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Kiran Hoshigaki
Kiran Hoshigaki
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Wayward Winds and Sundered Sands Empty Wayward Winds and Sundered Sands

Sun Feb 04, 2024 2:24 pm
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Land of Moon toward the coastal reaches of its shores...


The azure expanse of the sky stretches overhead, uninterrupted by a single cloud, where nature paints a mesmerizing canvas under the brilliant midday sun, creating a seamless connection between the heavens and the Earth. The rhythmic symphony of the waves, kissed by the gentle zephyrs, fills the air, creating a soothing melody that resonates with the ocean's heartbeat. The golden sun casts its radiant beams upon the coastline, transforming the sandy shores into a glistening carpet. Seabirds glide effortlessly through the sky, their wings catching the sunlight as they traverse the boundless horizon.

Rocky outcrops stand sentinel along the shore, adorned with vibrant seaweed and resilient coastal flora. The crystalline waters of the ocean reflect a myriad of hues, ranging from the deepest blues to the shimmering greens. Occasionally, a playful school of fish breaks the surface, leaving ripples that echo the secrets of the underwater realm. The tranquil scene is shortly sullied by dark, uncoordinated splotches that rise lazily to the ocean's surface some 30 meters from shore. With each passing second, the color of the richest blues is marred by the stretches of crimson plumes, which drift aimlessly with the ebb and flow of the tide. As the unnerving trail edges closer and closer to the shore, the source of this disturbance rises from submergence.

A cracked, yellow, trident-shaped crown emerges followed by a mop of what appears to be hair, black with minor highlights of teal at the ends. The movements are unsteady, almost appearing inert, save for the sobering sways of the sea that nudge it along. The macerated figure struggles to remain on its feet as it stumbles forward haphazardly, leaving a crimson trail in its wake. Their pale body is clad with bite marks scattering their skin like a patchwork quilt. Their clothes resemble an idiosyncratic yet ornately designed short dress with a multicolored, flower-esque collar that hides a small pair of disfigured and lacerated gills at either side of their neck, a shredded short tabard that hangs beneath their bosom, and a scuffed ruffle fastened below their collarbone, all decorated in numerous shades of white, blue, and yellow, ranging from off-white, royal yellow, and turquoise to Astros-navy, gold, and steel blue.

Sliced, hanging sleeves wrap around their biceps down to their elbows in the selfsame, kaleidoscopic color scheme, their forearms covered by tattered, off-white sleeves with college-navy-colored gloves, nail polish, and an asymmetric, unceremoniously sundered pair of legwear that stretches from toe to thigh on their left leg and a single wrapping around their right thigh. The figure stumbles forward, barely able to keep themselves upright as they drag their body through the sand, leaving a trail of blood behind them. With each step, they appear to grow weaker and weaker, the waves' ministrations clutching at their ankles as though to beckon them back into their icy embrace. Their sky-blue orbs are half-lidded as they struggle to stay conscious, fighting against the darkness that threatens to consume them.

They consider giving in to the misery and allowing it to swallow them whole, their head feeling heavier and heavier as each pulse of searing anguish blasts their senses rhythmically. They close their eyes and relax their muscles, only flexing them to move one limb at a time to minimize the agonizing throbs that perforate their nerves. They take one long breath, then another. They squeeze their eyes shut tightly and grimace. Their only alternative is to swallow the agony and try to ignore it as much as possible. However, resolute not to let the discomfort mar their day, they fought on. Perhaps not the finest solution, but they had made their decision.

The waves lap at their ankles again, gently tugging at their legs as if attempting to drag them back into the water. The sand shifts beneath their feet, making each step more difficult than the last. Their vision blurs as they struggle to stay conscious, stumbling forward blindly. They can feel their strength fading as blood continues to pour from their wounds, staining the beige sand crimson. They know they need to keep moving, but they can't seem to find the willpower to do so.

Not anymore.

The strength in their legs—which could no longer stymie the relentless assail of shooting pains—concede to their new conquerors. Their body gives way, collapsing onto the sand with only their arms and hands to properly themselves, yet they, too, threaten cessation. The soft grains of sand provide little comfort for the battered body, but it is a welcome reprieve from the constant agony that had plagued them for so long. Then, the function of their last ligaments concedes as the figure falls against the coarse sand with a soft THUD.

They lay there motionless, unable to move, barely able to breathe. The darkness begins to creep into the edges of their vision once more, threatening to consume them completely. They close their eyes with only the monotonous thumps of life that bound in their ears and the soothing waves that wash over them.

WC: 854
TWC: 854

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Ren Kurosawa
Ren Kurosawa
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Wayward Winds and Sundered Sands Empty Re: Wayward Winds and Sundered Sands

Sun Feb 04, 2024 7:41 pm
"Truly I say, what is more beautiful than a summer's day?
Far more temperate is she, an inescapable beauty
She haunts my waking hours, she blesses my sweetest of dreams
A heart that truly staggers, for whom can she be prepared?

She walks in beauty, like the night that strikes above
Of cloudless sky and starry night
More splendid than than all of dark and in light
Her hair is stark and her heart is beloved
A contrast with one who cannot compare their own earnestly

An on that cheek, I shall place my lips
A glow that bends the very light that surrounds
An embrace I shall not forget
My love for her shall only compound"

Ren recited his poem a handful of times. It was a poem that had simply *come* to him. He didn't plan for it, he didn't expect it, but it presented itself all the same. He had to take a break from the village and being in an actual "home" for the time being. It was all far too new for him and he needed some time to be back in nature, the very thing that he dedicated himself to residing within. But ever since... her that has changed.

He sat on a rock with a new set of robes, vibrant oranges and blues radiated off of the robes and shined brightly against the temperate sun of the day's sky. But shortly after he had recited his poem for the tenth or eleventh time, he could see something washing ashore. It was... a person! Ren leaped from the rock he was on, left his journal on the ground and rushed as fast as he could to save them.

Step by step, he pushed his body faster and faster, his chestnut hair ripping along with the wind blowing through it. The body began moving, so he knew they were still alive, but he wasn't sure just how alive they were going to be. He activated his chakra and surged it through his hands, activating his mystical palm. He knelt down beside the figure on the sand and placed his hands onto their sternum.

"Oh I do hope you're still alive. Friend, can you hear me!? You're going to be okay, I promise!" He yelled as he continued to treat the poor individual. He noticed the state that her body was in, and he was worried as to just where she had come from, there must be someone worried terribly about their missing friend. He quickly scanned the horizon surrounding them, looking for someone else to join the shoreline to help him carry this poor soul towards the village for further treatment.

WC: 446
Junko Tsukiko
Junko Tsukiko
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Vagabond (C-Rank)
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Jun Tsukiko
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Wayward Winds and Sundered Sands Empty Re: Wayward Winds and Sundered Sands

Sun Feb 04, 2024 11:41 pm
Junko had quickly made friends with a handful of the new Shinobi that recently arrived on the island. It seemed that her natural charm and her passionate ambitions were at least interesting enough to catch the attention of the others she now found herself spending most of her time with. The house that was once abandoned, quiet, and in shambles was now full of noise, laughter, music, and the sounds of connections being made. Junko would make it a point to try to get everyone to come together for at least breakfast and dinner, and those who couldn’t make it would have a plate left aside for them “just in case”.

Junko would invite Ren and Yume to meet another vagabond she had worked with previously, vouching for him that he was a trustworthy guy. She then would send Kiko, her “sister” off to deliver a message to Azuki, telling him she made new friends and wanted him to meet them. She wanted to introduce Yume and Ren to Azuki, so she arranged a meet-up between the four of them. They were simply going to all take the day off, and relax on a secluded sunny beach and just get to know each other.

In the morning Junko packed a small basket with a variety of snacks and drinks to eat while they lay in the sun. She also carried a small, black parasol that would help protect her pale skin from the sun, and what seemed to be a beach bag with some towels, sunblock, and other necessary items. Unsure if she was planning on swimming or not, she would wear a plain black two-piece swimming suit. Over the top of her swimsuit was a dark red dress that fit snuggly around her waist, which billowed out slightly at her hips. She wore a pair of simple sandals and removed any jewelry she had previously had on. Before leaving the home she would coat herself in sunblock, joking that she would be a lobster if she didn’t.

She would begin to lead them to the beach once Ren and Yume were prepared to leave the house. While traveling Junko would attempt to travel at a leisurely pace and would point things of interest out to her new companions. The sun would too soon become nearly unbearable, so she would pop open her parasol and cover her in a bit of shade. Junko kept up a pleasant conversation as they arrived at the meet-up location. If Azuki decided to show up she’d give him a quick hug if he allowed, then she would help make introductions making sure to maintain a cheery demeanor.

After introductions had been made Junko would pull a handful of towels out for everyone, and would set one up for herself. Seeing Ren begin to walk over to some rocks, Junko would look to Yumi and Azuki, and ask if they’d like to look for some shells with her. Regardless if they joined her or not, Junko would make her way to the shore, only entering about knee length for the time being. The water was cold against her skin but provided relief from the boiling sun pounding down on them.

Soon she noticed Ren bolt off farther down the beach, unsure of what was happening she jumped into action and pursued him. Soon she’d find him knelt beside the body of an unconscious woman and kneel near him, and place the person's head in her lap to prop them up slightly. She would perform the bird, boar, dog, dragon, and hare hand seals, then Junko's hands would begin to glow a light blue color. She would then place her hands on either side of the person's shoulders and use her healing hands techniques to attempt to assist. Junko looked panicked as she watched for any more signs of life, hoping that what Ren and she had done would be able to at least bring them back up to their feet.

Azuki Shinoda
Azuki Shinoda
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Stat Page : Death's Whisper
Mission Record : Missions
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Village : Vagabonds
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Wayward Winds and Sundered Sands Empty Re: Wayward Winds and Sundered Sands

Mon Feb 05, 2024 4:10 pm

Azuki carried his spear on his back as always. The blade adorned with a black cloth to protect it from the elements. He was sent for apparently by his new ally's sister. She had never mentioned her before so it was quite strange to him. None the less he had another Sister now and the thought warmed his soul that his family was growing in number. The curse fading and this new alliance is all the start of something new he thought to himself. He sprinted through the air his speed was unmatched to most. Just as he was trained racing through the plains. Although the meeting point was bare?

With a double take he saw from the hill was running on what seemed to be Junko and others? It was hard to tell from a distance but none the less he ran towards the beach. When close enough he dashed and jumped silently tearing through the air. He wasn't trying to be particularly stealthy besides his encroaching shadow covering them would also give away his arrival. With a soft tap he made base with the ground beneath him. He was dawned in his usual black and red attire as he glanced over the new faces. He kept his distance but somehow ended up closer to Junko anyway. Despite the new changes of his personality and freeing of the curse old habits just simply never died.

He looked at the person on the ground who she was attempting to heal. "Junko." He would say softly bit his eyes shot up to scan the others. Despite him being on edge his concern made him loosen up. If only but a little bit more.  He knelt beside her a subconscious barrier since she was exposed healing the woman on the ground. Albeit her kind aura made even cold bastards like him less as his newly proclaimed sister he couldn't help but be defensive. Not until these new folks became trust worthy. A slight annoyed furl showed on his face for a second.

These emotions were new they were always there but not suppressed. That wasn't the proper term. More so overshadowed by the Curse of Jashin but with that gone he had no reason to be such a hard ass. Although seeing this woman splayed out on the ground reminded him of a song he heard as a kid.

WC: 477
Yume Kami
Yume Kami
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Stat Page : The Gallery of Memories
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Wayward Winds and Sundered Sands Empty Re: Wayward Winds and Sundered Sands

Thu Feb 15, 2024 3:45 pm
As usual in this lovely paradisiac island, the climate was sunny and bright, with the warm winds of the south, charged with floral aromas, and saline vibes of the far and wide Great Sea caressing the light and soft skin of the face of the purple haired woman, who in this beguining of the day, found herself in the large flower field bording the house that Junko had so kindly offered for her to cohabit inside. Yume always felt the need to travel, to find who she was, but this place drawn her to something else, to a greater purpose. The vegetation here, bustling with life in the humid forests and jungles, tamming with wildlife too, an artistic expression of the true magnificience of nature. She had started to paint a few landscapes of the place, and also to write poems in large ink Kanji on the scroll she caried. She had begun to work on a large representation on the beaches on the inner bay of the moon, where one could see the pale white and hot sands beaches, with the crystaline turquoise water and waves crash into the sand. The palm trees and vegetation completed the landscape, along the edge of the rest of the island where one could see the mountains range and the forrest of humid jungles and dense tree lines on the far distant horizon. Today was not different in this regard, as Yume would go to continue her painting, but this time, Junko and Ren would acompagny her, as Junko wanted to make her meet another of the island resident. 

As junko prepared a basket of provisions for the small day trip to the other side of the island to meet the new friend Yume didnt had the chance to yet talk to, the ambiance of the house was lovely, alive and full of interactions, with laughters and enjoyment lighting up the face of Yume herself, harboring a large smile, her face happy and content. With her usual outfit of a large and loose grey kimono robes, and style of bandages convering most of her body including her right eye, Yume approached slowly and carefully Junko, posing her hand on the shoulder of the black haired woman, gently and full of care. 

''Junko? Sorry to disturb you, but would you mind if while we go and meet the new person you want us to meet that I paint too? I started a portrait of our beloved island!''
said Yume, her eye glimmering with good intentions.

As she waited for an answer and followed, soon the group left the house ruins that served as their base of opperation as well as place of living for now, and set foot towards the beach, crossing the vast plains of flowers and the thick and dense vegetation of the humid jungles. Junko walked casually, and Ren too, but Yume, truthfull to herself, unfurled her large paper scroll once again, and weaved handsigns rapidly, creating a large structure made out of paper. The paper unfurled magically as if it was prehensive and sentient, folding itself in the air and forming a construct mixed between a couch, a small canoe, a carriage and a flying carpet, levitating over the ground, with Yume sitting on top of it, advancing at a pace regular to the others, with the side of the construct fluttering in the wind with little sheets of paper sticking out of it, ready to shape themselves into more appendages to either protect or attack should the need arise. Her creativity was beyond measures with her paper structure, and to protects the others, Yume also created small shields and structures in sheet-like form, carefully folded underneath her floating structure, one for each of them, should they get attacked. In this eventuality, Yume would send them flying over her friends, protecting them with her very own mastery of paper ninjutsu.

After a long walk and conversations all along the walk, they finally arrived at the beach, where Ren recited poems, junko basked into the sun, and Yume unfurled her scroll to put back the paper inside of it, and to extand it enough to see the start of her drawing, representing the landscape and view they were seeing. As everyone did a bit of their own thing waiting for the other one to arrive and meet Yume, the purple haired woman got out her brushes and inks, and started to work on her large landscape, her brush dancing on the paper with inks of black for now, colors only being the final stage. As the lines and traits appeared slowly but surely, the landscape was more and more recognizable, drawn in the basics lines and shades, but enough advanced to be able to discern what it was. 

Wayward Winds and Sundered Sands 87QfOP1

But all of a sudden, Ren started to run away, as if he saw something and a sense of urgency grappled him out of his verbiage of rhymes and poetry. Soon after, Junko too joined, and Yume decided to go see too, her sense of care flaring up to see if her help was needed. As she approached, she saw a woman, laying down on the beach, limp and stranded, as if she was a dead body washing up onto the shore. Immediately, Yume rerolled back the paper into the large scroll on her lower back, and rushed toward the stranded woman. Ren was healing her, and soon junko too, both posing their hands on the woman who looked like she was straight out of the realm of the deep sea, appearing more fish and mermaid like than human. Yume had heard of people ailing from the Land of Water that shared physiology with sharks, but it was the first time she saw such a majestic being. Not versed in the art of medicine and healing jutsu, Yume tried to help to the best of her ability. Weaving handsigns again, she created with her paper release a carped-bed like structure, wich scooped out the unconscious and ashored lady, making a floating and makeshift stretcher to help with the care administred to her. 

At the same moment, another person arrived, his stance menacing and intense, and his spear on his back even more a sign of potential violence. Without thinking and by pure reflex and protection values, Yume created from her scroll a large paper wall in the form of a shield like shape, wide of 5m to protect the others all around the lady of the sea, and around the wall facing the man, 6 5m long spears shaped spike made out of paper sheets, pointing toward the man who arrived. On a defensive stance, Yume looked into the eyes of the man, and stood with her paper wall in her back, surounded by the paper spears in a defensive position.

''Who are you and what do you want from us?'' said a defensive Yume, changing her tone of friendliness to one of defensiveness, like a mother bear protecting her young ones.
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