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Junko Tsukiko
Junko Tsukiko
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Village Leader
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Choppy Waters Empty Choppy Waters

Wed Feb 21, 2024 3:42 am
Recently Junko had grown rather close to a handful of her companions, however, the strongest bond she seemed to forge was with Ren. She found herself thinking of him from the moment she awoke to the moment she fell asleep. Though she couldn’t help but shake the feeling that it was wrong, she was falling for him but knew that his idealization of her drove him to be at her beck and call. Part of her liked this, having somebody always there for her. However, a different part of her knew he was distracting her from her duties. She only wanted to be around him and do things with him. For a few days she’d contemplate about this, she knew that he’d be distraught if she rejected him and didn’t want to make him upset with her.

A few times, as the whole home dined together, Junko would notice Kiko admiring Ren but would quickly look away as she noticed Junko was looking at her. Kiko was a part of her after all, so she couldn’t fault her clone for falling for the man, though the thought of them being together did make her jealous. However as she watched Kiko admire him more, Junko came up with a plan to seemingly make everyone happy. She knew that she wouldn’t have the time necessary to commit herself to Ren fully, and decided to take his emotional well-being into her own hands.

She found that she had the ability to alter and even erase the memories of those around her with a simple gaze. Though her heart begged her not to do this, she had already made up her mind. By altering his memories of her and replacing them with Kiko, she’d save him from the emotional blow of being rejected by her. She also had been witnessing Kiko slowly fall for him and figured that in order to make everyone happy she’d bow out. Ren deserved more than Junko could provide her, that’s what she believed at least. She wanted Ren to be happy more than anything else and dreaded the thought of him being emotionally broken as she pushed him away. She knew that if her plot was revealed to him, he’d never trust her again, so she had to ensure that all the loose ends would be tied. Also, she wanted to check in with Kiko before moving forward with the plan, after all, if she wasn’t interested the plan would fail immediately.

One night before heading to bed, Junko would invite Kiko to take a stroll with her. This was the night she planned on telling Kiko of her plot, and wanted to ensure that she would be okay with the idea. She wouldn’t speak for the first few minutes of their stroll, wanting to make sure they were completely isolated. As they came upon a wide beach Junko would stop in her tracks, then gaze at Kiko. It was odd to be looking at somebody so much like herself, though Kiko had recently changed her hair and got a few tattoos, Junko could still only see her face staring back at her. She slightly regretted making them look exactly like her, but it was too late now to dwell on such things.

With a monotone voice nearly deprived of emotion, Junko would begin explaining the plan to her. Kiko seemed rather confused at what was going on, she asked multiple questions as to why, which Junko would respond honestly to. They discussed the plan for roughly an hour after she explained her reasoning Kiko reluctantly agreed. Junko would ask that she give the relationship at least a month, and then she could decide if she wished to remain with him or not. She knew once Kiko spent some time with him, that she’d fall in love with Ren. Honestly who couldn’t help but admire his kind spirit?

After the discussion had ended, both Junko and Kiko agreed to the terms set and began their walk home. The walk back was rather quiet as emotions and thoughts coursed through both of the women's minds. Upon arrival at their home, both of them would seemingly excuse themselves for the night and promptly go to bed.

However that night Junko wouldn’t sleep at all, she would simply lay in bed and quietly contemplate her choices. A few times she’d silently cry as the thought of losing him was too much for her to bear. She didn’t regret the choices she planned on making, she knew this would be the best possible outcome, at least to her. Kiko would end up with Ren, and Ren wouldn’t have to go through such a heartbreak. Memories flashed in her mind of the cherished time they spent together, over the last month or so she genuinely was beginning to love him. Before she grew too attached, she knew she needed to detach herself from him.

She watched as the sunlight was slowly beginning to peak out from her thick curtains. Normally she’d be up and house by now, however, she knew that today was going to be a hard one. She’d remain isolated in her room, simply telling those who came looking for her that she felt ill. Most of the day was spent laying either on her soft bed or on the floor, and just thinking about what was to come, and what she would lose.  


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Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
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Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Choppy Waters Empty Re: Choppy Waters

Wed Feb 21, 2024 5:49 pm
Junko Tsukiko wrote:(EXIT)


WC Claims (25% discount max stats)
750/750 Basic Medical Ninjutsu C Rank previous training
807/1313 Cleansing Aura B Rank


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