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Hikari Hyuuga
Hikari Hyuuga
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Mastering a Few Jutsu~ (Solo) Empty Mastering a Few Jutsu~ (Solo)

Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:13 am
The sun shone radiantly through her window as the snowy haired kunoichi began preparing for her day of training. Instead of learning new jutsu she was focusing her time on refining her skills on her older techniques, hoping to master them. Hikari had a big day planned ahead of her, one that would potentially go until evening if she fit in everything she had scheduled. She left her house in the Hyuuga District and made her journey to her first stop of the day: the Konoha Hospital. Kuro, her closest friend and familiar wolf, walked alongside her as they basked in the sun’s warm, enjoying the comforts the bright orb had to offer as it continued to rise higher in the sky.

The duo made it to the hospital in no time and were greeted by friendly faces of the usual medical-nin working their shifts. Hikari frequently visited the hospital so she knew all of the staff working it, which only made sense because the Hyuuga wanted to become the best medical-nin the shinobi world had ever seen, just like her mother.

“May I please use the practice room for a little while, Miss Haruka?” Hikari politely asked the lady, a slender brunette, at the front desk. Haruka nodded her head, a big grin on her face, and replied with a simple “Of course you can, Hikari!”. With the given approval, they made their way down the narrow hallway until they reached a door on their left with a placecard labeled ‘Practice Room’ on the wall next to it. The room beyond the door was filled with fish tanks, tables, and an array of books lined up in bookshelves to either side of the spacious room. This is where they took all the trainees to practice basic medical ninjutsu on the fisht before they practiced on humans.

Hikari walked over to the table in the center, made the boar, rat, and snake hand signs, then began focusing her chakra into her hands, reminiscing at the oh-so-familiar blue-green hue they emitted, as Kuro fetched one of the many fish from the pond, piercing their skin with his canines. Those would be the wounds Hikari would heal, as it was much easier for Kuro to puncture the fish than for her to slice open the fish, although her healing abilities would be just the same due to have razor sharp and elongated Kuro’s fangs were. Kuro laid the flopping fish down onto the table, pulling his bloodied muzzle away to give her room to work. Hikari gently placed her glowing hands on both sides of the fish, as Kuro’s fangs had pierced through the tiny fish with ease, making sure to cover both the holes on each side.

After a few moments of her guiding her chakra to amend the broken skin, the fish’s body was whole again and she gently placed it back into the water before it suffocated due to lack of water. Not a moment later Kuro placed another fish on her table, this one’s skin having been torn by his fangs to simulate a larger wound. With her hands still full of her chakra, she focused them on the battered skin of the fish, using her chakra to connect and repair the dislodged flesh of the fish. This time it took a minute before she was able to place the fish back into water, as the injury was greater than the first. Hikari repeated this process several times, each time increasing the severity of the injury to simulate how an injury in the shinobi world might be like. Of course she could only heal broken skin with her level 1 basic medical ninjutsu, she could master how fast she was able to mend the skin, which would be quite useful during combat.

Her next task in the practice room was to use her lightning element to bring the dead back to life! Sort of. She was practicing the lower ranked, but still useful out in the field jutsu, known as Lightning Style: Shock Paddles. To perform this technique, Hikari had Kuro help her put the fish into a cardiac arrest state before she focused her lightning chakra into her palms, clapped them together thus causing them to faintly glow yellow, and thrusted her palms forward, onto the fish.

The fish shook slightly but remained in their induced state, not reviving to a normal heartbeat. Hikari was at first confused before she glanced down at her hands, realizing that her left hand had hit both the fish and the table below. This negated the jutsu. “I’ll have to make sure my hands are properly on the patient, otherwise this waste of time could mean the difference between life and death on the battlefield.” she spoke aloud to Kuro as she attempted the jutsu again, clapping her hands together to charge her lightning before sticking them down onto the fish, this time with both of her palms touching the fish. As the lightning coursed through its tiny body, the electricity surged and brought the fish out of its cardiac arrest state. As it began flopping sporadically on the table, gasping for water, she slipped the fish back into the tank of water beside her. Hikari continued this process for several more fish, each time becoming quicker at reacting to them with each attempt at the jutsu. By the fifth fish she had learned the jutsu to the best of her abilities, at least on fish, but she trusted her skills would be just the same on a human being.

“Alright, time for us to head to our next spot. Then we can reward ourselves with some lunch. How does that sound buddy?” She smiled sweetly down at Kuro who wagged his tail and nodded his head in approval. Biting all these fish made the predatory hungry, but he would not indulge himself until they were finished with the first half of their training. The two cleaned up any mess they made from carrying the fish around the area before they exited the room, traveling down the same hallway they used to enter.

“Bye, Miss Haruka!” Hikari happily called out as they passed the front desk, gaining a wave and a chirpy “Bye Hikari sweety! Come visit us again anytime!” from Haruka.

With the hospital behind them, they passed through the bustling streets of the village. The sun was beginning to beat at their back’s, a sign it was almost eleven a.m. Their next destination was the training grounds, where Hikari was going to master a second jutsu of hers (as the previous jutsu was being learnt not mastered). This was the infamous Genjutsu Release jutsu, and one any shinobi should think about mastering. This jutsu made it easy for them to escape most genjutsu, and escaping a trap of illusions is necessary if one wanted to survive in this world.

Very few ninja were out training as the Hyuuga entered the grassy side of the training grounds. In the distance she would see beaten and battered practice dummies, alongside a few craters in the earth from someone’s jutsu. It was quite normal to see earth missing or cracked in this area, as it was a sign the shinobi were using the grounds as they were made to be used for: bettering the skills and knowledge of Konohagakure’s shinobi force.

She found a nearby tree and placed her belongings underneath it, allowing the luscious green leaves to protect her things from the harsh sunlight. Then she herself walked a few feet away before stopping and closing her eyes, concentrating on her surroundings. As a slight wind blew by she inhaled and exhaled rhythmically, her ears tuning in to the sounds around her. In the far off distance she could hear birds chirping, singing their lovely melodies to anyone who cared to offer an ear, and she could hear the loud shouts of children playing in the playground near the academy, enjoying their summer days as carefree children should. They didn’t have a single worry in the world, their only concern was to be home by dinner time least they wanted scolding from their mother’s or father’s.

Hikari slowly peeled her eyes open, revealing her lilac irises to the world around her once more. She felt serene, at peace. Although this had nothing to do with her training, she enjoyed taking a few moments to enjoy the smaller things in life. If she didn’t she would surely miss out, living a
dreary, dull life full of nothing but work, work, and more work. Hikari was too full of life, eccentric, to allow herself to fall into such a category as lifeless.

Raising her right hand into the tiger sign, she willed her chakra to irregulate its flow, simulating what she would need to do if she were caught under a genjutsu. With a rapid chakra flow, whoever held control over her chakra flow would be forced to release her (as long as her chakra was stronger than their genjutsu). Hikari could feel her chakra, passing through her chakra network, as swift as a coursing river, with the force of a great typhoon, and with the strength of a raging fire. She was acquainted with this sense of feeling from the first time she learned the jutsu. However, it still amazed the Hyuuga that all one needed to do was just fluctuate their chakra flow to escape most genjutsu. It seemed like such an easy way to escape any trick of the mind, but she knew it was one of the most effective ways to escape genjutsu. Otherwise why would so many shinobi learn it, and why else would it be a known jutsu in all of the ninjutsu books.

Drawing herself out of her mindless ramblings, she glanced around to see if any new arrivals had come. There were still none in sight. So she calmed her chakra flow, waited a minute afterwards to reaffirm that her chakra was flowing regularly, then she focused on making her chakra flow faster, disrupting the flow once again. It took a little less time for her to increase the speed of her chakra flow to disrupt her. Hikari continued this pattern for four more attempts, each time quickening her reaction time. On her fifth attempt she decided to drop her arm, releasing the hand sign along with it. Hikari felt confident enough in her abilities to try the Genjutsu Release technique without the tiger sign.

Taking a deep breath in, filling her lungs with oxygen, she exhaled and fought her chakra flow, accelerating it slow at first but it soon gained momentum, flowing as quick as her other attempts had. Her eyes widened in surprise as she was able to perform the jutsu without any hand signs, albeit after a rocky start. Just to be sure it was not a fluke, Hikari attempted it once more, doing exactly the name thing as before. Her chakra network ran wild inside her body as she willed it to, causing a ruckus and wreaking havoc from within. After about thirty seconds she steadily breathed in and out as her chakra flow returned to a normal rate, harmony returning to her body as it settled.

The petite girl turned around excitedly, a grin spread across her visage full of glee. Her excitement laced her voice as she happily ran over to her best friend, enveloping the wolf in a big embrace. “Kuro! I did it! I can use Genjutsu Release without handsigns now!” With how excited and childish she was acting, it was hard to believe she was a twenty year old Chuunin.

Kuro indulged her joy, allowing her to squeeze him to death. He was ecstatic for her, just more reserved than she to show his enthusiasm. It took her a minute to recompose herself, releasing her grasp on the wolf and standing up.

“Well, now that our first portion of training for the day is done with, how about some lunch?” She knew without even looking that Kuro’s crimson eyes would be sparkling at the mention of food. Ever since this morning after the fish she knew he had been craving some meat to eat. Hikari picked up her bag and casually walked back through the training grounds, exiting back at the busy streets of the village. They began their journey to find a restaurant that satiated their hunger, walking down the aisles of restaurants until they found a delectable smell wading from a steak stall. The perfect place for the Hyuuga and her starving wolf.

(TWC: 2,100)(Claiming Mastery of no hand seals and lower ap cost for both Basic Medical Ninjutsu Level 1 & Genjutsu Release; also claiming Lightning Style: Shock Paddles learned; and claiming 600 words towards Eight Trigrams: Mountain Crusher (total now is 2626/4000). Lastly, claiming 20 ap)
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Mastering a Few Jutsu~ (Solo) Empty Re: Mastering a Few Jutsu~ (Solo)

Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:56 am
Okay just so you know when you master a jutsu you choose either no hand seals OR lower ap cost unless you master it twice. You can only Master two Justus per rank. So you're choosing to master two separate E ranks so before I can approve this you need to specify what you want to do for each. No hand seals or lower ap cost.
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Mastering a Few Jutsu~ (Solo) Empty Re: Mastering a Few Jutsu~ (Solo)

Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:54 am
Okay I was a dumb, that was my bad.

You are approved for all claims sorry for the mistake and any confusion I may have caused
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