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Monkeys can be so perverted, and cool  Empty Monkeys can be so perverted, and cool

Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:55 pm
[RP with Senma the monkey]
“Do you know what it means to have sex” Konma said to Vretyel as they were going around Konoha looking for some food.
“Uh, sure, but I have never done the act…” Vretyel says as he buys two bananas for Konma and Vretyel.
“Well you should try to summon my brother, Senma, he can tell you everything about sex and how many times he has done it. I mean not as good a me of course, but still, he can help you get into Ayama’s pants. He is way too sentimental if you ask me, always wanting to know about them monkeys feelings and all, being like ‘oh well maybe I should take you out to dinner first, meet the family, then maybe get her boned.”
“Oh the horrors of actually caring for the one that you have sex with. I mean that is just SOOO unheard of right?.”
“Yeah I know right, he wants to be all nice to her and be all ‘cool’ with her. He is so cool, I hate him for that. When I am with them babes, Im all like “Bitch come here! It gets the job done.”
“Geez you don’t know anything about women.”
“At least I’ve been with one Valerie!”
“Shut up you have no idea about the first thing to getting…..” Vretyel felt a banana peel get slapped into his face by Konma, now that he had finished it in about a seconds time, apparently he was hungry.
“You shut you, you, stuck up little brat, go bone a girl.”
“Shouldn’t you be anywhere else but here?”
“Uh, well, I do have a date with Jenma, that sentimental fart wants me to take her out to dinner and ‘talk about things’”
“Didn’t you just say…”
“I know what I said, now listen go find a way to summon Senma, he is much more your style.”
With that Konma vanished into a puff of smoke and vanished, probably to go find a date with some other monkey.
Did I summon the most idiotic monkey on the planet? You mean you just summoned a pervert and now he wants you to summon his older brother, maybe he will be more mature than the last one.
Vretyel kind of liked Konma, he was cool and relaxed when it seemed like the entire world was on edge. But he was right, he needed to get a girl and he needed to be summoning another monkey from the main family so that he maybe one day could meet and possibly summon the monkey king.
Vretyel finished his banana and went out into the forest to look for a place to start his summoning of Senma, the other monkey that Konma was talking about. He was supposidley the right person for the job according to Konma because he was very resilient to lighting chakra and lightning abilities. Plus he was apparently cooler than Konma, but Vretyel did not know what ‘Cooler’ meant when it came to Konma. So he decided to make sure that if he was crazy he decided that he would summon him inside the forest and not in the village. It would be a bad site to see if he was crazy and he destroyed something. How would he explain that to the Hokage, ’Sorry for destroying your village, it was not my fault but the monkeys.”
Vretyel went out into the forest and began his summoning ritual, after a few minutes of concentration he was finally ready to summon Senma. He bit his thumb and let his blood flow onto the thumb and then he completed the ritual for the summon. Yelling out “Summoning jutsu!” and pounding the ground with as much force as he possibly could muster.
After few seconds smoke appeared from the location and Vretyel stepped back to see what happened. After the few more seconds the smoke did not dissipate and Vretyel’s anticipation increased even more. Did he really summon Senma the other monkey?
“Yo…….Dude……….Wasssup!” The creature said as the smoke dissipated and a figure appeared. This one had a much raspier voice and was certainly bigger than Konma so he did summon a new monkey. The monkey had long golden hair and covered his entire body the point that he looked more like a mophead than he did a monkey. The only thing that made it clear that is was a monkey and some household tool was the fact that there a large pipe coming out of monkeys mouth. That was the reason why the smoke did not dissipate right on time because he was smoking out of this pipe. The monkey was bigger than Konma and looked a lot older than him. After a few more seconds of Vretyel looking at the monkey in shock he blew the hair out of his face and then just started to talk again.
“Woha….man….you are that kid. Whoa….look at you, you look like….like a… a whoa....”
“Are you Senma the brother of Kenma…”

“Woha….dude….bro don’t be sooooo fast….. you might you know….. you know….. miss the moment man….”
[i] oh man I summoned another idiot

“Woha…..Yo……look at you….. you are that kid….oh what was it….Vork…Vren…..Vek…. Dude I don’t know man….”
“It is Vretyel, Vretyel Ina….”
“Woha….It is you….. you are that kid that one that summoned my little bro…..dude….. you wanted to summon me….but why? Oh hey yeah my name is Senma dude, so yeah its pretty cool, I am soooo must better than my little bro dude. Man….you have no idea how cool I am…” The monkey started to smoke his pipe again and start moving around. He thought, Vretyel thought that he was going to be summoning some fast moving and sensitive Senma the monkey, but no, he summoned this monkey, what could this monkey possibly do?
oh great look at what you have done, you have decided that you were going to summon monkeys and you thought that you get some taijutsu, but no, you just get a lot of sex advide from some perverted monkeys who smoke out of a pipe. You summoned the weirdest creatures on the planet and you probably made a mistake with your summon. You should have got him a Banana too…
The monkey walked around and jumped onto Vretyels shoulder. His hair getting all in the face of the boy as the monkey appeared to be pillaging through the kids hair, like most other monkeys do when they are around their kind. Vretyel had read up on some of the facts of monkeys and figured that it was just normal thing that they would do with Vretyel.
“You smell really bad….” Vretyel said as the monkey was on his shoulder, he was bigger than the other monkey and he also smelled really bad, probably because of the pipe that he was smoking.
“Whoa….Yeah well you smell like Banana’s….dude you suck, Konma was telling me about you dude…. When did you get laid?” The monkey took the pipe out of his mouth and started to stare at the kid with those inquisitor eyes like he knew something that everyone else did not.
“What?” Vretyel said as the monkey finally got off of the boys shoulders.
“Dude… you are really stupid. You think you can call yourself a monkey summoner but you haven’t even gotten laid yet? Really dude, man you really need to get out more.”
“Hey! I summoned you, not the other way around. Show some respect.”
“Whoa…well where is my banana?”
“Your banana?” Vretyel looked at monkey. Did he expect a banana when he got summoned?
“Dude… you want some respect but you don’t give me any food, what a shame, why should I respect you dude when you don’t even have a girl or give me food?”
“Wow…I am sorry Senma…I did not know that you would feel that way.”
“NAAAAAAh…. Dude I am just kiddin man, you didn’t know, I mean you didn’t know what your balls were…”
“Here we go again….” Vretyel then felt Senma’s pipe hit Vretyel’s face, today he was hit with both a banana and a pipe, today had just been his luckiest day.
“Well then I could just go man….I mean I could not help you get inside that girl you like, Aymai, Arousal, andy... what was her name?”
“It was Ayama, I don’t think that you can help me, I mean look at you…”
“Whoa…what about me man? I am so cool.” Senma then picked up his pipe and then started walking with Vretyel towards the village hidden in the leaves.
“Never mind.,, lets go….besides what are you smoking in that pipe.”
“Dude…its some crazy shit man… 200 ryo a pop man…you want in…”
“Um…not today…. Lets go.”
And with that the two walked back to Konoha, he did not know what to believe about this whole situataiton, I mean Senma was supposed to be this fast amazing warrior that could move at really fast speeds, but right now, all he was good for was trying to get her with Ayama.”
“Dude…you need to relax more…”
[Exit, 1518 RP with Senma]
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Monkeys can be so perverted, and cool  Empty Re: Monkeys can be so perverted, and cool

Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:57 pm
-Navi, NRPG Staff
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