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Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:40 am
The sun was out for now as the village hidden in the clouds seem to have a day of peace for themselves. This was the village where the clouds was so close you could touch them it was actually a beautiful village above all else. People were talking among each other of the village it was midafternoon at best at the time. Approaching the gates was Mina and Shiro as they walked side by side. Mina hand covering over her mouth as she yawned she haven't been back in the village for awhile ever since Kirigakure destruction neither has she seen her father. She had blond har which was in a ponytail over her shoulder,over her right eye was a designed eye patch as around her neck was a choker with few strands extracting from it. Her left ear was haboring three pierces two on top of her ear and one on the lobe of her ear. She had a black shirt on as ontop of that was the long leather jacket she wore which went pass her ass. She wore black jeans along with a black belt wrapped around her waist. She wore black shoes to complete her attire but that wasnt the strangest thing about her appearence.

As she stood there her arms spread apart as she streched Mina would look at Shiro who was one who served her. Shiro was a innocent looking fifteen year old she looked as she knew no better but that was all just a silly act. As Mina walked to the gates the Anbu at the gates would see the Headband of kumogakure on Minas belt as the open gates were well open.she would gentle smile as she walked through the gates waving her right hand gently as strapped on her back in a cloth was her blade Reiki the legendary cursed Nodachi. She would put her hands into her pockets as she would be walking with Shiro right behind her."Shiro this is of the big five nations alot of lightning release users were born here"she spoke as she made her way through the crowd to the Raikage building in the center of the village. Her target was in her father office now she just needed a way in that's all. Well it wasn't everyday you had to sneak into a Kages office. She would take a quick turn between a few buildings as she made her way to the mansion through the back way. Shiro was right behind her as she was moving inching closer and closer to the building. She would come to a halt placing her hand on the building she was behind."So it's on tight sercurity"she would say as she did a few seals.

With the movement to tell Shiro to stay put Mina body would phase as she moved from that point in a instant using her superior speed. That movement would leave a afterimage at that point as she would be at the next point in no time. Right in the shadow of the building her father office was. This would help her get past the tight security of the office,Well the outside security anyway. Her back would be press against the wall as her breathe was short and sweet not making a sound trying not to alert anyone of her actions. The earth below was clear no rocks or pebbles near by as she remained in the shadows staying hidden within. As she place her hand up the wall focusing chakra to it as she scaled the wall silently her knees bent as both of her feet was on the wall as she climbed upwards until coming to the point she was right above the office still in the shadow of the building. Lifting her hands off the building as she did a seal and blew a mist from her mouth melting the building side enough for her to slip her slim body through without being noticed.

Entering the office she would walk to her fathers desk as she would open each draw in the desk she could find."Ok old man....where would you put what i need from you"she would think to herself as she looked around. Walking to the furthers side of the room where it look stuff was just thrown."He really need a woman .....i mean this is like a pigs Den"she said to herself lifting up a empty bottle of Jack Daniels placing it silently to the side getting off the folder on the table. She would grasp the file as she walked to her fathers desk sitting down in the chair as she placed her legs on it crossing them as she did so. Villages files were the best to read when you sneak into your father office and not get caught but she couldnt be here for long wouldnt be long till someone realize the melted hole on the side. She would stuff the files into her bra taking a bottle of jack daniels. With a few seals her body was gone and out of the office in instanteous speeds hopefully her daddy wouldnt be to upset.

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