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Ren Kurosawa
Ren Kurosawa
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
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The dog without his leash Empty The dog without his leash

Fri Feb 09, 2024 6:04 pm
Mission Details:

A new morning, a new sun, and a familiar room, unfotunately it was his own. He awoke in his own bed, and his thoughts immediately went to Junko. He couldn't help but feel a sadness at the realization that they hadn't spent the night together. He did cherish their moments together, he understood that such a closeness wasn't quite constant in their relationship.

He sighed softly as he pushed the disappointment that weighed heavy on his mind and focused on the day ahead. He knew there were things to do, challenges to face, and people to help within the village. Despite his longing for Junko, he was dedicated to bringing today to the front of his mind and having it be a good one.

He also knew that Junko was trying to raise money for her village, and that was the foremost thing on his brain when it came to helping her make this happen. He was going to make as much money as he possibly could just to make her dreams become true.

Determined and ready, Ren rose from his bed and went about his morning routine, preparing himself for the day ahead. As he dressed and gathered his things, he couldnn't shake the feeling of longing that lingered in himself, a constant reminder of the desire he had for her every waking moment of his day.

With a heavy heart, Ren made his way out of his room and into the kitchen. Should the rest of the people be up as early as him, then he would greet them and treat them with kindness. Should he be alone, he would attempt to be as quiet as possible as he made his breakfast.

He left Junko's home and entered into the greater parts of the village. His mind filled with thoughts of Junko and the passed adventures they have had, and he did feel depressed. Despite the sadness that weighed him down, he knew that he had a responsibility to fulfill, and he was determined to face the challenges of the day with strength and resilience, to the best of his ability without his Junko.

Almost immediately as he left Junko's home, he was bombarded by a member of the community. They had urgency filling their face. Ren turned to the individual and listened to his plight. The villager explained that there were attacks happening by bandits and rogue shinobi in the settlements closer to the ruins of Tengakure. Ren's heart sank at the thought of the misshapen shinobi attacking the settlements, sank even deeper with the thought that he didn't have Junko with him.

Without any more hesitation, he nodded and told him that he would try and put an end to some of these attacks, and he would be leaving immediately. The villager provided him with details of which settlements were being attacked and when, and Ren was off. Each step he took, it was farther from Junko, but it was also closer to his goal, of bringing her village to life. So he felt some comfort with that.

As Ren journeyed through the plains of Moon, his senses were stuck on high alert, he couldln't help but notice a thick plume of smoke rising ominously in the distance. The scent of burning filled the air, mingling wit hthe gentle breeze that was sweeping across the landscape.

There was a bad feeling in his stomach, he quickened his pace, his heart pounding with a sense of urgency.He knew that the source of the smoke could only mean that there was a fresh attack, and innocent people were in danger.

He continued to draw cloer to the source of the flame and the smoke, then Ren's worst fears were confirmed. He could see flames consuming the buildings and the bodies of the villagers littering the floor, dead. His jaw clenched with anger as he surveyed the scene before him. He knew that there was danger that loomed ahead, but he had to press on, he had to push these people back. He thought of Junko, then created a water clone. The two of them looked at each other, nodded and took off sprinting for the village.

As they ran towards the village, his thoughts were consumed by memories of Junko. In the midst of the urgency and the danger that surrounded him, her image remained within his mind. It acted as a steady beacon of comfort and it steeled his resolve.

He thought of her gentle smile, her beautiful red eyes, her ferocity when battle was required, the warmth of her touch, everything about her. He knew that he had to return to her, because he wanted nothing more than to be with her. His heart ached within longing as he imagined Junko's face, her eyes filled with concern and love as she waited for him to return to her. Maybe it was a figment of his own creation, but it was strong enough to bring him to push harder and harder for everything she was trying to accomplish.

With each step he took, he drew strength from her memory. The day they spent together bringing that cargo to the nearby settlement, the nights that they slept in the same bed. Her warmth when they held each other. He remembered carrying her up her stairs and into her room, and when he pulled away to let her sleep, her hand clasping onto his, bringing it up to her chest, not allowing him to leave. He smiled, that was who Junko was. A beautiful soul with a strong heart.

He and his clone neared the village, and they could hear screaming echoing from within the village. He brought himself back to reality, as much as he didn't want to. He and his clone had arrived at the settlement and it was time for him to fight back. He thought about the village, but his heart was steady and fixed on the one person who he would consider his guiding light, his darling and beloved Junko.

He entered the settlement and his eyes widened with alarm when he caught the sight of dozens of bandits surrounding the entrance, it was indeed a trap. "Damn it." He said to himself. For a moment, time seemed to stand still as Ren and the bandits locked eyes, neither side making a move. The air crackled with anticipation, the silence only broken by the faint sound of flames crackling in the distance.

His heart pounded in his chest as he assessed the situation before him. He knew that he was outnumbered and outmatched, but he refused to back down to these bastards. His determination was strong, he was ready to defend whatever villagers were left here, or at least he was ready to try. Both sides stood there, stagnant and unmoving, unsure of who would make the first move.

Ren's voice cut through the tense silnce, breaking the standoff to address them directly. "Why are you doing this? What did these people do to you to deserve this!" He demanded, his eyes locked on the leader of this particular bandit group.

The leader sneered in response, his gaze filled with malice and a small amount of frenzy as he replied, "We're just followin' orders, you know what I mean? It's nothin' personal, lad. Our boss just wants the ruins to be all his, and soon, he wants the whole island. So best count your days. You and that black-haired woman. The bitch with the red eyes, ya know? First, we kill you. Then we move over to that little beat up house she's livin' in, have our fun and then kill her too. Boss'll love us. Right boys?!"

Ren's brow furrowed and his eyes burned with fury. "You're come near her, and I will rip your lungs out of your chest. Each of your people are on notice as of now!" Ren's voice was barely above a growl as he lunged forward, his movements fueled by a potent mix of adrenaline and righteous anger. His movements were not nearly as graceful as usual, but each step was filled with more determination than the last.

Ren's water clone yelled for him to stay back, but he couldn't hear it. He sprinted for the bandit's leader. His fists clenched as he took a wild swing for his head, looking to lop it off in a single strike. The standoff erupted into chaos, with Ren and the bandits clashing in a fierce battle. With every strike Ren fought with unmatched ferocity, he couldn't feel anything but rage and fury.

Swing after swing, Ren's blows didn't land. He was far too slow. Finally, Ren's water clone stepped in after a few moments by creating a black hole directly beside Ren. Some of the bandits were caught in it, dropping from the exhaustion of being dragged towards the sphere of chakra. His water clone finally snapped Ren out of it, yelling at him that he was being injured.

Ren leaped backward for a moment, and he realized that when he was so focused on hurting the bandit leader, he had knives and shuriken sticking out of his back. Suddenly, the pain surged into his consciousness. He instinctively reached behind him, his fingers brushing against the object embedded into his skin. In that moment of clarity, he understood just what was happening.

He had been so focused on the immediate threat that he had failed to notice the other bandits surrounding him. He leaped backward and soared through the air, weaved hand seals in both his left and right hand, whistling an erratic tune with his mouth.

When he finished the hand seals, he would throw two kunai knives directly at the leader, making the leader feel like both had penetrated his eyes. He would land on the ground, and he would hear the bandit leader screaming from the alleged pain. He used his genjutsu to choke out another one of the bandits, and the remainder of the bandits began to flee when they saw their leader screaming in pain.

With determination burning in his eyes, Ren sprang into action, his movements swift and precise as he lunged forward to catch the bandits' leader. He grabbed his katana, and plunged it into his chest. He pulled the sword back out of his chest, and he could see that the genjutsu had faded. His eyes looked into Ren's, then down to the gash in his chest. He collapsed and lay lifeless on the floor.

Ren mounted on top of the man, and he began bringing down the katana repeatedly until he was exhausted from the pain riddled upon his back. He looked around and saw that while parts of the village were destroyed, the rogues were broadly scattered from this conflict, meaning that he somewhat saved the town, even if not wholly.

His clone helped him up from the ground. Ren was covered in dirt, blood, and viscera. The clone pulled the projectiles out of Ren's back, and the two began walking toward the village's center. There were burned buildings, and some people were dead, but a majority of the people had left their houses at the sight of the bandits all running off. "It's...okay, everyone." Ren was pained as he uttered the words.

As he examined the destruction inflicted upon the once-peaceful village, a wave of exhaustion washed over Ren, threatening to pull him under and out of consciousness. His vision blurred at the edges, and the ground seemed to sway beneath his feet as he struggled to remain upright. He looked to his clone and asked for a hand.

With a final effort, Ren pushed himself forward, determined to assess the damages and ensure the villagers were okay. But as he reached the center of the village, his strength finally gave out, and he collapsed to the ground, his body wracked with fatigue and pain. As he lay there, his mind drifted to thinking of Junko, his beloved.

In that moment of vulnerability, with darkness threatening to overtake him, Ren could bring himself some joy and solace in the memory of her beautiful smile, the quick flash that he got of her when she was changing, her warmth as they lay in bed together, but most of all, her calm expression as she sat on the couch, asleep. Despite the chaos and uncertainty surrounding him, she remained his anchor, his one good thing, his angel.

With a faint smile on his lips, Ren whispered her name, his voice barely a whisper in the chaos of the aftermath. As darkness claimed him, Ren knew that he still had his love for Junko, no matter what. He did what he could to protect her.

As Ren drifted unconscious, his mind transported him to a vivid and beautiful vision of what he had hoped the future would be. The vision was of him and Junko standing side by side, surrounded by all the people of her soon-to-be village, on the day of their long-awaited wedding. Ren stood at the altar in his vision, his heart racing with anticipation as he watched Junko approach, her radiant smile lighting up the evening air. She was breathtaking, beautiful, words could barely explain, and if they did, it would barely scratch the surface. Her eyes sparkled with love and happiness as she walked towards him, her hand held delicately in Azuki's hand.

As Junko reached his side, their eyes met, and at that moment, all of Ren's fears and worries melted away. Instead, they were replaced by a profound sense of peace and exhilaration, both at the same time. Together, they exchanged vows of love and commitment. Their words reflected their bond, strengthened by love.

Surrounded by their friends and family, Ren and Junko celebrated their union with laughter, tears, and celebration. The two had a meal that he and her both helped cook. They both played beautiful music together, filling the air with celebration and joy, which he had longed to do for so long.

The vision was beautiful, it was to the point that he didn't want to leave. But he knew he couldn't make this a reality if he were to stay here. With a massive amount of effort, slowly and agonizingly, he felt consciousness begin to stir within him, and a faint glimmer of awareness pierced through his fog of unconsciousness. Ren summoned every ounce of strength within him with sheer force of will. Through the haze of pain and agony, he brought himself to his feet with the help of his water clone.

His water clone offered a steady hand of support, keeping him upright. Ren's body trembled as he fought to regain control of his muscles. With a groan of effort, Ren pushed himself forward, his body protesting with every movement. Waves of pain washed over him, but he gritted his teeth and pressed on, refusing to be deterred by the agony that wracked his body.

With each step, Ren's determination would only grow stronger. Though every fiber of his being screamed out in protest, he refused to give in. "Come on," Ren began towards his clone, "We need to get back to her." The clone nodded, and the two started to traverse the problematic landscape together.

As Ren and his clone's steps echoed along the rugged coastline, they were met with an unexpected offer. A villager from the village they had just helped met with them in a wagon and pulled up beside them, offering them a ride back to Junko's home. Ren and his clone accepted the villager's offer with a heartfelt, exhausted thanks. They climbed onto the wagon and settled in for their journey ahead. Ren lay in the back of the wagon, thinking of Junko to get his mind off the pain, paying attention to the rhythmic sounds of the horse's hooves colliding with the dirt below.

As they traveled along the winding coastal road, Ren's clone gazed out at the breathtaking scenery that stretched before them, the azure expanse of the ocean shimmering in the sunlight. The salty sea breeze brushed against his skin, carrying a sense of serenity and calm that washed away the lingering tension.  Ren's clone would turn back to Ren as the wagon rumbled along the rugged terrain. "Hey, you good back there?" Ren would raise his hand and give the clone a thumbs up with a groan and a grunt. The clone laughed, "Don't worry, Ren. Soon, you'll be with her again. You poor bastard." Ren chuckled and gasped with pain. "Thank God for that, Ren."

Ren's exhaustion finally caught up with him as the wagon pulled up to Junko's home. He attempted to dismount from the wagon, his muscles protesting. But fatigue overcame him before he could steady himself, and he tumbled from the wagon with a thud, landing in a heap on the ground below. His clone rushed to his side and helped him to his feet. Ren winced as he struggled to regain his balance; the impact of the fall sent waves of pain through his body.

"Are you alright?" The clone asked. Ren grinned, "I'm home. I couldn't be better." Ren nodded weakly, but he knew he was far from all right. Every muscle ached, every joint screamed with pain, and the exhaustion weighed heavily upon him like a leaden cloak. But despite his pain and discomfort, he moved, albeit slowly, towards her front door.

With the clone's support, Ren managed to get himself to the front door of her home. The clone would open the door, and Ren would struggle inside. His clone would call out for whoever may be inside. "Ren is back, and he's beaten to hell! Someone come and help him!" Ren would fall to the floor again, going through the front door. What happens next is only a guess to him. But as long as he was near his beloved, then he knew that no matter what was to happen, his life would only get better.

wC: 3005

Completion of a B rank Mission
+6k ryo doubled to 12k ryo from mission rewards
+1.5k ryo from AP conversion doubled to 3k
+15k ryo total added

+875 towards Creation Rebirth (complete) (Previous Progress)
+2130 towards Creation Rebirth: Strength of One hundred (Going to replace Damage Reduction Shield) (2130/3750)

Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Stat Page : The Everbloom
Mission Record : Misson Log: Everbloom
Medical Weaponry Sensory Default
Earth Water Lightning Default
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 2500

The dog without his leash Empty Re: The dog without his leash

Mon Feb 12, 2024 9:37 pm
Ren Kurosawa wrote:

wC: 3005

Completion of a B rank Mission
+6k ryo doubled to 12k ryo from mission rewards
+1.5k ryo from AP conversion doubled to 3k
+15k ryo total added

+875 towards Creation Rebirth (complete) (Previous Progress)
+2130 towards Creation Rebirth: Strength of One hundred (Going to replace Damage Reduction Shield) (2130/3750)


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