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Primrose Uchiha
Primrose Uchiha
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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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Wind Training for Prim (P/Closed) Empty Wind Training for Prim (P/Closed)

Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:29 pm
Prim had been reading books with her best friend Nightshade . Books about the element of wind. Prim was very intrigued at the fact that wind was such an amazing element. "I know I have fire and lightning, but I would love to learn wind." She said as she continued to read books. Throughout her time as a Shinobi, Prim had always known the only way to learn anything was practice and not give up. That is how she learned how to use the element of lightning. Fire came natural to her as it was the element of her clan and the chakra she was born with. She still had to perfect using fire, and it did take quite sometime to master it.

As Prim continued to flip through the books she found some very useful information to take to the training field with her:

" It is performed by making chakra as sharp and thin as possible. Wind Release is mainly short to mid-ranged offensive techniques that combine brute force and keen precision to deal cutting and slashing damage."

She read before she looked up from the book. "So I have to make my chakra thin and make it sharp. Can be to hard to manipulate it, I was able to make it unpredictable so I could use lightning." She thought to herself before she looked back down at the book to read up on more information.

"wind techniques are usually performed by generating air circulation and can be enhanced through this method as well."

Prim shut the book after she read this part and began to think. Could she pull of learning the element of wind? Would it require as much effort as learning the element of lightning? Prim wondered as she picked up another book in their book stack. With all the informational books littering the floor, someone might think they were school students. Prim giggled at the thought as she opened another book. These books were all old and dusty but they were very useful. What she had read in them about the element of fire and lightning was true, and she had used that information with previous training. Even though Prim had people help her with training with elements before she didn't want it this time. She wanted to be able to learn on her own to prove she could master an element without help. After all she had mastered Genjutsu without anyone training her.

"I am off to the training field." Prim said as she began to go out the front door. This time she would be going alone like she did the night when she mastered Genjutsu. As she stepped out the door she noticed the slight over cast of gray and purple clouds in the sky. A slight wind blew across the village blowing the foilage with it making the streets littered with bright leaves. The leaf village was always beautiful due to the massive trees causing the foilage and the weather causing the leaves to either fall off, be blown off or change colors. Todays weather may actually help Prim in her training to learn the wind element.

As she walked to the training field she could feel the wind blowing through her long raven black hair.Feeling it against her skin she realized what a natural pleasant element it can be. Pleasant and powerful is a good thing. As she looked up she noticed how the wind seemed to blow through the trees shaking them causing the leaves to fly off. It was a very aggressive element as well. Some of the leaves had holes in them, which were obviously caused by the wind. Learning wind was going to be a long process, but Prim was definitely up for the challenge.

Entering the training grounds, Prim began to relax. She watched the wind blow the clouds across the sky. Closing her eyes she began to picture the clouds swirling above her. In her mind she was the wind. She was blowing the clouds around in all different directions. The clouds were off white, blueish, purple,and three different colors of gray. As she swirled around she caused the clouds to form a tornado. She began to think about how dangerous a tornado is and how powerful it is. "That is the power of wind." She said to herself as she opened her eyes feeling the chakra built up in her."Maybe I should try some wind jutsus." Prim thought as she took a deep breathe looking around her.

She noticed the wind was picking up again, and as she stood in front of the trees she felt like she was a part of nature. One of the wind jutsus that Prim had read up on was, Wind Release: Air Bullets. She had decided this was the perfect one to start learning with. Feeling the wind blowing around her and through her hair, she felt like she was going into a trance of some sort. She began to focus on a large boulder a few feet away from her. She slowly began to do hands signs as she attempted to manipulate her chakra. The chakra had just engulfed her and it felt different from her normal chakra. It was a start, after all if you can't manipulate your chakra can you really do the jutsu? No, not possible. Even though it was different from her regular chakra, it was still to thick and rounded out. She needed thin and sharp! Prim began to try to re-focus and re-shape her chakra again. This time it was sharp but still to thick, thinner than before but still to thick to be wind chakra. Sighing she tried to manipulate her chakra again. Now it was thin, but rounding out again. Growling Prim decided to sit down and take a break. why wasn't this working? She had a few problems trying to do lightning chakra, but for some reason it was easier for her to do lightning than it was for her to do wind. Whatever it was, she wasn't going to give up, she just needed a break to clear her mind.

After a very breif break Prim stood back up to continue her practice. No doubt in her mind that she was going to learn wind. She began to once again focus her chakra. This time she had a better envisionment of it in her mind, she could see and feel it this time, her chakara was forming correctly. She breathed a sigh of relief as she smiled not losing focus on her chakra.

"Its about time!" Prim said feeling frustrated. She could see her chakra starting to thin out and it began to sharpen instead of rounding. " Good it looks like we finally got that part out of the way! Took long enough!" She said as she stopped building it. "Now let's try this again." She said as she began to focus and buld it again. This time, it built itself back up fairly quickly as it formed thin and sharpened without her having to force it like last time. "Not bad." She said smirking and proud of herself. She released her chakra once again to give herself another small break. At least she was learning at a quicker rate than before. Maybe she would be able to actually perform a couple of jutsus after this training session.

Prim began building energy again. Sharpness and how thin it was. Thin yet unbreakable! And sharp like the wind when it causes wind burn on your face. "No wonder this chakra is so rare." Prim thought to herself. It wasn't extremely difficult to learn, just a little different from lightning. At least she wasn't ending up injured all the time like she was when she learned lightning chakra, and since she was alone training for it, she did not have to worry to much about being embarrassed while learning either! Learning lighting was definitely more of a headache, struggle and embarrassment.

When she started training before, she had help from Vretiel. And he worked hard on training her. They worked several times together and Prim just never learned when to stop. She pushed herself over and over and over again. Eventually it became very dangerous and he had to knock her out. Being the nice person he was he rushed her to the hospital so she could receive medical attention. Prim still vividly remembered the monkey, but she also remembered the kindness Vretiel had shown her. He was going to teach her, and he did a couple of times until Prim felt like giving up. Then when the training led to a spar against Ayama Yukiko, she was even more embarrassed. As usual more was expected of Primrose because of her connection to Viper Uchiha, the Hokage. Prim had lost the spar to Ayama because of her lack of thinking and cockiness.These two things were common and always seem to cause her problems for her. Luckily, Prim had been talking to her best friend Nightshade Arashi. Nightshades first reaction,"Why didn't you just ask me? You know I am a lightning user!" So, Prim and Nightshade went to the training grounds, and with her patience, and Prims previous training, after a whole day of training, Prim had learned Lightning. It wasn't going to be like thta again. Prim was determined to master wind on her own in one day. She had researched the training, done studying and now, she had gotten down the chakra! "It's time to try some jutsus!" Prim proudly proclaimed feeling the wind chakra moving though her body. The memories she had been playing through her head, they seemed to add to her determination and she could feel the chakra as though it were growing stronger around her body. The power she felt from this, it was amazing, like it was so natural to her. Prim smirk widened, the things she could accomplish with three elemental chakras and her Mangekyou Sharingan! Maybe she could do more and be a better fighter! Prim had decided to do the original jutsu she had had planned to start with, wind bullets. How hard could it be to create wind bullets? Chakra was definitely the most important characteristic to master before doing any jutsu, jutsus should be easy after chakra. Walking towards the middle of the field she looked around for a target.

As the chakra flowed through her body and engulfed her entire being, Prim stared at her target. A very large tree! It was a Pine tree, one Prim believed she used in her training with weapons. She held her hands to her midsection as she focused her energy. After four hand signs she held her hands up aiming her chakra at the tree. With intent focus shot shot out several small bullets of wind hoping they would hit the tree. They did, but apparently she did not try hard enough, the bullets barely scratched the surface of the tree. Sighing Prim turned on her eyes. It was going to be limited use of them because Mangekyou Sharingan can cause blindness. The use she was going to have of them at this point was to clock her speed and see if she was doing her chakra correctly. She was in fact engulfed in a bue colored chakra with a red tint. It felt sharp and looked rounded, maybe the jutsu was a little tougher than Prim intended. She was still determined that she would master the jutsu, maybe she needed to focus harder and more intently. Win is difficult to master, but she would have it mastered, she was too determined to quit.

Prim looked up back at the tree, her chakra was suddenly flowing and swirling as wildly as a tornado. She pulled her hands up again, began to do the hand signs and then aimed her palms at the tree again and with extreme focus stared at the tree as she shot the wind bullets out again. The speed she produced was more than her eyes could count, but the tree had to have some damage to it by now! She let her chakra drop for a second and her eyes were turned off as she walked over to check the tree. Finally she saw a few holes in the tre. She walked behind it and saw even larger holes where the bullets blasted a hole straight through the tree. Exit holes were larger than the entrance holes. "Good work me." Prim smirked. "Looks Like I am getting the hang of this element now after all." Prim said to herself.

Since becoming a Jounin she had mastered Genjutsu as well. But she had always enjoyed learning new elements and watching others use them. This new development was something special for Primrose, something she felt she had to learn. Viper had always pushed Prim since he found out she had not yet become a Genin at 17. He had done so much as a kid himself that Prim honestly felt intimidated, So with his pushing her to be her best and her own determination, Prim knew she had to do it! And now here she was. Out training on her own. Learning elements and training with jutsus. Honestly she knew she had it in her, she just had to be pushed to do her best. Looks like Viper was the one person who would drive her to be the best.

Prim looked up at the storm over head as she decided to take another break. She thought about all the elemental training she had. Her first trainer she had ended up dating, maybe one of the few decent men she had in her life. Navi Yamaki. She could remember him as though it was yesterday. He had seen her on the training field and began to train her. He was just a Jounin, the level she was currently at now. But he ended up training her. He ended up also being her protector and boyfriend. At this thought the rain began to come down heavily. He thoughts then drifted to a different topic. "Maybe I should have trained in the element of water." She giggled. Prim adored the rain and always had. It seemed to always match her mood, no matter how sad or happy she was the weather tended to match. It helped her sleep at night to. As she stared up at the rain she thought about all the sticky situations, Navi and Viper and even Echo had pulled her out of. She realized that no matter what she may do, nothing can ever repay them for everything they had done for her. All she could do was try to get stronger to make them proud.

Her thoughts drifted back to Vretiel, Ayama, Nightshade and even Samaruo. She had developed relationships with so many people, even with Taro, who had taught her that love can happen when you least expect it. Which technically is what happened with Arashi to. When she met Arashi she saw something she had never seen before, Chakra Chains and even saw the technique of Fuinjutsu! So many things Prim had to learn and look forward to. Now that she things about it, Echo is a wind user, she had heard him mention it once or twice.

Prim decided one more time to make sure she had this element mastered. She stood up in the storm, with the wind blowing the rain against he. She turned back on her eyes and let the chakra of wind engulf her body. Prim left her eyes off this time. She had to be able to do this without the eyes on, otherwise she would definitely go blind! She could fell the warmth of the chakra and she even swore she could feel how large her chakra was, it was almost as though she were part of the storm. She could feel the rain wrapping around her and the wind. She pulled her hands up in front of her and like with the last time she focused intently on the tree. she made the hand signs almost robot like , kind of like she was use to doing with lightning and fire! She held her palms out and fired the air bullets this time shredding a portion of the tree causing it to fall over. She let the chakra fade and stood in awe of her achievement! A smirk spread across her face as she stood in wonder in the storm. She leaned her head back and laughed. "Finally! I did it!" Prim said cheering! She was overjoyed at her achievement that day.

She was walked back over to the tree and sat down to rest. She had earned it that day after all. Doing training to this extent is tiring. Her determination and sheer will had helped her through this day and through this training session. He desire to not give up is what helped her to learn the element of wind. Now another door opened for Prim and more possibilities. Now, Prim being an Uchiha has a lot to do with how much she achieves, she does have a bit of an ego, but Uchihas are very fast learners and never quit. Prim was definitely a fighter, and this training session proved that.

Prim noticed that the clouds in the sky were slightly thinning but the storm itself showed no signs of stopping. She put her cloak back on over her already soaked framed and put her weapons pouch back on as she decided to head back home. Maybe Viper or Akina were home and she would have someone to grab a bite to eat with. As much chakra and stamina she had used, she was literally exhausted and reay to just go home and relax. If family wasn't home she would head over to Night and Sam's place, she was sure they would not mind if Prim came over to relax. They usually enjoyed her company. With these thoughts, Prim left the training field, satisfied.

(words: 3005)
(Wind training complete)
(+15 stats and +30JP)

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Wind Training for Prim (P/Closed) Empty Re: Wind Training for Prim (P/Closed)

Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:59 am
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