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Shotaro Nara
Shotaro Nara
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Hisuke's Recovery/Training [Private] Empty Hisuke's Recovery/Training [Private]

Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:04 pm
Day 1

Hisuke woke up caught in another daze. He slowly lifted his legs out of the bed and began to take slow walking steps towards the door. Today would be his first try at physical therapy. It had been almost two weeks since he was attacked by a ninja of Konohagakure. After all of this time he still could not put together why the ninja had tried to kill him. Hisuke began to walk slowly down the halls of the hospital until he was finally out of the hospital. Hisuke had been walking slowly still. Both of his legs were still in pain and the doctor told him that he might experience short spurts of pain without warning. This meant that he could be in a battle and just collapse from the pain.Hisuke sighed as he reached his destination. He was standing in an open field, the wind blowing swiftly swaying the grass and limbs of the trees. Hisuke looks up at the sky as it begins to rain. I will get my revenge on the fire nation. Hisuke thinks his mind made up. He looks up again at the sky as and activates his kekkai Genkai. His skin begins to take a paper appearance and for the first time he creates large paper wings on his back. Hisuke does not act shocked at all, he just believes that it is his ancestors rewarding him for making a wise decision. Hisuke begins to move his wings fluttering upwards towards the sky. He gets at a good distance where he can look down on the village. It appeared to be rather empty and Hisuke knew why. The time has come. A war is in the mix and only one nation will be victorious. Hisuke looks down at the Tenkage Chamber building. The victors of this war will be the sky nation. Hisuke begins to slowly flutter back down towards the ground. He walks forwards till he is in the center of the plain. Hisuke then begins to create another life form it was a small paper bird about the size of his hand. Hisuke lifts the bird in the air and watches as it flutters away. Hisuke would use the bird to protect the village. He would have the bird watch over the village monitoring it and when and if the village was attacked the bird would report to him notifying him of the actions that were taken place. Hisuke then remembers what he came out to the plains to do. He stands up his legs straight and he begins to bend his knees performing squats to strengthen his muscles for situations in the future. The pain was very little at first but as the number of squats increased so did the pain. Hisuke was attempting the last squat when a pain shot through his left knee and soon after the right one. Hisuke was more mad then he was in pain. This only fueled his anger towards the fire nation. Hisuke watched from the ground as the sun fell and the moon took its place. The crickets screamed throughout the plain as Hisuke fell asleep.

Day 2

Hisuke woke up the next day. The pain was gone for now as he stood up slowly. The day was still early and he knew that no one would be out, besides the guards of coarse. "I guess I better visit dads grave." Hisuke says as he walks headed towards the cemetery. Hisuke walks down the empty streets his guard now always up not trusting anyone, but the Tenkage whom he hoped to someday meet in the near future. Hisuke finally arrived at his fathers grave as it began to rain. "Father, You will not believe what happened to me. You know that village our clan is supposed to be from, well a member of it attacked me. Ha...he beat me pretty good actually, but what I did not like was that he tried to kill me cold bloodily. Its okay Dad I"ll gt him back and when I do...he"ll meet you." Hisuke says as he looks up from the grave. He hears thunder screech in the sky as rain begins to fall on his face. He then begins to head back to the plains his pace now a little bit quicker than before, but still not normal. Hisuke makes it back to the plains just as the sun comes up. His stomach rumbles and he remembers that he has not ate a decent meal since he left the hospital. "I guess I better go eat." He says as he turns around headed back into the village to get a meal. Hisuke enters a small shop and looks at the menu. Ironically today at the shop ninjas could eat free. Hisuke sat down in a chair and ordered himself a fried snake and a bowl of ramen. He waited in his booth and watched as a group of people entered the room. A tall kid around Hiuke's age blurts out. "Hey old man where's my food." The old man walks pass him carrying Hisuke's food in his hand. He then sits it on the table and says, "Ignore those goons, they come in all the time expecting to eat free." Hisuke looks at the man not really listening at all. The man then walks away from the booth and attempts to move pass the group of kids when one of them grabs the old man by the shoulder. "Five bowls of ramen asap." The old man shrugs him off and continues to move forwards and says over his shoulder, "You give me the ryo and you got it if not get outta here." Hisuke watched attentively, while slurping his ramen and biting into the snake. He quickly finishes and stands up. He watches as the group of kids notice him. Hisuke takes the mans advise and ignores them. One then says, "Did he pay." Pointing directly at Hisuke. "He's a ninja he does not have to today, you should be grateful that people like him are protecting you. The kids sneer at Hisuke. One of them attempts to edge closer, he places a hand on Hisuke's shoulder and says, Do you mind ordering something for us?" Hisuke feels the kid squeeze tighter, he takes this as a threat and creates a spike from his shoulder. The spike passes between the kids fingers nicjing one of them. This was a warning from Hisuke and the kid realized it. He backed away saying, "Freak." Hisuke remains calm as he raises his hand slightly over his shoulder waving at the man that cooked the food. He then exited the shop. Hisuke was on his way to the plains yet again except this time he felt that he was being followed. To assure his suspicion the bird he created lands on his shoulder and from this Hisuke learns whom is tracking him. He whispers a quiet thank you to the bird as it takes off flying back into the air to patrol the village. Hisuke feels a strong presence behind him. Under his sleeves he creates a small card hidden from view of his enemy. He then slings the card out at the person behind him. Quickly aiming for his shoulder. The person screams and falls to the ground. Hisuke looks at the kid. He recognized him as someone from the shop he had been in earlier. "Leave me be." Hisuke says looking directly into the childs eyes. "You should leave while you still can it is not safe here." Just as hisuke is about to walk away he is circled by the kids from the shop. "You think you are the best huh? Just because your a ninja that makes you no different than us." The kid says. Hisuke getting annoyed attempts to walk away. Just as he was about to a kid smaller than him in height kicked him in the leg. Hisuke fell to the ground holding his knee. It was not the kick that hurt him, but it was rather the pain from his knees acting up. Hisuke looks up at the kids around him. He is then punched in the face. Knocking him on the ground. He winces as he stands up again, not willing to back down. He does hand signs He creates a paper Kunai in his hands and slices wildly at the kids around him. He struck some but the others managed to get away unscathed. Hisuke screams into the air his voice echoing through the entire village. He watched as the birds leave the area he was in. "Dang brats." Hisuke says his jaw clenches. The day had quickly passed and Hisuke had not even began to seriously train.

Day 3

Hisuke woke up the next day and he felt no pain. He stood up in the center of the field and spread his arms wide. Soon the patrol bird he created would land on his shoulder. Hisuke had been wanting to know where the kids were that attacked him yesterday. The information the bird collected showed him that the kids were all on their way out of the village. Hisuke began to run towards the gates, although he did not notice he was running at first when he did he felt a little relieved that he was improving. Hisuke arrived at the gates and saw the gain of kids all entering a wagon. He approached them all bellowing, "You all attacked a ninja of Tengakure yesterday. Therefore you will pay the consequences. Hisuke looks at them. The kids burst into laughter. "What are you gonna do fall on the ground again?" One of them says and the others laugh. Hisuke creates a large paper airplane and it flutter to the ground beside him. The plane has a very sharp edge. As it was gleaming. Hisuke hops onto the airplane and looks at the kids realizing something. "You are not worth my time...but do know that if you do something like that in this village. I will wipe your very existence from this earth. The paper airplane then launches into the sky being carried away by the wind. The airplane lands and disperses into paper. Hisuke back in the plains begins to focus on his chakra flow. Hisuke closes his eyes and focuses of making a single card in his right hand. Easy enough it appears quickly. Hisuke then disperses it and focuses on creating another object. This time it would be a paper Katana. The katana is formed in his hand and Hisuke begins to swing it around into the air. He had never liked swords before and he figured he never would because they were so straight forward and anyone would be able to see the attacks coming Hisuke then disperses the katana after growing bored with it. He creates paper kunai and slings it forward at a tree in front of him. The kunai hits the tree directly where he had aimed at. The kunai then disperses into nothing. Hisuke looks at the sky witch is darkening again. Hisuke sighs as he sits down. There had been no pain today.

Day 4

The day before had been no pain and Hisuke was praying for something similar to that day. He woke up in the plains. He was going to practice running today, he felt that his body would be ready for that. He began to jog slowly around the plains in circles. After he had lapsed the plains ten times he began to think about something. He realized that if he was serious about the konoha thing, he would have to also be serious about fighting members in his own clan. Hisuke sent out a bird and the bird held a letter between its lips. The letter states: The time has come when our nations will fight. So to get the tough stuff out of the way. I am requesting for you to come to Tengakure, but know this if you do come expect to be fought and me. Hisuke figured that Tougame would get the letter today and would most likely come to him tomorrow. Until the Hisuke would spend his time preparing for the battle. Hisuke loved weaponry and was delighted to know that he could use his chakra to create weapons. Hisuke stood in the center of the field his hands stretched out above his head. He began to concentrate on creating a large weapon. While creating the weapon Hisuke grew tired, he was panting and sweat was dripping from his forehead. Then the time finally came when the weapon was created. Hisuke having not seen it decides to throw it. He throws it forward and it slams against the ground, causing a minor crack it then begins to move forwards, though not very fast at all. Hisuke watches as it goes up to fifty meters. Then it disperses. "Why did it do that..O well." Hisuke thinks as he attempts to make another one. His vision then begins to slowly fade and he passes out. Hisuke wakes up half an hour. Stupid I forgot that since your chakra empties you either feint or die. Hisuke thinks as he hits his fist against his head. He then realizes that he had actually did a pretty powerful technique. Hisuke stands up and tries to create the move again. Hisuke focuses again on making his chakra into a weapon. Once he does this he created the cakram again. He then throws it like a Frisbee. The disk cuts down two trees before finally stopping. Hisuke falls down to one knee panting loudly. He then falls asleep his body tired.

Final day of rehabilitation

Hisuke wakes up and he feels a tug on his sleeve. "What is it?" He says as he opens his eyes and sees his paper creation trying to get his attention. He touches it and realizes why the bird was trying to get him up. The man from his clan had received the letter and was not too far away. Hisuke stood up after hearing this. His face went blank as he began to realize that he would have to kill a member of his clan today. Hisuke still felt weak though and he knew he would for some time. Hisuke said a prayer on his knees asking his clansmen and the God to forgive him on what he was about to do and would do. Hisuke soon heard a flutter of wings and then foot steps behind him. His personality quickly changed his voice was more dry. "Tougame." He said to himself. He turned around slowly a card in his left hand hidden under his sleeve. Tougame looks at Hisuke a concerned look on his face. Why so serious?" He says as he looks at Hisuke. Hisuke responds by flinging his Kunai at the man. The man barely manages to dodge it, he was caught off guard. "Very well then." Tougame says as large wings appear on his back. Hisuke watches carefully. He remembers how surprised he was when he first saw the technique. Hisuke's face remains dull. As wings of his own sprout from his back, just as large as the mans. "You learned that, so fast. Though that does not make a difference at all, I still will win and take your body back to the village. Hisuke body flickers into the air and begins to perform the technique. Once done, he throws it downwards at the man. The man watched his mouth wide open and tries to dodge. Though due to the momentum of the attack h is too slow and looses his arm. He screams in pain as he looks up at Hisuke tears in his eyes. "You are truly worthy to be in this clan." Though I doubt you could create another one of those things this match. The man says noticing Hisuke panting. He body flickers behind Hisuke and kicks him in the back of the head. Hisuke is hit and falls downwards to the ground and before he makes impact he swoops back into the air. Hisuke glares at Tougame. "You think so?" Hisuke says as he begin to create another chakram. Not afraid of dying at this point. He throws it at the man and misses terribly. Tougame laughs and says, "This is the end for you." The disk then spins back around and splits Tougame in half, instantly killing him. Hisuke then feints. Hisuke wakes up the corpse still in front of him. Hisuke walks to the body and touches it. He then carries it over to a spot he had previosly dug. He drops the body into the ground and begins to cover it up. After Hisuke is done a knew look is in his eyes he is happy. He is not happy for killing his clansmen, he is happy because he had gotten stronger and his clansmens death was a part of it. Hisuke thinks the man lying in the freshly dug grave. Hisuke then turns around and begins to walk back to the village to find out some information on the fire nation. Time was getting closer to the moment where he would get revenge and destroy those who did him wrong, especially the ninja who was responsible for it all. Hisuke then remembers his name. "Banteki." He says quietly to himself. That name was something that would be forever imprinted into his mind, until the day that Hisuke would kill him. Hisuke knew now more than ever that there was no turning back. If he did turn back that would mean letting konoha get away with it and killing a family member for nothing. Hisuke knew that the time was now here and he would soon be up against banteki. The man whom was stronger than faster than him. In all actuality that was the only advantage he had over Hisuke and Hisuke knew it. That is why he would practice on his speed and less on his chakra which was already above average. Hisuke looked around at his village. He knew that it would be very possible for him to die of the war actually did happen, though through his training g he would become stronger to insure that something of that nature would never happen.

Word Count: 3071
15 stats
30 JP
Two Paper Chakrams can now be created.
Shotaro Nara
Shotaro Nara
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Hisuke's Recovery/Training [Private] Empty Re: Hisuke's Recovery/Training [Private]

Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:07 pm
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Hisuke's Recovery/Training [Private] Empty Re: Hisuke's Recovery/Training [Private]

Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:30 pm
Approved. I dunno what "Two Paper Chakrams" are, but if they've been approved then everything is good here.
Shotaro Nara
Shotaro Nara
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Hisuke's Recovery/Training [Private] Empty Re: Hisuke's Recovery/Training [Private]

Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:13 pm
Hisuke walked through the village his boots making a cracking sound against the concrete. He did not know where he was going, all he knew was that he needed to get to training real soon. He walked towards the plains and once he finally got there he pushed his hands out in front of him, against the tree. He then began to stretch his calf and loosen the tightness in his muscles. Once this was down he held his hands open and suddenly a card appeared within his hand. He pressed the card between his index and thumb, studying its every detail. It had on;y been recent since he learned about his clan's kekkai genkai. Which was unique to them. It was paper, something so simple, but in the hands of someone in the paper clan, it could become deadly. This was truly marvelous, Hisuke smiled widely as the card flickered in his hand. He threw the card up into the air, he then waited for it to fall back down. The card travelled down at a high speed smacking against the ground. Hisuke was just about to smile again at his greatness, when a large gust of cold wind slammed through area. Causing Hisuke's knees to cave out from under him. A great pain shot through his legs. This remined Hisuke on why he was training so much. He was only a little angry now at the ninja know as Banteki. The same person that shot his knees out from under him, causing him to end up in the hospility for several days. For a long time Hisuke had blammed the ninja for the assault. When he realized it was somewhat his fault. Had he not left his perfect home in the village of Tengakure, he would never had gottne hurt. Also he would have never even been in the borders. He had not even known that the borders was such a dangerous place. He expected everyone to be nice like him, which was where he was wrong.

Hisuke was better now though, he was stronger mentally and phisically. He knew that now the ninja would be no match for him. In fact as far as their capabilities, Hisuke was in a completely different field. Hisuke was now smarter than before and even through all of the tragedies he had been through, he was somehow able to maintain his sociable personality. He hoped that it would not one day get him killed. He did not want to die just yet. He had just come to getting the rank of Genin. Vergil stood back up as his knees regained their strength. He then began to prepare himself for his training. He took off his hat and loosened the strings in his boots. He then watched as another person began to approach him. This time it was a kid around his age. Hisuke smiled and said, "Yo wanna spar?" The boy smiled back and said, "Sure, why not." He then walked towards Hisuke his hand outstretched for a hand shake. "My name is Liem..and you are." He said his hand still making an attemot to reach the hand of Hisuke. Hisuke raised his hand slowly and shook that of Liem's. "My name is Hisuke." He said not wanting to give him his last name since the kid had not given him his. Hisuke then stepped back a few meters away from the boy and starred at him. "Are you ready?" He would ask the kid as he waited for the spar to begin. His voice and appearence going from calm to serious. His entire posture changing completely. The kid would notice this and gulp. "Yes." He would say nervously. Once the kid had agreed to start Hisuke's entire body began to morph in front of the kid. His skin peeling up turning into sheets of paper. Once the transformation was complete, Hisuke would appear to be a person made out of paper, which he was. "What, how did you do that. I mean, what are you?!" The boy would begin to backstep away from Hisuke.

"What's wrong. Did you not agree to spar? And what do you mean what am I? I am a human just like you. So...where do we go from here? Do you chicken out and run away like the others have done in the past or will you be the very first to stand up and hold your ground." Hisuke said this as he floated above the ground, his wings flapping loudly in the sky. The boy would change from afraid to hurt. "I am not scared of anything...bring it on." He would say. "Very good." Hisuke would reply. He would then fly downwards towards the boy. Once the kid was within arms distance he would grab him and bring him up into the sky as he did so. Hisule would try to go as high as he could above the ground as his wings would allow him. Once he was where he wanted to be, he would drop the boy. The kid would scream all the way on his way down and once he began to reach the 'Danger Zone' Hisuke flew downards and stopped the boy from his fall. By this time he was now dizzy. Hisuke starred at him in disbelief. Was this truly the best this kid could do. If so this would be no real all." Hisuke created two paper cards in each of his hands, he then through them both at the ankle of the kid, causing him to bleed slightly. Though not as great as to kill him. After all it was just a spar. The kid would scream in pain and this would attract on lookers, but by the time they had got there Hisuke was already gone. Hisuke flew through the village and arrived at the place where he was staying. He was living with his uncle an younger man, much younger than his father. Hisuke flew to the balcony and stopped, returning his body back into it's natural 'human' state. He flung open the balcony door and was not surprised at all to see his uncle standing there, his hands on his hips.

"You're late. You should have been home a long time ago. What were you doing all of this time? I hope you weren't training again. I'm telling you there is no money in being a ninja. It is more...prophiting to become a salesman like me. I sell all of these cool and unique items and i bet you I get paid more than the kage himself. Just look at this magnificent mansion, you're staying at. Not even the hokage has a home as grand as this and if he does then I sold it to him. " He would stare at Hisuke and wait for a response. Though before tat he would begin rambling once again. "I got connections you know. I can get you in the bussiness department just like that. You have to trust me. Although you were born to be in this 'paper clan' you stive have obligations and needs. The is no logical reason for you to be outside playing around like some kid."

Hisuke sighed as he walked over towards his uncle, his hands in his pocket. "Sorry, but I do not want to be a salesman. I mean, no offense to you and all, but I much prefere to live on the dangerous end of life you know? It's the love I have for being a ninja that has brought me to where i am and I am not going to stop now...To be honest I love my life greatly and I am not willing to live it doing something I do not want to do." Hisuke walked pass his uncle. He then tackled him onto the ground. They began to wrestle around on the floor playfully. Hisuke having the upperhand the entire time. Though he let his uncle seem like he was winning. His uncle stood up victorious his hands raised above his head. "See I told you I am just as strong as any other ninja, you name 'em." He then left the house, now boosted in confidence. Hisuke relaxed on the floor, his body out stretched. He was tired from the day, but he still wanted to see if he could get in an extra training session before the day ended.

Hisuke opened the door to an old dojo, which excelled in the teaching of ninjutsu and other things. Hisuke saw the master of the dojo and he bowed respectfully. "Hey, long time no see." The master of the dojo looked at Hisuke, studying him. "Yes you have changed a great deal. Now what are you here for today, might I ask." Hisuke looked at the old man and said, "No reason just stopping by." The dojo master would motion for Hisuke to come to the back of the dojo. Hisuke opened the dojo and somehow ended up in an underground tunnel. Hisuke had forgotten that the old man was a time-space specialist. He walked into the separate dimension and sat down. His legs crossed prepared to listen to the teaching of the master.

"You practice in the use of paper. Therefore in order for you to become a great ninja, I will share with you some secrets. How do you use this paper in battle? You being only a Genin I doubt your chakra could be enough for you to be able to use as much as you want. So some advise I can give you is to always keep a storage of your own paper created through your chakra. You see? If you have your own paper created before hand then you will not have to worry about loosing the battle because you were ill prepared. Now the next thing is the use of other jutsu. I believe it is best for you to be open in the field of ninjutsu meaning it would be wise for you to learn a few more element and maybe another specialty. My advise to you for a specialty would be....well honestly I cannot think of one. That choice my pupil is yours to make. Now is there anything else you can think of that you need me to answer for you?"

Hisuke would stare at the man excitedly, somehow it seemed as if the old man had read his mind and saw clearly through all of the problems and unanswered questions Hisuke had. Though there was still one more thing Hisuke needed an answer to and this was how to control his anger in battle, sometimes he would loose control incertain situations, he just wanted to know the best way to prevent this and who else did he have to answer this question besides master.

"In order for you to controll your rage and other things of the sort, I would advise for you to lock away all of the bad thoughts and memories that you have. You see the mind has a special way of working. When it reaches a mode of unstability it can protect your from your self, by locking away past traumatic events. Now I want you to try to lock away those bad memories. It should only take a few more weeks. Through your life from then on you may always feel like a piece is missing, I urge you to never attempt to find this 'piece' for if you do you may unlock your memories.. Now if that is all then I will leave you to continue your training and preparing yourself for battle." The old man would leave the dimension, and Hisuke would leave just behind him.

Hisuke would be now sitting on the edge of his bed. Chakra rollong through his hands as he concentrating on creating sheets of paper for his future battles. As each minute passed Hisuke would have created many sheets of paper. Once he felt that he had wnough he would stop and stand up, stretching widly. He somehow felt different. Like he was missing something...He shrugged his shoulders and began to concentrate on creating more sheets of paper for furture use. Once he was finished he collapsed in the bed, falling asleep, his chakra and stamina depleted.

WC:2066, 20 sheets of paper created, +10 stats and 20 Jp
Wuwu Inazumahi
Wuwu Inazumahi
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Hisuke's Recovery/Training [Private] Empty Re: Hisuke's Recovery/Training [Private]

Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:23 pm
Approved for Stats, paper creation, and JP.

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