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Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
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Workin  Empty Workin

Thu Feb 01, 2024 6:34 am
Following the very day the Kunoichi had descended the high mountains and back towards the civilization of her home village, She received a parchment with the Kage stamp imprinted upon it. Signaling the importance of the letter.

Well. . that was until she unfolded the parchment to read it. Her silver eyes scanned over the contents, having to reread the details over a few times to allow herself to believe what was written. A quick twitch of her brow gave away the slight annoyance that bloomed within.

“There’s no way that he’s serious!” Meika tossed the letter aside, letting it falter to the floor as she did her best to express how unbothered she was. But that didn’t last very long. Not much time afterward, as if the knowledgeable little feline could read her mind, her beloved cat trotted over and shredded up the stranded parchment with its claws. Causing the Kunoichi to smirk with satisfaction. But despite how much she wanted to, Meika couldn’t ignore the Kage’s instructions.

He was amazing enough to list some very degrading assignments for the troublemaker.

With a sigh of defeat, Meika lifted herself and gathered her things. It was best to get things done and over with.


The first stop that was written on the list was the aviary, which held much importance to the Village of the Clouds. It was where the falcons were kept, and with it the keepers that tended to the little feathery f*cks. Just kidding I love birds and so does Meika. Especially Naraku.

The musk smell of bird lingered heavily in the air, indicating that the cages hadn’t been cleaned for a while. Meika did her best to not wiggle her nose in reaction and scanned over the plentiful steel cages that housed the large birds. The number of them was definitely going to take some of her time.

One of the falconers turned his attention towards the dark-haired lass, approaching her with a falcon perched upon his forearm. Meika really didn’t mind birds, considering that she had one as a familiar.

“The Kage has given us a heads up that someone would be by to help clean the-” Meika cut off the boy with a wave of her hand, dismissing him from finishing his sentence. “Ya ya I am fully aware. Just point me in the direction of the cages and let us be done with it.” She wasn’t interested in taking her time with this particular task that was given by her beloved Raikage. The bird keeper cleared his throat in response, before leading the lass to the current empty cages, that were mudded with, well . . you know.

The look of disgust was impossible to hide. Perhaps this was the most expressive that the Kunoichi has ever been. She began to roll her sleeves up with determination as Meika warned the Falconeer of what was about to come. “I would take a step back if I was you, just a heads up. . ya know.” A chuckle followed shortly after as she took pride in her mockery. And with that, Meika performed one of her powerful water techniques to completely drench the whole place, including the cages. Evidently, the cages were spotless, and her job here was done. Meika departed from the aviary and headed for the next assignment.


The next assignment that was bestowed on her, led the uninterested lass close to the Kage’s building. The details that had been written on the parchment, when it had been intact, described that there was a stubborn tree that needed to be removed as soon as possible. The tree has been growing alongside one of the windows of the Kage’s building and was blocking some of the splendid sunlight. He had described the tree as an eyesore and wanted it gone, but for her to make sure no damages resulted in its removal.

Meika took a moment to observe the tree before her. It was a massive beast, taking it done without some sort of damage following after was going to be tough. The sun was high in the sky, but the tree’s extended branches did indeed prevent most of the golden light from filtering through. Still. . Meika couldn’t help but believe these missions were mere inconveniences that the Kage wanted to prank her with.

“Well; I guess that’s what I get from running away to the mountains for so long. Get rid of a giant tree with no damage? Easier said than done.” Meika stretched her arms above her head as if doing a pre-warmup. “I wonder if this will work or not.” She exclaimed out loud to herself, extending her hand out to the side after performing the required signs. Blue chakra began to gather within her palm as the sound of birds filled the air. Chattering and sparking as the technique took hold within her right hand.

The chakra within her palm continued to grow. When Meika was satisfied with its size, she moved to take a step toward the towering tree before her. Thrashing her hand forward, sending the gathered chidori into its massive trunk. The sound of splintering wood was deafening as the technique obliterated the tree’s hold within the ground. Leaving a monstrous gash within the damaged trunk. “Hmm-” Her eyes gazed up at the treetop and its shroud of leaves. Slowly the tree swayed as a gust of wind took hold. Her eye widened for a mere second, realizing that the tree was leaning more toward the Kage’s building.  

“Oooh no no-” The kunoichi couldn’t stop the words uttering from her lips. She quickly wove some more hand seals before sending a gust of water towards the tree trunk, aiming a bit higher than the position in which she sent the chidori. Praying to all the heavens if there were any, that the tree was sent over the other side. She could only imagine the wrath that would follow if the Kage’s wall was taken down by his truly.  

Maybe her prayers were answered, for the tree began to fall in the right direction. Well, any direction was the right direction, as long as it didn’t fall into the building.

For a brief second, the dark haired kunoichi dared to imagine the expression on his face, if she was to deliver a message that the tree had unfortunately returned its own revenge by taking down the Kage building. The scenario played out within her mind, causing a hushed chuckle to escape without intention.

But her scenario came to a quick end as the world suddenly shuddered as the tree made impact with the ground. Every bird within the area took off with flight, frightened by the falling of the great tree. Casting loose feathers through the air that slowly danced to the ground.

Meika glared at the fallen tree, now she was stuck with what to do with the wood. Was she tempted to just leave it lying there? Very much yes.  But the parchment did explain to get rid of it. . So leaving it there may not be the best of things.

The lass personally didn't need the wood, and she didn't really have any way to carry it either. It was possible to chidori the whole thing into wood splinters, making it actually possible to move and dispose of. Or maybe she could give up and fetch someone else to do the cleanup.

Either situation would work one way or another, the job would end up being successful. It only took her a second to finally come up with a decision and she proceeded to follow through. It's up to you to imagine how she finished the job.


With a sigh of relief, Meika plopped down onto her mattress, her body completely relaxing after going through the day of what seemed to be unnecessary nonsense. But as long as the work was finished, she felt a brim of success. Hopefully, that would keep things off her back for a bit. Meika had plenty of things to do as is, to catch up from her time away. The kunoichi tossed over to her back, her eyes gazing up at the ceiling above her room. There were many things, and it was a hassle deciding on where to start.

A few missions were in urgent demand, but also there was a place she was recommended to check out. Should she do a coin toss and see what side it lands on?

Suddenly, the Kunoichi’s train of thought was interrupted by the sudden purr motor of her beloved cat, who decided they wanted her sudden attention. She lifted the furry feline onto her chest and feathered her fingers through the soft fur. “We can wait till tomorrow, to decide on what to do next.”And with that the Kunoichi allowed herself to drift to sleep. Not letting herself be bothered by any more thoughts or uncertain decisions. Perhaps sleeping on it will help her come up with what she wants to do. -exit- mission completion
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Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Workin  Empty Re: Workin

Thu Feb 01, 2024 8:20 am
Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa wrote:-exit-
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