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Wed Apr 24, 2024 12:01 am
Kai walked through town taking in the sights for once! He, in a way, grew up here! Moved here at a young age and taken in by a caring family. People who knew of his lineage or so.they said. They of course were the only ones, Kai never spoke of his mother or father despite knowing who both of them were!
Kai enjoyed the cloudy weather, it wasn't too hot or cold at the moment and today Kai decided to wear a shirt sleeved button black shirt and black pants and of course black socks and boots. Of course his black rimmed glasses added to his style. Funny thing, he actually wears them because he can't read small print. They tend to accent his gold eyes as well!
He had a piece of paper in his hand that was given to him in a hand written envelope from his mother before she died! Several articles were in it and he kept three items out of them and put the rest in a safe place.
He walked up to a home near the square, took a deep breath then knocked on it. If this letter was correct with the correct information, then he was related to this person, it was his cousin through his mother. Or at least she made reference to the Shokkus in Hoshi being related to her!
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