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Daikuri Hyuuga
Daikuri Hyuuga
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu [体術]
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 500

On a Roll! Empty On a Roll!

Mon Jun 03, 2024 9:46 am

It was a dull Monday afternoon for Daikuri as the mission he was assigned today he was supposed to help deliver a body of a fallen shinobi back to the village. He had never dealt with death or seen a dead body really up close except for family funerals and such. But a death in the field of battle was different. Being a shinobi they all could become a Vitim to it at any time on a mission this why teamwork was fatal part of being a ninja, because at the end of the day they all were just trying to protect their loved ones and return back safely.

After reading the briefing and obtaining the mission from the mission board he was off to retrieve the fallen shinobi. He had to travel to a small town west of the village where a jonin squad had regrouped at with the body waiting for Daikuri arrival. The sun was shining bright almost blinding him as he held his hand above his face, passing through the village gates. He was en route and had to pick up the pace, not wanting to keep anyone waiting his sprinted to the nearest tree. Jumping up to the top using the trunk stopping on a branch as he gathered his self."Uhhh i hope they have something to carry this guy with.... and I'm supposed to inform his family off his passing too. Why I got to be the one to bring the bad news" he said as he shook his head and signed.

Then with a burst of speed he vanished in a blur, jumping from tree to tree on his way west to the small town. About 15 minutes passed by before he came to the last tree where he stopped before a clearing. The small town now in sight he performed the "Ram" hand seal and vanished once more appearing not far from the main road which led into the small town. Entering the town Daikuri then activated his Byakugan eyes as he scanned the area looking for the hidden leaf ninjas. Being able to see through walls he spotted a group of joinin in the center of the town. "There they go better get over there quick" he said as he started heading towards that way.

Approaching the group one of the ninjas had noticed him coming near as he said "Hey there you go.... look the poor guy is over here" the shinobi said pointing to a corpse laid on the ground beside the group covered with a large cloth. "Took a couple shuriken's to the chest during an ambush. Was gone instantly... just make sure you give his family my respects okay." The group of jonin ninjas looked rough and beat up, Daikuri couldn't have imagine what the group had experience or went through on their journey and didn't want to find out either. But their faces said it all and that was enough for him. "Huh how I'm supposed to get the... um I mean him back to the village?" Daikuri asked as he scratched his head.

"Look Biyu is going to help you bring our guy back oh and his names Ryto Sato make sure you tell whoever it is you report to his name they will inform you what to do next. There's a wagon over there load him up then you should be good to go." With that Kito and Daikuri did as they were told making sure to not to be too rough with the corpse as they placed "Ryto" on the wagon. "I had a long day so your about to do most of the heavy lifting" Biyu the older jonin said as the two both then left to the small town. Following the path back to Konohagakure.Their trip took almost 2 hours as they traveled along the road in awkward silence, but they were now approaching the village gates.

Now at the gates the two were greeted by another join who then stopped the two as he said, " Stop what is this with you?" pointing at the wagon. "Ryto Sato sir." Daikuri replied. "Hmmm I thought so" the shinobi then said as he removed the cloth from the corpse now laying a hand on the body. The jonin then performed a few hand seals and before you know it a clone appeared with a puff right next to the ninja. It was the deceased Ryto Sato.

"Look...your wife is coming over i just need you to LOOK cool, okay? Incoming 12 o'clock" The other joinin said to the clone as he nodded his head to the left indicating that someone was coming. It was Ryto's wife coming to welcome him back from the days mission, she wore a big smile on her face until she noticed something was wrong. Putting two and two together she then tried to run towards Ryto to give him a hug but then Daikuri stepped in-between the two. His face tense as ever as he shook his head. "Were still conducting business madam he will talk to you later" Daikuri said. The clone then gave smile as he nodded, then Biyu appearing at the right time then walked the lady off back into the village conversating as they did. The clone disappearing shortly after.

 Meanwhile the jonin had quickly covered the body up and was taking the corpse back into the village where it was to be examined and organs removed so it could be harvested for use of the village. The body was going to be replaced with a clone so it was Daikuri's job to make sure no one came in contact with the thing cause the cat would be out the bag then. The entombment took place later that day as the Shinobi didn't have no family to attend. He had just lived with his wife and was the only family he had. It was four people in attendance Daikuri, the wife, a priest, and the jonin from earlier who pulled of that neat trick just in the nick of time.

A few words were said about the shinobi life then it was time to revel the body for one last glimpse. The shinobi then uncovered the tomb revealing the face of the past ninja. His wife then let out a loud cry as he then tried to get closer to the body, but Daikuri mad sure she kept a good distance of it. This making him feel sad also but orders was orders and he had to see this through. The tomb top was then placed back on top and was closed, the entombment coming to an end. His mission was finally over and now he was on his way to the mission board to collect his payment for today's work. He doesn't ever think he was going to forget Ryto's name after all he witness that day.

WC: 1,154
Daikuri Hyuuga
Daikuri Hyuuga
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu [体術]
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 500

On a Roll! Empty Re: On a Roll!

Tue Jun 04, 2024 8:08 pm
After yesterday's sad events today was a new day, a new start, a new mission he was on his way to pick up from the mission board. Daikuri had just departed from the Hyuuga district on this early morning and was walking head down, eyes buried deep into the pages of a manga he was reading. It was a prequel to one of his favorite manga series that he acquired from a friend in his Neiborhood who had given it to Daikuri as a gift, one he was very grateful for. He was now walking along village streets eyes still glued to the manga filliping through pages, using his peripheral vision to avoid people passing by and turning corners on his way to the mission board.

The walk was bout a ten-minute trip and almost reaching his destination Daikri turned another corner to a street with various shops and stores on both sides along the road. This street was busy and so he layed some focus off the book and tucked it in his shirt. "I'll catch up on some more later". he said to his self. Now looking ahead, he saw a kid running down the street towards him his bright yellow shirt catching Daikuri attention as the kid pick up in speed with each step. About ten meters in distance now from Daikuri the kid seemed to then drop something out of his hand from frantically swinging his arms. A spray can it was, fell before the young kid as he mistakenly stepped on it. Tripping and falling face first into the ground.

But just as the boy fell quickly jumped back up on his feet as he continued his sprint, running pass Daikuri shortly disappearing as he turned a corner. Daikuri then shook his head and then continued walking because in his mind kids were going to be kids and was bound to all types of stupidness. "He was just probably just rushing to get somewhere anyways" he thought. Reaching his destination the ninja academy he proceeds to the mission board where a jonin awaited who then handed him a paper with his assigned task. Containing the details of his mission while he gave a brief summary on what he was supposed to do.
"We got a little guy who like to practice his arts and craft on village buildings. Leaving gr Need ya to bring him back so we could teach him a lesson, his parents were already notified of his wrong doings." The older Shinobi said.

Listening to the older shinobi and remembering the kid he had saw earlier Daikuri then started putting two and two together. "I think seen this boy...what did he have on a....yellow shirt and..hmmm" he thought to himself. He then looked back down and his paper where it said blue pants by the kid's description. The kid had to still be running around the village somewhere and he was going to find him. He just had to find where he was and back tracing his steps was the first thing to do because he had ran into the kid earlier. So as he left the mission boards, he followed the exact street where he had came from along the path.

Now activating his Byakugan he was scanning the area as he strolled down the busy street. Reaching the end of it he made a left turn onto another street this one not so much as crowed. Daikuri white eyes gaze down the block spotting the village's library a few buildings down. Dakiuri used to spend a lot of time in there as a kid because he used to love reading as a hobby and still does till this day. Now approaching the building, he noticed there was a funny marking under a front window on the ground floor. Walking to the window he stopped and folded hi arms noticing it was a graffiti mark with the work "Slayed" painted in bright green letters. "Slayed huh" Daikuri said aloud to his self as he looked in disgust.

He had to put a end to this fast! Before the WHOLE Konohagakure was covered in paint. Moving away from the window he then turned into the street, where he saw the same yellow shirt kid he saw earlier before not too far from him. Looking up and gazing upon the wearer it was the boy frozen in place with another spray can in one hand and a bag of chips in the other. The pair had noticed each other at the same making them both pause and stare at each for a moment before DAikuri shouted "Caught red handed!! Stop right there!!" With that the chase was on as the boy then started to run as fast as he can in the other direction trying to avoid his fate.

Daikuri running behind the boy as they ran down the block then proceed with the following handseals  "Tiger - Horse - Ram - Clone seal" following with one clone appearing with a puff out of thin air beside him, joining in on the chase. The boy then turned a corner to the left continuing running trying to get away. But Daikuri and his clone was now not far behind and now closing in. Cutting the corner by utilizing the body flickering technique, he and his clone jumped the across a building roof. Skipping across as the clone landed in front of the young boy bring him to a complete stop and Daikuri landed behind the boy now trapping him. "Wait..I could explain..." the young boy said scared backing away from the clone.

Then Daikuri snatched the young boy's shirt, yanking the kid from behind then holding him up in the air with one hand. "Save for someone who cares. You violated the village property and you're going to have to pay. What would your parents think of this? He then said as the boy now started crying tears falling down his face. It was too late to cry now, the clone accompanying them
then disappeared in smoke as now it was time to turn the boy in to the local authorities. Maybe they would find a suitable punishment for the poor kid. Maybe snot something to harsh. "Maybe if you clean up all these markings you made on these building ill put in a word for but for now...stop your crying!!" Daikuri yelled. Silencing the boy. The pair had caused a scene and was now attracting the attention of people walking by, trying now to cause a crowd to form he then fastly stormed off with the boy now holding the kid retrained under his left armpit.


WC: 1,110
TWC: 2,264

Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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On a Roll! Empty Re: On a Roll!

Wed Jun 05, 2024 7:53 pm
Daikuri Hyuuga wrote:Mission Claims:
+4000 Ryo 4000 + 4000 = 8,000 Ryo
+22AP  27 + 22 = 49AP

WC Claims:
TWC: 2,264
+22 Speed 31 + 22 = 53 Speed

Learning Wind Release: Zephyr Blade (1,500/1,500) Previous Training
Learning Hyuuga’s Valor [v7.2] (1,505/2,500)

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