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Mezurashii's Genin Exam Empty Mezurashii's Genin Exam

Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:15 am
Mezurashii took a deep breath as she walked down the near empty street of Konoha towards the Academy, chills ran up and down her spine in nervous jitters. She looked up at the building she was inching closer to, each step she took sounded like a death march as an evil aura emitted around the building.

The redhead glared at the sliding door in front of her, she didn't know why but she felt like the devil hid behind this door. Shaking her head at the silly thought she slid the door open... and stared.

The brats from her most recent class were sitting proudly at the front, and the room was almost filled to the brim.

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'Sometimes, I hate it when I'm right' Mezurashii thought bitterly as she retreated to the back of the class, she couldn't help but grin when the three brats flinched as she passed.

Time ticked by slowly as the students waited, making them nervous and fidget and pace. She couldn't help but agree with them. She longed to run, to feel the wind, to hear it sing in her ears as she sped through the forest canopy. Mezurashii shook her head of those thoughts, she needed to focus!

Finally, the door slid open slowly and Mezurashii held in her chuckles at the over dramatic actions and responses, for instance. Door slides open, occupants of room take deep breath and still as foreboding floods the vicinity. Everyone gasps and mummers in awe and fear as the proctor walks in, using just a smidge of killing intent to mess with the students.

The redhead put her head on the desk as her body shook with silent laughter, it was so cliche that it was almost painful! She had seen this happen on so many movies it was so unfunny it was actually funny!

She sucked in a breath and reeled herself in, this was serious. Serious. Serious. Oh, who was she kidding? The three brats were shaking like leaves, probably because they were closest and therefor at the most forefront of the intent and she was at the back and it barely reached her.

The supervisor was a tall, stout, man who looked none-too-kind at all. That made her sober up, this guy wouldn't be a pushover teacher. He was a battle hardened ninja, and if you didn't reach his standards he would say so and kick you out the window along with your ninja career... hopefully that was all figurative.

Eventually he spoke "I will be your supervisor for your genin exam, now I'm supposed to congratulate you on coming this far but until you wear this headband" he pointed to his ninja emblem "you haven't done shit" he announced and some of the kids actually gasped at his language like it was taboo. It was then Mezurashii knew less than half these kids were going to pass, if they acted like that.

"I will call your names one at a time, you will come up to the front and perform what I tell you to, if I deem it up to standard then you will move onto the adjacent room, if not then I will tell you to leave. One complaint then I'm throwing out the window" he added when some kids raised their hands or opened their mouths.

'This can only end so many ways' Mezurashii thought as the first kid was called up, he was shaking as he walked and the redhead was half surprised when the proctor didn't fail the kid right then and there, but that was just her.

Eventually the leader of the brats was called up, and she got comfortable, and was told to do two of the three Academy basics. When they failed to create a clone that reached standard scrutiny they were told to leave, and thus a quick and comically anticlimactic fight ensued in which the brat was literally thrown out the window, one kid was kind enough to open the window before the brat went flying.

"That's gotta hurt" she muttered as she watched the brat fall out of view, their was a distant cry of 'my cabbages!' but that was mostly ignored as they looked at the proctor.

"Right, who's next... Mezurashii? What kind of name is that?" he asked allowed and the redhead stood up, shoulders squared and back straight.

"My name, sir" she responded confidently and everyone turned to her in surprise, why? Not quiet sure on that one. Mezurashii walked down the steps slowly, her heart pounding in her ears loudly. Adding to the aura of impending doom.

"Right, clone technique" he muttered, leaning against the desk in an impatient manner. Mezurashii nodded before looking forward, scanning the crowd she noted that she seemed to be the only one her age and they looked like they expected her to fail. After all if a sixteen year old is still a student they couldn't pose much of a threat right? Other such negative thoughts swam around her mind until the redhead took a deep breath.

Calm of Thoughts. Ruler of Actions. Light of Domains.

Her hands flew through the signs easily as she muttered "clone" in a whisper that only she and the proctor heard, and two clones poofed into existence behind her. They were just illusions but it was easily enough to pass basic scrutiny, the proctor nodded to himself and scribbled something down on his clipboard.

"Alright, transformation technique" he said next and instead of dispelling her clones they stayed. All three sifted through the hand signs smoothly and they all turned into different people, one was Itami and one was Nakara while the third was her papa: a tall brown haired man with a lithe form but still had enough muscle to make any thug think twice and thrice before fighting him.

"So your Brownies kid then?" he muttered in a not-surprised manner. Obviously no one heard his comment besides the clones and Mezurashii herself, smoke puffed into existence as she dispelled her jutsu's. Grinning happily at her successful execution of the basics, in her proctors eyes.

"To the next room" he muttered and the goggle wearing girl nodded, moving to the next room in hopes of finally getting her headband.
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Mezurashii's Genin Exam Empty Re: Mezurashii's Genin Exam

Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:15 pm
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