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Ayumi's Training

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Ayumi's Training - Page 3 Empty Re: Ayumi's Training

Thu Jan 01, 2015 8:32 am
Ayumi's Training - Page 3 EwwdNwJ

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Ayumi's Training - Page 3 Empty Re: Ayumi's Training

Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:02 am
A grunt followed by rustling of the sheets could be heard as the ray of light pierced through the window, hitting her right in the face. The girl turned her face away from the window and opened her  bleak eyes. Rolling off the bed, she landed on all fours, squatting down as she turned towards the window. Looking at the ray of light peeking through her curtains, she stood up. Letting out a sigh, she walked towards the bathroom, grabbing her towel along the way. Slipping into the bathroom, she continued the norm: brush her teeth, wash her face, shower, and so on. Walking out the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her body, she stood in front of her closet, grabbing her usual short shorts along with an oversized shirt. Swiftly putting them on, the kunoichi threw her towel aside, grabbed her pouches and walked out the door. Down the stairs she went, she grabbed an apple, slipping into her sandals as she took a small bite of it. And off she flew out the door.

Stretching her neck, side to side and around, she silently munched on her apple. Walking down the same path she would walk every single day, she slowed down her pace, her face emotionless just like every other day. Walking leisurely with a poker face, munching on a fruit, usually an apple—a norm. By then, she had gotten into the habit of eating breakfast, something which she'd often skip back in the days. The kunoichi figured that getting hungry in the middle of a training session or a mission might affect her performance. Slowly eating her apple, the girl was lost in thought, reminiscing the days after the death of Navi Yamaki. A flashback of sorts. She received a message, then, sent by the Hokage. On it stated the passing down of the title. The kunoichi stopped in her tracks and leaned against the wall which stood beside her. Standing in the shade, the girl stared off into space. Her eyes became bleak as the word Hokage reminded her of her childhood acquaintance: Navi. Why an acquaintance? because she doesn’t know him well enough to call him a friend. Sure, they used to be in the same squad back when they were both still Genin, but she didn’t really get to socialize with him as much as she could. She knew he later on became the Hokage, but… well not anymore… guessing from the scroll which she received quite a while ago which stated that the title was then to be passed down. To be quite honest, the kunoichi contemplated on whether she should attend the meeting (that had been set up back then) or not. Considering the fact that it was passing down the title of the Hokage, as much as she wanted to attempt on taking the title, she decided against it. Her views and reasons on why she became a shinobi might have changed after certain past events, but the kunoichi didn’t think she is up for the role. She was not worth taking on such a role. Her views and ideals of the shinobi world may not even be considered ‘right’. Well anyway, fast forward a few days later, the title was passed down to some random guy called Jason Senju. He was Hokage for a while, but not as long as she expected. Moving along, a new individual took the mantle: Kurisu Ametsuchi. 

Biting her lower lip, the apple in her mouth had then became tasteless as she continued to stare into space. Snapping back to reality, Ayumi sighed. The female would push herself off the wall and continued to make her way down the street. She quickly finished her apple, no longer enjoying the taste. The apple she was then eating was no longer sweet; it was instead, tasteless.

Hokage, huh.

Taking the role of the Hokage is a big responsibility, that was a given fact. Would those willing to be Hokage be able to take on such a big role? Would the shinobi world be a better place as a result of that? Or would it became (more) corrupted? Would it end the wars between the neighboring countries? Who knows… Maybe; maybe not. Whatever was going to happen, she hoped for the best. Quickening her pace, she walked towards the Hokage headquarters, stopping two meters away in front of the entrance. The kunoichi stared at the Hokage office for a moment, before walking away, eyes on the ground. Maybe I should give the Hokage a visit… the girl thought to herself. Moving on, today, her destination was the training grounds. Again. Having spent the last few days or so studying a number of medical ninjutsu, she was more ambitious than usual, having high expectations for today’s training session.

Upon arrival at the training grounds, Ayumi walked towards her usual spot. It was an ideal spot to kill a couple hours in her opinion; it was surrounded by big trees which shielded the hot sun away from those seeking sanctuary within the shadows. Throwing her apple up in the air, she performed a few handseals and dispersed a stream of fire out of her mouth, burning the apple. As the apple fell onto the ground, she stepped on it a few times to extinguish the fire, leaving it scorched. It was a habit of hers to do so. Squatting down beside the apple, she pulled out a kunai and stabbed the ground with it, pushing the dirt away until a small hole is formed. It was not very deep; just deep enough for the apple lying beside her. Grabbing the apple, she threw it inside the hole, earthing it with the dirt around it with her hands. Once she was done, she stood up, patting the dirt with her left foot.

Today, Ayumi decided to work on some medical ninjutsu, namely Poison Mist, and if she had enough time, Body Pathway Derangement along with Chakra Scalpel. Should there be not enough time to train for all of them, she could just come back here to the training grounds tomorrow or whenever she was free; there wasn't a need to rush through her plans. Ayumi pursed her lips as she performed a number of light stretches. Despite already having a list of jutsu to learn, her top priority today would be to learn the Poison Mist jutsu as the sole reason why she came to the training grounds today was to learn it. Due to it being projected in such a wide range, the training grounds was a perfect place to train for it as it is wide. Plus, since the jutsu itself is poisonous, the more area available that could be used to project the jutsu, the better. That way, she wouldn’t kill any innocent passerby. From what she has read, the poison created from the jutsu is deadly. The female’s eyes scanned the area surrounding her. There didn’t seem to be anyone within fifteen meter radius from her. Hopefully, no one would stroll around the area while she was training for the jutsu. Less people coming meant less trouble. At this point, upon dispersion of the jutsu, unlucky birds around the area would be the only ones which are going to get killed.

Now back to the main point: the jutsu. Standing beside the tree which kept her company, she faced the open field and started to mold her chakra. From what she has read the other day, once the chakra is kneaded, it has to be turned into a special chemical substance, which will then dispersed out of the mouth. Due to the fact that she wanted to learn this jutsu, she started learning more about the chemistry side of things with the help of her mother, a medical ninja currently working at the hospital. Closing her eyes, Ayumi began to fully concentrate as she began to mold her chakra, slowly turning it into a chemical substance that she has learned a few days ago. She knew she wouldn’t be able to create it straight away, but it didn’t matter then. After all, practice makes perfect. Over the past few days, she learned a few formulae to create different kinds of poisons, guided by a few books and her mother. It was tough, but she was able to nail most of it, successfully creating them. One thing to keep in mind though: Making poison by hand is different from creating it inside of one’s body. When making poison by hand, one is able to see the amount of substances he or she is mixing, making it easier to create them. But creating it within one’s body where the person (obviously) could not see what was happening, the individual will then have to resort to estimating the amount of substance and whatnot needed which will then result in either the right or wrong poison. 

Here goes nothing. 

Concentrating again, she started to turn her molded chakra into the substance that she has learned over the past few days. Breathing out, she licked her lips, frowning as she opened her eyes. If she could create the same deadly substance by hand, she should be able to make it within her body too, right? Licking her lips once again, she started to force the substance up her throat and out of her mouth. Watching the mist ejected out of her mouth, she notice how it was pale pink. Dispelling the rest of the substance she made, Ayumi started to mold some more of her chakra straight after. Something went wrong. Shaking the thought away, the kunoichi ignored the result and focused on her next attempt. So far, she was able to mold her chakra and turned it into the pink mist, which meant that all she had to do then was slightly change the substance to create the actual mist. Ayumi sat down, as she changed her molded chakra into a chemical substance which was slightly different than the one she did just now. Once she was done, she exhaled it through her mouth, creating a pink mist, darker than the one before. Once done expelling, she kneaded the chakra again. This time, instead of changing the (last) substance slightly, she decided to put a bit more twist to it. Once she was done molding, she started to turn it into a different substance before expelling it out of her mouth. What came out wasn’t a thick, purple mist (as stated in the book), instead, a magenta-colored mist was formed, filling the area she was at. It wasn’t long before the mist dissipated. Ayumi looked around the area, craning her neck left and right, searching for any individuals or the like which happened to have stumbled upon the area.

A sigh escaped her mouth as she looked up the sky. The only question in her head is questioning why she couldn’t perform the jutsu correctly. She was fine with spitting out random mist, but what she wanted was the actually jutsu nailed down. Biting her lower lip, she took a deep breath, concentrating on molding her chakra again. Once she was done with the process, she started to turn the molded chakra into a specific chemical substance before dispelling it out of her mouth, only to be greeted with a red-colored mist. Slightly shaking her head, she stared into space, trying to remember the formula she has been memorizing for the past few days. Oh and by formula, she meant the correct chemical formula to create the jutsu. After a moment of gathering her thoughts together, she sat up straight and start to mold her chakra once again. She had five formulae running around in her head and since she had a lot of time left to kill, she was going to try all of them because… well, why not? Suppressing a yawn, the kunoichi started to mold her chakra once again, changed it into a chemical substance and dispelled it out through her mouth, fogging the area.

Why is not working? she wondered to herself, staring at the bluish mist. While waiting for the mist to fade, the girl started kneading her chakra again, repeating the whole process again and again. However, a different color would emerge each time; so far, she has been ejecting hues of red, blue, and pink mist out of her mouth. Puffing up her cheeks, Ayumi looked around the area. Patting her lower back, she inched back towards the tree trunk, leaning against it as the mist would dissipate. Looking at the view, she started to once again knead her chakra for the ninth or tenth (who knows..?) time. She had tried all the combinations in her head, which meant that something was missing. But… what? What was missing? Lightly tapping the ground beside her, she started thinking again. If the one she used before didn’t work, then it was either because she was incorrectly making it or she was just using the wrong formula. Since the dark haired girl didn’t exactly know what she was doing wrong, she decided to just try out all of the formulae she had learned. At some point she would figure out which one should be used for the jutsu.. right? Plus she would be able to experiment with the combination and maybe create something new. Yes, think positive and be positive, my friends.

Taking a deep breath, the kunoichi started the process again; knead, change, and eject. It was quite a short process. Simple? Apparently not; as of then, she couldn't remember the correct substance which was creating more trouble than she wanted or anticipated. However, if she did actually remember the correct substance, the jutsu would have most probably been quite doable. Ayumi then started all over again with the process, changing the substance little by little until it turned purple. After who knows how many times (she lost count) she had repeated the jutsu, the girl ejected a light purple mist. Staring at the mist, she felt a newfound joy within her as she gained some motivation to fully nail the jutsu down. If she was able to produce a light purple-colored jutsu out of that substance, that means with slight changes, she would be able to create the actual jutsu. Bracing herself, she started to mold some chakra within her, changing it a substance, and dispersed it out. This time, however, the mist was pink instead of purple. Her face became emotionless as she tried once again before realizing that she was running out of chakra and stamina, which was probably the reason why the mist turned pink.

Pushing up to her feet she jogged around the training grounds whilst waiting for her chakra to replenish. Whilst jogging around, she made sure to keep an eye out for any bodies lying around or dead animals. She has been dispersing random mists for the past few hours, which could or could have not been deadly. If she were to have accidentally killed anyone during the process, it meant she would have to either look for a place to dispose the body and/or notify the shinobi’s family; now that would be a hassle. After jogging a complete lap around the training grounds, she started to run, slowly increasing her speed little by little. After finishing two laps, she would stop and stretch her limbs before walking back to the spot where she had been training all morning. Sitting under the shade of a tree, she squinted at the sun which was rising even higher than before, warming up the village. Leaning against the tree, she fished out all of her kunai and threw it one by one towards the bark of a tree five meters away from her. With the kunai thrown, she start to create a zigzag pattern on the bark of the tree. From the distance, she could tell that some of her kunai had missed the target as there were a few empty spots. Sitting up straight, she began to mold her chakra, changed it onto a chemical substance followed by ejecting it out through her mouth.

What greeted her was a light purple-colored mist. Once she has spat the last of the substance out, she started working again, kneading her chakra and changed it into a substance. Once the substance is done, it was then dispersed out through her mouth, turning the said substance into a mist. This time, the color was a darker purple compared to the one before. Ayumi repeated the same process over and over again, her body starting to take affect as the exhaustion would hit her in waves. Each time she exhaled the substance, the color got darker and darker. The density, however, stayed the same. Breathing quite heavily (for some weird reason), she began kneading her chakra, turning it into a chemical substance. She knew that if she were to change it little by little, she would eventually get the right color. As for the density of the mist, that was something that she would work on it after she has gotten the actual poison right. Once the chemical substance inside her was done moulding, she exhaled it through her mouth, a purple mist forming and spreading across the area. After exhaling the last of the product, she looked at the mist. Not quite right… yet. The color was a bit lighter than how it was supposed to be. And of course the density was also not quite right.

Once the mist was starting to dissipate, she would to work again; mold and change chakra into a chemical substance, spit out, and repeat. Immediately after the substance was ready to be ejected, she puffed it out, a purple-colored mist forming. After hours of puffing out mist, she had finally gotten most of the jutsu down. Now, all she has to do was thicken the mist. Leaning against the trunk behind her, she watched the mist slowly disappear. This would give her time to replenish her chakra. Not long after, the kunoichi started to mold her chakra, glancing around. Converting her chakra into a chemical substance, she spat it out. It formed a mist, spreading across the area in front of her. Waving her hand around in the mist, she could tell that it got thicker. It was, however, not thick enough, according to the book which she read anyway. As the mist started to drive away, she started from the top again. Mold her chakra, turn it into a chemical substance, and exhaled it through her mouth. Yes, very repetitive, but this was the reality of training for a jutsu; after all, as mentioned before, practice makes perfect.

The mist which appeared before her was the same purple-colored mist, but slightly thicker than before. Waving her left hand around the mist again and peering through it, she checked whether the thickness of the mist was up to standard (according to the book). Just a little bit more and it should be right. Taking a deep breath, she began molding her chakra and changed it into the same chemical substance, changing it ever so slightly. Once she was done creating the substance within her, she exhaled it out. Exactly the same as before, the purple-colored mist formed, but this time, it was thicker. Peering through it, she waved her arms around in the mist. She had finally gotten the jutsu right. Now, it was time to experiment whether it was really deadly as stated in the book. Since she didn’t have a good enough reason, much less legitimate, to kill a passerby, she decided to try it out on a bird. Though it won’t be very helpful as the effect might differ, she didn’t really have much choice. Standing up, she looked around the area, her body still as a statue as a bird landed right on a branch of a tree a few meters away from where she was standing.

Side eyeing the bird, she sped over towards the tree, lightly jumped towards the branch and captured the bird, clasping her hands tightly. She could feel the bird trying to escape as she held it with her right hand, pinning down its body as its wings flapped wildly. Scanning the area, she walked towards the tree where all of her kunai are. Pulling one out, she loosely aim it towards the wing of a different departing bird, before throwing it. The kunai flew towards the bird, scratching its right wing, causing it to crash down towards the grounds with the kunai. Walking towards the now injured bird, she squatted down, picking up her kunai and scratching the bird’s left wing, making it unable to fly. With the kunai in her hands, she quickly injured the bird that she was holding. Slipping the blade back into her pouch, she would walk away from bird number two (the one on the ground). With the one in her hand, she left it seven meters away from bird number two. Walking towards bird number two, she start molding her chakra, changing it into a chemical substance. Once the substance was ready, she spat it out in the direction of the two birds. The mist formed sped towards the two birds, surrounding them.

As the mist started to fade away, she crouched down as bird number two was revealed. Staring at it, Ayumi poked its body a couple of times. Standing up, she walked towards the other bird which she placed seven meters away. Once again, squatting down, she poked its body a couple of times before pushing herself up and walking away towards the tree where her weapons were. Both dead. This result showed that her jutsu was deadly, at least to animals. Standing beside the tree, she pulled out her kunai, shoving them back into her pouch. Picking up the ones on the ground, she threw them inside her pouch, looking around the training grounds. The sun was up high, showing that it was past noon. She better start working on the next jutsu or she would definitely be sleeping here tonight (which will probably result in getting an earful of nagging tomorrow from her mother). Turning back towards the tree behind her, she settled in the shade, plopping down onto the ground. The young girl pulled herself back, supporting her upper body weight with her arms, leaning against the bark of the tree. Today was one of those days where she needed to concentrate fully and not waste any time. Performing a number of handseals, Ayumi focused her chakra to her right hand. 

Looking down at her right hand, she brought her fingers together, laying them side by side. She began to fully cover her hand with chakra, stopping at her wrist. Once accomplished, the girl waved her right hand side by side. Being a medical ninja, that was an easy task. What seemed to be around her hand was just a blob of chakra, nothing much. What for sure was that she was wasting her chakra as there was no definite shape around her hand controlling the chakra and holding it in place, so to say. In addition to being a blob of nothi- um chakra, she realized that the chakra she formed actually stopped right at the tips of her finger. From what she has read and heard, the jutsu itself would form a scalpel out of chakra. Generally, a scalpel would definitely not be blunt like the one she supposedly currently had around her hand. Also, in addition to being blunt, this scalpel seemed quite short. Concentrating once more, she started to lengthen the chakra formed on her hand. Ayumi extended the chakra on each side of her hand and also from the tip of her fingers until what she deemed was long enough be a scalpel, which was one inch away from her hand. Once that has been done, she looked at the blob of chakra on her hand; she could see that due to the fact that there was no definite shape, the chakra around her hand was slowly dispersing into the air. The kunoichi watched her right hand as she started to sharpen the edges of the chakra around her hand, so that it would form a blade. Just as she was about to sharpen more of the edge, the chakra disappeared from her hand, leaving her with her bare hand.

Slightly taken aback, she started to weave the necessary handseals before concentrating her chakra towards her right hand once again. As of then, she decided to work with only one hand as she wanted to concentrate on getting the jutsu right; once that was done, she would work on the other hand which will then be followed by her trying to get used to the actual jutsu itself. Her right hand started to glow with the usual blue hue, indicating that there was chakra surrounding it. Satisfied with the amount of chakra surrounding her hand, Ayumi started to push some of the chakra out of her hand slowly in order to extend it past her actual hand, one inch at most. As of now, the chakra has been extended past her bare hands, which then left her to mold the chakra in order to form a blade—a sharp one. Wetting her bottom lip, the kunoichi began to mold the chakra surrounding her hand, imagining a blade in her head as she started to sharpen the sides of the chakra around her hand little by little. After finishing up with the left side of the blade, she worked on creating the right side, taking as much time as needed as she didn’t want to do a slapdash job. Just as she was about to finish the right side of the blade, the chakra disappeared, leaving her with her bare hand once again.

The girl lifted her head, staring off into space as she took a deep breath of the air. Wiping the sweat forming near her hairline, she squinted her eyes as the sun aimed a ray towards her face, resulting in the girl to look away before crawling towards the other side of the tree behind her, sticking her back against the tree trunk. Gently rubbing her eyes, she set to work again as a wave of exhaustion hit her. Having started off her training session earlier than usual, she wan’t able to get enough sleep the night before. Her bleak eyes looked down at her right hand as chakra started flowing around it, covering it with the usual blue hue. Extending the chakra past her hand, she started to once again mold it into a blade, being careful not to rush this time. She also kept in mind that the blade had to be sharp in addition to being at least an inch longer than her hand. Taking as much time as needed, the dark haired kunoichi finished sharpening the right side of the blade, followed by the left side. Once she was done, she started working on the tip of the blade, which would be formed an inch away from her fingertips. Starting to mold a pointed tip, she blinked a couple of times as the chakra near her fingertips started to turn into the desired shape, each side getting narrower and narrower. Just as she was about to form the last of it, the tip of the chakra surrounding her hand disappeared causing her to start off again with weaving the needed handseals. She would then bring her fingers side by side, placing her right hand parallel to her ribcage.

Moving it at a slight angle, she started to channel some chakra towards her right hand, just as she did before. Once her hand was covered with more than enough chakra, the kunoichi started to mold it into a scalpel, sharpening the edges so that it would form into a blade. Narrowing the edges beside her fingers, she formed a slightly rounded tip which ended an inch away from her nails. It wasn’t as sharp as she would like it to be, but it was good as of then; definitely an improvement compared to what she created not long ago. Once she was satisfied with the results, she started waving her right hand around. Turning around to face the tree behind her, she slashed her hand straight towards the bark of the tree. A few inches away before her hand hit the tree, the scalpel disappeared, leaving the girl bare-handed. Instead of slashing the tree, she ended up giving the tree a cross between partially patting the tree and slapping it. Looking down at her hand, she quickly performed a number of handseals before enveloping her right hand with chakra followed by carefully sharpening the edges. Repeating the process all over again, she took as much time as needed to sharpen the edges. Once the blade was done, she made sure to carefully keep the blade going by keeping her chakra channeled towards her hand and molding it to form a blade. Bringing it towards the tree, she added a bit of force to her movement as to see the effect. The result was nothing more than just a nick. The girl slashed her hand towards the tree again, exactly the way she did it the first time. This time, she was welcomed with another nick, no different than the one before. Despite the disappointing results, however, she came to realize that when she slashed the tree, her hand came out unscathed and felt perfectly fine; it didn’t hurt. Ayumi started to tentatively nick the sides of the bark, increasing her strength every time.

Each time her hand came in contact with the tree, it was left unscratched with no pain added to it. Hitting the tree as hard as she could with the scalpel she pulled her hand away just as the scalpel disappears. Examining every inch of her hand, she wasn’t able to find a single scratch on it in addition to it feeling perfectly normal—no pain, no ache, no sore, nothing. Slowly acknowledging the jutsu, she glanced at the tree trunk, covered with nicks, all pretty much of the same size. Weaving a row of handseals, the kunoichi started covering her hand with chakra once again before sharpening the edges to form a scalpel, taking as much time needed for her to do so. Slowly bringing it towards the tree, she concentrated the flow of her chakra in one direction, pinpointing it towards the tip of the blade before hitting the tree. The chakra surrounding her hand disappeared after it came in contact with the bark. Swiping her right hand to the right, she could see a nick formed on the spot, though deeper then the ones before. Repeating the technique once again, she performed the necessary handseals before covering her hand with chakra, sharpening the edges so that it would form a blade. Optimizing the chakra flow, she brought her hand upon the tree, concentrating slightly less chakra towards the tip of the blade than before. Nicking the tree in front of her, she yanked her hand away, stopping the flow of chakra that had been keeping the scalpel going. Comparing the nick formed and the one before, she realized that the one before was slightly deeper. This shows that the more chakra one would precisely concentrate towards the tip, the more damage the wielder would be able to create.

Finally understanding the concept of the chakra scalpel, Ayumi stood up and started walking nearer towards the tree, placing her foot on the bark. Channeling her chakra towards the soles of her feet, she started walking up the tree, stopping at the nearest branch. Grabbing a handful of leaves, she leaned her body against the branch, dropping her arm the farthest it could go. Opening her clutched fingers, she released her hold of the leaves, watching them fall towards the ground as she pushed herself up and grabbed two handfuls of leaves with each of her hand. Swiftly jumping of off the branch, the kunoichi landed softly on the ground. She pushed herself out of the half-squatting position and started to gather the leaves she has dropped into a heap. Siting down beside the heap, she grabbed a leaf and placed it in front of her before weaving a number of handseals. Covering her hand with chakra once more, she started to mold it into the shape of a blade, sharpening the edges along with narrowing them and creating a sharp tip. Focusing her chakra to the tip of the blade, she ran it down the leaf, effectively cutting the unfortunate leaf in half. Keeping the chakra flow steady as to keep the blade going, she reached for a kunai with her leaf hand. Slipping it out of her pouch, she aimed for a bird arching on a tree branch just a meter away from her. Just as the bird was about to fly, the kunoichi threw the kunai towards its left wing, leaving it unable to fly as it dropped to the ground. Ditching her current spot, the girl pushed herself up as the chakra scalpel disappears from her right hand. Walking towards the bird, she slipped the kunai back into her pouch before plopping down onto the ground before the bird. Looking down at the injured bird, she stretched its wings out before weaving a set of handseals. Due to the fact that the bird itself is small, she decided to only cover two of her fingers with chakra rather than her whole hand.

The chakra creeped up her index and middle finger, giving it a distinctive glow. Molding the said chakra into a small blade, she shaped the edges just how she did when she made a bigger one using her whole hand. Compared to when using her whole hand to form the scalpel, it was easier to control the chakra when using two fingers as less amount of chakra is needed. It was, however, slightly harder to mold as the amount of chakra available was little. Taking as much time, she was finally able to craft a blade out of the little amount of chakra covering her two fingers. Bringing it towards the left side of the bird, she poked the blade into its flesh, starting just below its wing. Blood started to drip out of the cut the moment the blade set in, causing the girl to quickly pull it out. Due to the size of her blade, the wound she caused wasn’t so big — just about an inch in length. Performing the mystical palm technique on the bird, she healed the wound she has caused on the side along with its left wing. Letting it free, she walked towards the two dead birds that she has killed earlier using the poison mist jutsu. Grabbing both of it, she walked back towards the heap of leaves, setting one down beside it. Settling beside the heap of leaves, she set the other bird down right in front of her before firing up her chakra scalpel, ready to experiment around with it. Concentrating different amounts of chakra towards the tip of the blade each time, she precisely make small cuts on the body of the bird, observing the depth of the cuts along with the possible damage. Grabbing a small handful of leaves, she placed it beside the bird in front of her, followed by moving the bird onto the leaves as it started to bleed. By placing the leaves below the bird, some of the blood should get soaked up by the leaves, which will stop her experimentation from creating a bloody mess. Inching backwards, she continued investigating the effect of different levels of concentration of chakra on the tip of the scalpel and how it would effect the precision of the cuts the user was able to make with the scalpel.

Watching the blood trickling away from the bed of leaves underneath the bird, she quickly grabbed another small handful of leaves and stuffed it between the bird itself and the old layer of leaves, snatching her hand away from it as some of the blood started to make its way towards her hand. Continuing to jab the said bird with her chakra scalpel, she came to a halt, letting her scalpel disappear. So far, what she could tell for sure was that the more chakra she would concentrate towards the tip of the blade, the deeper the cuts she was able to make. However, the chakra had to be precisely controlled for the blade itself to create (deeper) cuts. From what she has read, although this technique would usually used for surgery, it could also be used in battle; much like how one could use a blade to inflict normal wounds during a battle, this technique may also be used to do such as well. Though to be able to make the scalpel adequately sharp to inflict enough damage, the wielder would have to be able to precisely control chakra onto the scalpel, which if in a heated battle, would be considerably hard to do, depending on one’s skill level. Watching the chakra scalpel formed around her hand disappear, she cocked her head to the right.

Gazing towards bird number 2, she picked up a small handful of leaves and spread it out to the left of bird number 1. Forming a bed with the leaves, she grabbed another small handful, dropping it onto the one she just spread out. Grabbing bird number 2 and placing it onto the leaves, performing a number of handseals, ending with the Dog seal. Chakra started to appear around her right hand, slowly taking into the shape of a scalpel as the edges sharpened. The flow of chakra became more streamlined as she concentrated more towards the tip. Bringing her hand towards the bird, she sliced it downwards from the bird’s breast all the way to its lower belly. Whilst slicing it, she made sure not to dig the scalpel too deep into the bird as she didn’t want to slice it in half. Once done, she examined the bird in front of her, squinting at the damaged ligaments and organs. Its liver and lungs were cut open, leaving the girl to look away from the slightly unsightly view. Due to the short scalpel, she wasn’t able to cut deeper through the bird. Watching the scalpel around her hand, she brought it to the side of the bird, stabbing it at the area just below its right wing. Pushing her hand further towards the bird, she could see the tip of the blade appearing just beside the bird's lungs. Pulling her hand out, she jumped to her feet and walked away from the bird. Well, she was done with her experimentations as of then.

Heading towards a nearby tree, she distanced herself from the said tree before charging towards it and stabbing its trunk. Currently having no one to train with, she decided to use the natural resources available at the training grounds. It’d be nice if there was an actual person to test out the amount of damage the scalpel could cause, but well... honestly, she was slightly glad that there was no one there for her to test her scalpel. Why? because that meant she would have to heal whoever she would be stabbing, and healing someone else is just… bleh. Though she could probably run away from that someone but, oh well, she’d rather not cause any trouble in the village. For someone of her rank to cause trouble in the village would not set a good image, first of all. Secondly, the village leaders, the past and current Hokage including her parents would definitely not be proud. Also, that would lead to Viper labelling her as one of his ‘herp derps’ ninja, which is not a nice title… oh wait how did she knew that..? Anyway, moving on…

The bright sun blinded the kunoichi, causing her to squint at the tree in front of her. Performing a few handseals, she started to coat her right hand with chakra. As she sharpened the edges of the chakra around her right hand, she started coating her left hand with chakra. The chakra around her right hand was done and ready for use after nearly a minute of molding said chakra. The medic was however, having trouble with the scalpel on her left hand; the chakra on her left hand started to lose its shape every time she tried to mold it into a scalpel. Great. Taking a deep breath, she started to concentrate the chakra around her left hand, taking better control of it and slowly letting the chakra take shape of a scalpel. After fifteen minutes of wasti- I mean doing her best at creating the scalpel, she was left with two scalpels made out of chakra around her hands. Bracing them horizontally to her chest, the medic charged towards the tree, stabbing the scalpel formed around her right hand once the tree was approximately three inches away from her. Whilst throwing her chakra-formed scalpel towards the tree, she made sure to concentrate the chakra towards the tip of the said scalpel (whilst maintaining the chakra in the shape of the scalpel) to ensure maximum damage. After stabbing the trunk, she would jump back slightly before running to the left of the tree, stabbing it once again with the scalpel formed around her left hand.

Acknowledging the fact that she looked like an idiot, stabbing a tree and all, she decided to ignore said fact. Emptying her head, Ayumi continued to stab different parts of the bark of the tree, switching between her hands. Making sure to concentrate the chakra towards the tip of the blade, she thrusted her arm towards her target—in this case the tree bark—as hard as she could. Whilst alternating between both of her hands, she decided to put the sides of the blade into use by striking her hand horizontally towards the tree bark. Making sure to concentrate chakra towards the side of the blade in use, she slammed it into the bark, putting in all of her strength onto the swing. The kunoichi pulled back her hand and lightly jumped onto the tree branch just a meter above her. Squatting on said branch, she looked across the training grounds, squinting as the sun rays penetrated through the leaves. Pushing her legs out and settling down onto the branch, she weaved a number of handseals and started to direct her chakra towards her hands. Engulfing her hands with chakra, she watched it creep up her slender fingers. Starting to mold it into the shape of a scalpel, the girl tried to fasten up the process; rather than taking forev- um a few minutes, she’d would like to shorten the time it would take to form it. As the scalpel finished forming around her hands, the kunoichi let it lose its shape before repeating the whole process once again from the top. Cutting down the time needed for each time, she was able to sped up the time needed to form the said scalpel. Having decided to take a break, the girl glanced around for a split second before vanishing.

Eyeing a bird that was flying past her, the kunoichi jumped to her feet, dashing towards the bird, pushing herself up with a little jump in order to reach the bird. Swiftly bringing her hand beside the body of the bird, she snatched it, landing on her feet while softly clutching the bird softly in order to not crush it by raw strength. Walking back towards the nearby tree, she sat down on the ground, still holding the grip around the bird. It was time to do something easy. Loosening her grip by a bit, she placed her right hand below the bird before sliding her left hand towards her other hand, taking the place of her right hand. Taking her right hand away, she left her left hand in the position, looking at the now exposed back of the bird. The kunoichi placed her index finger on the back of the bird, just slightly below the part where the neck connects to the body. Starting to concentrate her chakra towards the spot, she let it flow at a constant pace. Once the chakra hit the body of the bird, it formed a small seal. Moving her hand aside; on the back of the bird was a tiny dot, a seal that she herself has put on the said bird. Watching as the seal started to disappear, the girl opened up her left hand, letting the bird go, keeping on mind the tiny brown fleck placed about a few millimeters under the bird’s beak. By remembering the feature of the bird, she would be able to tell whether or not she has caught the right bird later on—if she was able to catch it. From what she has read, the seal was invisible to the naked eye. Those with chakra vision, however, would be able to spot the seal through close inspection. As she was not a fuinjutsu specialist, she (most) probably would not be able to reveal the seal, much less recognize or see it. Closing her eyes, she started to concentrate, trying to see whether the seal which she has left on the bird was still active. A few seconds passed before the girl perked up her senses as a faint… feeling..? (or whatever it was) Scrambling onto her feet, she hauled herself up the tree branch above her, squatting down. Holding onto the trunk, she watched her surroundings, trying to tell whether the still was still active. A few seconds passed before jumped off of the branch. What for sure was that the seal is still active, however, she wasn’t unable to track down the bird. But considering that it was her first attempt at a fuinjutsu technique, she may as well be too inexperienced. Licking her bottom lip, her eyes lingered around the area for a split second. She could still sense the still but was still unable to pinpoint its exact location. To be honest, it was slightly frustrating, but what could she do, right? Maybe one day, she would be able to use this seal to track down certain things. Now that she was able to do a simple jutsu such as that, it was time for the girl to perform another simple jutsu.

Slipping her hand into her pouch, she fished out a scroll that she has uh… ‘borrowed’ from Takeshi. Rolling the scroll open, she once again slipped her hand into her pouch, pulling out a number of her equipment. Dumping the weapons beside the open scroll, she gulped down the humid air of Konoha. Her hair was plastered to her face; not a pretty look but whatever. Grabbing a shuriken, she placed it on the open scroll before sealing the said weapon into the scroll. Grabbing another one of her weapons, she placed it right beside where she has sealed in a shuriken, Sealing in the kunai, she grabbed another one of her kunai and once again sealed it away into the scroll. Continuing to do the exact same thing over and over again, the girl had then sealed nineteen of her weapons in the scroll. Grabbing another shuriken, she sealed it once again into the scroll. Stuffing the rest of her weapons back into her pouch, the medic touched the spots where she has sealed a weapon away. Directing her chakra towards the spot, she would keep an eye on it as a puff of smoke appeared as the chakra hits the spot. As the smoke dissipates, a shuriken is placed on the spot where she had laid her finger. Continuing to place her finger on the other spots one by one, she channeled her chakra towards each spot which would greet her with a puff of smoke along with a weapon that she had sealed away in the specific spot.

Finding joy in doing so—she’s a simple person, okay—the girl continued running her finger down the scroll and channeling her chakra towards it until the last of the weapons that she has sealed away is out. Sweeping them together into a pile, she stuffed them back into her pouch before rolling the scroll back and stuffing it into her pocket. She first decided to test some basic and easy fuinjutsu techniques in order to take a break from her medical jutsu training, but it seemed that she ended up enjoying that little break session more than expected. It seemed as if the child inside of her had surfaced out. It was quite bizarre considering how her years of experience as a ninja had suppressed the childlike innocence inside of her. Either way, playing around with those fuinjutsu techniques proved to be a good way of taking a break; instead of doing nothing, she actually learned something that may be useful. It was then when her short break came to an end; it was time to continue with her actual training. The next jutsu that she was about to work on is called the Body Pathway Derangement technique and it was once again a medical ninjutsu. Moving her left hand around softly through the air, the girl brought her fingers together, laying them side by side. She channeled her chakra towards the palm of her left hand, feeling the sudden surge of energy as a blue aura encircled her hand. Moving her hand around, the girl attempted to change the chakra into electricity. If she could channel lightning chakra, she would technically be able to change her chakra into electricity, right? Technically, all she had to do was alter her chakra to resemble electricity. Sounds easy, but was it really that easy?

From what she has read about the technique, it was essentially transforming chakra into electricity and pouring it into the target’s nervous system in order to sever the electric signals from the brain, thus deranging their body control. Sounds cool. The girl stared into space as she slowly tried to convert her chakra into electricity, or at least give it the properties of electricity. A few minutes passed and she could feel a sudden surge of energy, which in a way was telling her that there was a big possibility that her chakra had electrical properties. Well, she would never know for sure unless she tried it herself, right? Picking herself up, she looked around before detecting a familiar chakra presence. Standing still as the chakra presence neared, a sly smile crept up her lips. Keeping the chakra surrounding her hand stable, she continued giving it electrical properties. In a blink of an eye, Ayumi disappeared from the spot. Running towards the familiar chakra presence, the girl jabbed the lower spine of the boy, pouring her chakra into his nervous system. Jumping away from him, she tilted her head to the side, an innocent smile playing on her face, “Hi.”

A simple greeting uttered by the girl could be heard as the boy fell on his knees, his face slightly confused. The kunoichi smiled as she crouched down. The boy in front of her was no other than her brother, Takeshi; what a nice coincident. The boy growled, “How about asking permission first before using me as an experiment?” The girl tilted her head before shrugging her shoulders. How about… No. Watching his every movement, she observed her lab rat. She could see that he struggled for a few seconds but eventually picked himself up in less than a minute much to her amazement. Getting back onto her feet, the girl took a few steps back before vanishing. Standing on the tree branch, she channeled her chakra onto her left hand, once again giving it electrical properties. Launching herself off of the tree branch, she sped towards him and once again strike his lower spine, pouring her chakra into his system. As soon as the strike landed, the boy fell on his knees, struggled for a few seconds and was back on his feet after half a minute of sitting still. Confused, Ayumi ran towards the tree branch, hiding within the leaves. She was obviously doing something wrong as Takeshi seemed to be having no problems controlling his body.

Staring at her left hand, the girl once again channeled her chakra towards it. Biting her lower lip, the kunoichi squatted down and wrapped her right arm around the tree trunk. As she stared off into space trying to recall the information regarding the Body Pathway Derangement technique, the girl slowly transformed the chakra within herself, giving it electrical properties. Whilst doing so, her eyes darted around the area before shifting her gaze back onto her left hand. Having completed the process of transforming her chakra by giving it electrical properties, she should by now have created an electric field, right? Racking her brains, the kunoichi unwrapped her right arm and stood up, her gaze then focusing towards Takeshi who was standing right in the middle of the open space, stretching his muscles. Bracing herself, she launched herself off of the branch, speeding towards him and thrusting her left hand forward, aiming towards the middle of his back right where his spine was located. Just as she was about to strike him with full force, the boy disappeared from her sight thus causing the girl to lose her balance. Shooting straight towards the ground, the kunoichi stretched out both of her arms and propped herself up. Crouching, she could see Takeshi reappearing twenty meters away from her. Licking her lips, the dark-haired girl stood up, her gaze landing directly on her target. Slightly lowering her body, she channeled her chakra towards her hand, converting her chakra and giving it electrical properties before charging towards Takeshi.

Determined to strike him, the girl jumped above her target as she neared him. Landing right behind him, she thrusted her hand forward, hitting his spine. As soon as her hand touched his back, Ayumi made sure to pour her already-converted chakra into his nervous system. The moment her hand left his back, the boy dropped to the ground, kneeling. Just in case her strike was unsuccessful, the girl speed-walked away from the boy, stopping just a meter away from him. That way, she could still inspect his movements closely and be able to (narrowly) escape just in case he decided to attack her. Hopefully this time, the chakra poured into his system will sever the electrical signals from his brain which in turn will result in deranging Takeshi’s body control. Watching the boy closely, Takeshi’s body was still for a split second before his right arm started to twitch. Followed by his right arm, his left leg moved slightly before stopping. As the boy stood still for another split second, he jumped up to his feet before speeding towards Ayumi. The girl, in return, spun around before sprinting away from the spot. Her heart sank at the unsuccessful attempt of the jutsu. Jumping up onto a tree branch, she let out an exasperated sigh before plopping down onto the branch. Feeling slightly frustrated over the fact that she couldn’t get the jutsu right, she has decided to abandon it as of now. Hopefully working on a new jutsu would help ease her mind off of the Body Pathway Derangement technique.

Stretching her neck, the girl had decided to work on something she hasn’t worked on for quite a while: Speed. After running around for the past half an hour, it was time to improve her speed. Whilst she wasn't particularly slow, she wasn’t extraordinarily fast either, you know what I mean? Hence, working on her speed was quite important. Plus the kunoichi has always been looking for ways to increase her speed, because hey, it seemed nice to be speedy (in her case). Standing still, the girl would channel her chakra towards the soles of her feet, creating a thin layer of chakra just below it. The thin layer of chakra would help reduce the friction between the soles of her feet and the ground underneath (or at least that was what she thought anyway). Moving on, the girl would then evenly distribute her chakra towards her feet before sprinting off; and off she went to a good start until a split second later, the girl would stumble before ending up on her knees. Still kneeling, Ayumi looked into the distance. Well, that was nice, making a total fool out of herself. To be honest, she didn’t know herself what exactly happened; maybe it was because she was so clumsy that she lost her footing. Maybe she just tripped over herself. Maybe she wasn’t doing it right. Getting back on to her feet, the kunoichi would repeat the process of channeling chakra towards her feet before creating a thin layer of chakra underneath the soles of her feet. It was going well, as of then… Uh, she would rather hope so because if she were to not be able to do such a simple task, that would be pretty embarrassing. Breaking into a jog, the girl would increase her speed little by little. To be honest, she couldn’t really feel any difference in terms of speed; the speed of which she was running at? Still (felt like) the same ol’ speed. How encouraging was it to know that you’ve not made any progress, right? Sure, it was her second attempt at the technique, but let’s be real: the essence of this technique was not difficult. Shaking her head, the girl would stop channeling chakra towards her feet and slow down into a jog. 

Continuing to jog around the training grounds, the kunoichi proceeded by slowly channeling chakra towards her feet a few seconds later. Might as well try it again, right? Plus she wasn’t repeating the same thing; unlike her last attempt, she was going to try and channel chakra towards her limbs whilst running. And well you know what, this time, she could actually feel a difference in terms of speed. It wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing. Halting her jog, the girl stood in place, squinting her eyes. What she realized was that once she had completely channel chakra towards her feet, there was a little boost in terms of speed. It, however, made her feel slightly unstable probably due to the sudden increase in momentum, but she didn’t really mind because hey, better than nothing, right? Breaking into a run, the dark haired girl would continue doing the same thing over and over again until she reached to the point where the ‘little boost of speed thing’ (as she had decided to call it) didn’t seem to change drastically. It probably boosted her speed by 15 or 20, but honestly, it wasn’t enough to impress her. Yeah, it was nice at first, but it just wasn’t enough. Plopping herself onto the ground, the girl revised all of her attempts at this whole “little boost of speed thing”. Obviously, to start off, she had to be running. Whilst running, she had to release spurts of chakra towards her feet in order to speed herself up. However, what she has noticed is the fact that she may lose her balance when cake is pushed towards her feet. In order to keep her balance, (from the looks of it) she would have to use her chakra to anchor her feet to the ground (similar to the mechanics of the Surface Walking jutsu). One more thing to keep in mind would be to keep a thin layer of chakra in-between her feet and the ground because according the girl herself, it would lessen the friction between her feet and the well the ground itself.

After getting her thoughts together, the kunoichi hauled herself onto her feet before breaking into a jog as per usual. The dark-haired girl started to speed after a few seconds, increasing her speed little by little before channeling some chakra towards her feet. In a split second, her speed increased as expected. However, due to the sudden increase in speed, the girl ended up loosing her balance and found herself in a kneeling position; oh well, no one is perfect — she was bound to stumble a couple of times during her first few attempts at this technique—whatever it was—anyway. After all, she was still in her trial and error period. Maybe she could blow off some steam by messing around with some elemental jutsu which she had already learned back when she was a Chuunin. She hasn’t been using those for quite some time, so it would most probably benefit her to go over those jutsu. After all, as mentioned numerous times before, practice makes perfect. But as of then, ladies and gentlemen, it was time to go home as your girl was exhausted from running around the training grounds.

Til next time.

TWC: 10,202

- Poison Mist (3000/3000)
- Chakra Scalpel (4000/4000)
- Mark Seal (500/500)
- Body Pathway Derangement (1101/4000)
- Ninjutsu specialty (1601/4000)
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