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Yama Kokoro
Yama Kokoro
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Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Yama manifests Empty Yama manifests

Thu Mar 21, 2024 10:59 pm
Yama had found himself a place to sit. It was a place on the shores of the island, where he would simply sit and think about his darling Akaime. There was so much about him that he missed, and he even found himself regret leaving the group. But he knew that he had to prove himself to him, he had to prove that he was strong enough to be with him, he just needed a chance. But he was dedicated and determined to see him once again. Akaime was the only thing he could truly think of, day and night. He was so saddened to know that he was so far away. But with the tournament on its way, he was going to use it as a means to his heart.

He would lie on a rock, a comfortable enough place for him to fantasize about his love.

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Akaime Chinoike
Akaime Chinoike
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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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Yama manifests Empty Re: Yama manifests

Thu Mar 21, 2024 11:45 pm
From one reality to another. From the dense vegetative of the Key Country to the sandy beaches of the Moon Island. The scent of the ocean wafted into his nose as he took his first steps in the foreign lands. The cool ocean breeze blew through his blonde hair and caressed his alabaster skin. He felt the sand beneath his feet as he looked out into the deep blue of the sea. Seagulls flew overhead, squawking and the blow of water from a whale's blowhole was seen in the distance. Everything about the ocean seemed magical to him. He gazed at the ocean for a moment before the realization of what he was doing here brought him back to reality.

Letting go of Kakushin’s hand, he turned his focus elsewhere; specifically, to the man sitting upon the beach. He immediately could tell who this lone individual was. No one else compared to his stature. A smile formed over his mouth as he lightly stepped over to Yama. Upon reaching him, whether or not he would realize that they were there, Akaime would wrap his arms around Yama’s neck and slightly whisper in his ears. “Did you miss me as much as I missed you, dear?” Akaime placed a kiss on his cheek. As their meeting commenced over the next moments; the conversation, the actions, and the emotions would be held. But what is specifically said or done; well, that is a story for them to know and perhaps, others to find out.

[EXIT to Moonrise Gate]
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Kakushin Senju
Kakushin Senju
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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Yama manifests Empty Re: Yama manifests

Fri Mar 22, 2024 12:27 am
in a mere moment, kakushin became only chakra, and was transported instantly from the clearing in Key country where the caravan of Kintsugi was to the sandy hot shores of the land of the moon. Kakushin himself never teleported before, but the experience proved to be really impressive, to the fabricated senju. The surroundings were magnificient, with the island of the Moon boasting pristine turquoise waters and soft sand beaches lined with towering palm trees, thick jungle forest and fields of moon flowers which emit a sweet fragrance and provide a stunning display of colors. 


The fabricated Senju arrived with his feets in this warm and soft sand, touching with his artificial flesh the very nature around him. As he lowered his hat to see and expose his visage to the man he so dearly missed, Yama the ram, kakushin face was stoic, but harbored a small smile, proud to see his beloved and muscular son in this place of wonders.

Yama manifests TqZ2PEV

''Well well well... Yama my dear! How much your father missed you, I cannot express in words. This land is trully beyond anything we have ever seen is it not? By the city affar, a meating with the local lord of the land impose itself, to not create trouble and discidence with the familly arriving soon. It pleases me to see you in such a good shape.'' would say Kakushin, getting close to Yama, hugging him in a true loving fatherly gesture.

''We will see each other soon enough, but for now, we must depart to the city to be sure we are at least safe here in following you. Be safe my son.'' added the long haired man, dressed in simple black clothing, before slowly walking barefooted toward the large stony gates of the land affar.


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