the plains where she intended to have a dancing under the stars session. A bit farther from the village, where no eye could see her, she unsheathed her two blades. Looking at the sharp edges, she compared the weapons. One was called Shigure, she had found it in a market, the sword had an impressive story, which was most likely not true, but the blade was good, much better then regular weaponry, which is why she bought it. On the other hand she had her family's heirloom, a blade left to her by her parents. Nobody ever explained to her about this blade, it seemed decent and mysterious at the same time. Yozora changed angle of the Shigure's blade a bit and saw a reflection of moon on it. In a moment her chakra began to pour into the two weapons. She would then slowly swing Shigure in the air, making the blade vibrate and chime, with a swift swing it was joined by the Shinkou blade, both blades singing in unison. And then she would begin her dance, the song giving her the rhythm and her moves giving life to the song. A song of night, of beauty, of adventures. A hymn of the darkness, prayer to the stars and praise of the old ones. Her body flowed and the blades followed, or maybe it was the blades dancing and her body making sure the figures worked out. The dance was eternal, never ending, majestic and graceful. And the song was varying, sometimes glorious, sometimes dreadful, sometimes calm and sometimes scary. But as the dance continued, so did the melody. It continued until the first light. What came after that was never remembered.

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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Mastering the Singing Blade (P, Solo) Empty Re: Mastering the Singing Blade (P, Solo)

Wed May 15, 2013 9:01 am
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