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Missions(P)(D) Empty Missions(P)(D)

Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:10 am
Subject: Re: Maki Missions List Today at 11:03 am

Mission Name:Delivery

Task:Deliver supplies to the village black smith shop there in need of tools to create weapons for the village. Be quick about its only open for a little while.


Name: Patrol
Rank: D
Type: Scouting
Character Requirements: None
Word Count Requirements: 300
Repeatable? Yes
Reward: 450 ryo

Task: Scout around the village to make sure the
area is secure. If anyone who doesn't seem to be an ally is seen, report it to
higher ranking shinobi.


It had been a nice good even lately there hasnt been much commotion along the bridge of many of the villages border. But being who she was really wanted her to do something. Since Kurokon was off training she took it on herself to find herself a nice mission to do. Makina was normally use to the high ranks cause Kurokon always take her with him but this time she was stuck with a simple D rank. She just had to patrol the village whoch was boring why did she care for people who hated her family. But she end up getting dress anyway as she sighs to herself"why am i curse to live this stupid life of all things" she would say as she would leave her house hold out to the streets of tengakure. She was walking around bumping into people her way she honestly hated these people so could you really blame how she acted about this mission it wasnt the top one she liked.It was either this or her mother playing dress up the little princess which she hated even worse. She would be searching through the village as she stopped to grab dumplings her favorite. Continued to walk the streets of tengakure making sure the village was safe for now at least.

She would hop to the platform or roof above the ground to get a better look of the village from above. She really hated being locked in this village her dreams to escape this prison will be realized one day her and kurokon can escape this place and go get stronger elsewhere. Her eyes would look side to side boring as nothing ever happens in this boring ol village so it was utterly depressing over all. But she stayed with it hoping something amusing happen soon."Gawd so boring..."she complained. She would continue to be laying down as she would sigh with utter depression. She hated how the world was personally. She read books about how her grandmother ruled with a iron fist it was always something to keep her in high spirits over all so she had no excuses. She would remain laying there as she would sigh again this time a bird would come with a note attached.She would take the note to read was another mission from that village smuggler who she ran i to before. She would read the note as she woukd e ki da shocked cause the place she had to deliver the supp,ies was in the nation.

She would get up as she would strech as the bird would fly away leaving her with a new mission in mind she knew this had to be quick. So she would drop down from the roof landing as she buys her some dumplings to start it off. She would look at the sky she could tell it was nearing noon or was noon. She would walk slightly through the crowd pushing each person to the side gently just for her to get by her being a chuunin helped greatly she got resepct the old fashion way so she enjoyed that but she couldnt always be such a charm in ways ya know. She would walk in the alley way picking up the bag left by a can as she would make her way out of the alley. She felt like a smuggler helping this guy out so she couldnt really say she didnt help. She would go to the black smith shop and hand the owner the bag as he gave her the month as she turned to return to her hoouse leaving the scene.


Gnome King Zack
Gnome King Zack
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Missions(P)(D) Empty Re: Missions(P)(D)

Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:45 am
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