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Rosalyn 'Rose' Uchiha
Rosalyn 'Rose' Uchiha
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A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK) Empty A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK)

Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:34 pm
It was a hot day, the mid afternoon sun assaulting the village hidden in the leaves with gusto. This would of course leave the majority of its denizens a sweltering mess. Otherwise the day was beautiful. The sun was shining, the skies were blue and large clouds would simply float on buy on a sea of nothingness. Kageri himself would simply be lounging in a cool lake in a training ground. He had come to train today and was taking a good long break. He had however packed a bag of food since he had expected to be out here through lunch and dinner. So he wasn’t really in a hurry to get anywhere. Or get back to training. Instead, the boy would swim around the lake, his shirt, shorts, and boots were on the shore, leaving him in his boxers as he swam around the area. ‘Truly, a cool lake or pond on a hot day is the best sensation in the world.’ He would think as he swam back to the edge of the water and lounged on the edge of the lake. He’d pull himself out of the water and turn so that he only had his legs inside. His gem like eyes were reflecting the light of the sun well, for they shone with green and purple as his white hair dripped water and clung to his skin. As it stood he was alone at the moment, as the lake he was at was attached to a training ground and it seemed most others simply did not wish to come to this particular one today. Pity, the teenager was always in the mood for company. Especially if they happened to be a cute girl. He would shake his head of these thoughts however, he had come to train and swim. Not flirt with someone and see where it would go. ‘Although, if the opportunity presents itself. I suppose I would be remiss if I didn’t take advantage of what life presents now wouldn’t I?’ He would think with a small chuckle as he leaned back on his arms and looked up with a small smile, admiring the clouds. 

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A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK) Empty Re: A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK)

Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:03 pm
Cho loved baking in the sun to tan her skin. She had finished tending to her chores around the house that had been assigned to her by Yensung, her adoptive guardian. After hundreds of failed attempts to assassinate the man, Cho learned to respect the dwarf of a man as the noble leader of the Aburame clan. She, who was originally the rightful heir tho the title, would naturally feel hatred for the man who stood in her way of high social status. However, after agreeing to train the young kunoichi in ninjutsu, Cho settled her bloodlust for now. 

Yensung and Cho had been hard at work in their training as she prepared for the chuunin exams. The insects wriggling and crawling just under her skin had grown intolerant of their host sitting in the sun for so long. The heat made them dehydrated, and thirsty for more blood as a result.  When that happens, her precious insects feed off of her own chakra, the ultimate drawback for members of the clan. This is exactly what brought Cho to the training grounds that day. She needed to develop stamina  using her clan’s hidden jutsu if she was going to excel. 

She stood facing a tall tree and practiced her surface walking technique repeatedly now that she was all warmed up. She used a kunai knife to mark her progress with each attempt, just like her sensei had instructed. With each mark she slashed into the bark of the tree, the insects seem to grow more and more restless within her. Eventually, she was forced to one knee to catch her breathe. ‘Damn it all…can’t you guys give me a break? We have to cooperate here if we’re ever going to make it…She silently addressed her insects in frustration. She had a long way to go before her chakra control was on par with Yensung’s. Out of the corner of her eye, Cho finally noticed Kageri practicing on the same field she was on. Something about the otherwise average looking boy seemed to excite the girl. She wiped the sweat from her brow as she stood to her feet and lowered her hand to rest on her chin as she thought. 

‘Your bottomless appetites are starting to be a burden to me….but maybe I can use that to my advantage. Doesn’t he look like a tasty meal, my minions?'

Cho exhaled dramatically as the thought illustrated itself in her head. Meanwhile, the bugs under her skin wriggled uncontrollably, having picked up the scent of fresh blood. Her insects tended to nest within her bosom, making them swell to at least D cup. This also made her crop top incredibly slim fitting. Upon releasing her bugs, she would revert back to her flat chested self. Because of how embarrassing this technical detail was, Cho did her best to keep this a secret. She hugged her chest in attempt to restrain herself, but it was of no use. She and her insects had already decided. She locked her eyes on Kageri and walked towards him.
Rosalyn 'Rose' Uchiha
Rosalyn 'Rose' Uchiha
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A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK) Empty Re: A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK)

Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:46 pm
The white haired boy would lazily let himself slide into the cool water and begin to backstroke through the pond. The clean, clear water refreshing him in the heat of the day. Had this break lasted a little long? Yes. Would anyone blame him on this horrendously hot day? Hell no. He stopped backstroking and began to swim toward the edge where his stuff was. Clearing the distance in no time flat. As he hoisted himself himself up onto the edge of the lake he would take notice of someone walking toward him. He would however, wait to fully get himself out of the water before taking a good look at them. ‘Opportunity presenting itself indeed..’ He would think for a moment as the attractive dark haired girl walked over. She had long hair, tied in a large braid that reached down to her ankles. She didn’t wear much clothing at all, compensating for the lack of attire with pouches, holsters, and other such containers strung across her body to carry whatever shinobi equipment she needed. Her skin was tanned, possibly due to the hot sun bearing down on them. The gem eyed boy would be mildly envious of that, as no matter how much he spent out in the sun he never seemed to colour at all. As she got closer he would be able to tell that she had red eyes and she seemed to move with a confident demeanor.

Kageri would simply let her approach, letting himself air dry a bit in the warmth of the sun as she did so. When she got within a range where communication wouldn’t be fucking weird he would speak, unless she did first. “Good morning, lovely day we are having isn’t it? I’m Kageri Eschevalier, care to join me?” He would say with a small smile on his face. He wondered how this day would go at this point. In his eyes it could go multiple directions after all. They could train together, swim together, eat together, or something much more entertaining could happen. Or all of the above really, he did not really care either way. It was the show itself that entertained the teenager.

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(Sorry for the shit post >.<)
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A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK) Empty Re: A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK)

Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:59 pm
When Cho finally came into the boy’s line of vision, she listened to him speak first and introduce himself. Cho observed the boy more closely and took note of how he undressed her with his eyes. Even though this was not a hard task at all, given her current wardrobe, the veins on her forehead seemed to swell at the underlying misogyny. Nonetheless, the girl sat next to the boy and dipped her feet into the water until it reached her calves. She responded to the boy by saying, “Eschevalier, Kageri? I’ve never heard of you. Is your family new to the Leaf Village?” The kunoichi did not quite make eye contact. Instead, she looked down into the crystal clear pond water and kicked her feet around to create some ripples. 

The kunoichi was took care to admire her own skin as it glistened in the sunlight. Her training from earlier had earned her a decent sweat, which gave her the appearance of having just come out of the pond herself. So, she too would enjoy simply sitting out in the sun to dry out for a spell. She heard something growl and rumble from within her. To the boy that was right next her and within earshot of the noise, it would seem like her stomach was growling as a sign of her hunger. In actuality though, it was her insects literally begging their master to jump out of her body and devour the tiny man whole. She giggled and rested her hand softly on her shredded abdomen. “Oopsie, looks like I overdid it with today’s training. We’ve worked up quite the appetite.” The Aburame unknowingly used the wrong pronoun, hinting at her hidden clan jutsu. However, Kageri would most likely assume that she was referring to the two of them.
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A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK) Empty Re: A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK)

Tue May 01, 2018 5:27 pm
Cho looked at the surrounding environment and saw that there was no one else around the vicinity. Her insects were growing ravenous, and soon they would be feeding on her own chakra if she did not do well to feed them. The boy next to her, wading in the shallow waters on the pond, was kind and unsuspecting. Cho rose to her feet while the boy's back was still turned. She felt a sliver of guilt in her heart for what she had intended to do. However she had squandered the feeling immediately after reminding herself of her sole purpose as a shinobi. She was to obtain the power to fend for herself by any means necessary. Since her mother and father died tragically, she had always had to count on an adult to help her. She was tired of always relying on someone to protect her, tired of being under Yensung sensei's watchful eyeball, and tired of having to abide by the strict rules and regulations of the Leaf village. Her fists clenched as hundreds of slimy leech-like worms crawled out of her pores. Each insect seemed to screech like tiny banshees, as if in pain from the hunger that knew no bounds. Their target was clear and within reach. Cho offered no resistance to the will of her insects.

"Make it quick, my minions, and leave no remains, hehe"

The leeches pounced on the boy and drained his body of every drop of fluid. Each leech would chomp down with its circular mouth filled with razor sharp teeth, ripping his flesh from the bone. The boy would struggle as he sank down to the bottom of the pond. However, before the carcass could even touch the basin of the bond, the leeches would have finished eating completely, as per their master's request. They would then squirm back to the surface of the pond and return to Cho, each one much fatter than when they left. Cho was smiling and gigglng while her insects returned to their nest within the kunoichi's body. It was as if the process tickled her. When every insect returned to her, she stared at her reflection in the mirror. That was one less competitor she would have to worry about besting in the chuunin exams. Without a singe regret, she returned home.

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A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK) Empty Re: A Cool Day For Training and..(P,NK)

Tue May 01, 2018 6:23 pm
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