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Powder Iburi
Powder Iburi
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The Sea doesn't Call to me Empty The Sea doesn't Call to me

Tue Jan 30, 2024 7:16 am
The woven basket felt heavy and cumbersome in her arms as Powder made her way toward the sanctuary of her makeshift home. She stayed at an abandoned hut that was warm enough to keep her alive. The people of the island were kind enough to provide her with a place to live. After the disappearance of her brother, Powder was left truly alone in the world. There was not a soul for her to turn to, and the hole within the ruins was all she knew.

Luckily, the young lass had been discovered by some of the natives that lived on the island. They couldn't find it within themselves to turn a blind eye to the broken child, pitiful within its home of ruins.

Since then, all the villagers have each chipped in to help Powder thrive on the island. Like the basket that was currently within her arms, halfway full of some of the fruits that the island provided was a gift from one of the people who had found her that day.

Powder wanted to repay them for how much they’d helped her live, though she knew deep down that such a debt could never truly be repaid. As she attempted to set the basket down in the humble abode, a faint knock on the door disrupted her thoughts. With curiosity piqued, Powder turned her attention towards the old man standing in the doorway.

“I haven't seen you all day, Gramps,” she exclaimed, her voice brimming with anticipation, stepping back outside and leaving the basket behind on the counter. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Well, it's a splendid day to venture out on the water," Gramps remarked, his words instantly regretted as he saw the flicker of unease in Powder's eyes. It wasn't that she feared the sea, no, it was simply that she wasn't yet ready to embrace it fully. “Ah~ the Miss still doesn’t want you going out on your own, and for good reason.” Powder was recalling the last time Gramps went out fishing on his own. The Miss almost had a panic attack when she found out that he had fallen out of the boat. Luckily he hadn’t been too far from the shore and had managed to swim back to land. “You go ahead and get your fishing gear ready at the boat, I’ll go look for Zeal. I won’t take long.” Powder promised as she bounced away from the hut, leaving Gramps to gather his belongings. There were several places she knew to search, places where she might stumble upon that mop of curly blonde hair.

Through the layout and its scattered huts and comforting shelters, Powder dashed, her vibrant blue eyes darting about as she scanned the surroundings for a familiar figure. But, to her dismay, Zeal remained elusive, nowhere to be found. She tried the bed of flowers where they often meditated, then the animal dwellings tended to by the islanders, but her search yielded no trace of him.

One last location remained a body of water a mere stone's throw from Gramps' hut. With a renewed sense of hope, Powder circled the hut and chuckled to herself in triumphant discovery. Camouflaged amidst the overgrown foliage, she spotted the boy, roughly her age so she believed, his curly hair resembling a distinct mushroom top.

"Found you!" Powder exclaimed exuberantly, causing Zeal to startle and jump several feet in surprise. A hint of excitement tinged his voice as he admitted to being frightened by her stealth.

"I've been searching everywhere for you. Are you out hunting Spirits again?" Powder teased, alluding to Zeal's habit of embarking on quests to encounter the Island Spirits, creatures that had once roamed the land with majestic power.

Zeal clicked his tongue in frustration, turning his freckled face towards her. "I thought I might see one this time... but what do you need Powder?"

With a playful ruffle of his hair, Powder's heart swelled with a wave of nostalgia. Memories flooded her mind, old acts never seemed to truly be forgotten. "Maybe we'll see them another time. Right now, Gramps is heading to the boat. Hurry, or he'll set out without you," she warned him, knowing all too well the dire consequences that awaited them all if Zeal failed to join Gramps.

Head hung low, Zeal trudged towards the boat, his disappointment evident in his every step. Now that her task was complete, Powder decided to return to the nearby hut, where both Gramps and the Miss resided. It was crucial to inform the Miss that Gramps wouldn't be alone out on the treacherous sea. It was a small way for Powder to repay their kindness, considering her aversion to the vast ocean.

As she rounded the corner, Powder knocked gently on the door before entering. Her presence was welcomed and familiar within the family, who had grown to love and respect her. "Zeal and Gramps are about to set sail," Powder informed the Miss. The woman, immersed in her culinary duties, momentarily glanced up, immediately recognizing Powder's distinct voice and vibrant blue hair. A wave of relief washed over her, gratitude shining in her eyes. "Thank you for telling me. Your words have brought solace to my worried heart," she expressed, a genuine smile gracing her lips.

Although Powder returned the smile, it never fully reached her eyes, it never truly did. It had nothing to do with the family who showered her with plenty of care; it was something deeper, something she carried within her very soul.

Powder turned to leave when the Miss suddenly interrupted her. “Could you do me a favor before you leave?” Powder halted in her tracks, turning around one more to see what the elder woman needed. “Could you take Coacoa out for a walk, just for a bit,” the woman gestured over towards the plump of a bird that was perched by the window, its feathers a bit in tatters. “He hasn’t been out for a bit and could use the fresh air.”

Powder nodded her head in acceptance, “That’s no problem. I’ll make sure to take good care of him.” She reached down to delicately lift the ancient bird from its perch before heading out the door. A quick walk around the premises would be enough, just as long as the bird returned safely home. {Mission Completion/Exiting}

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Ayato Hyuuga
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The Sea doesn't Call to me Empty Re: The Sea doesn't Call to me

Wed Jan 31, 2024 4:31 pm
Powder Iburi wrote:
{Mission Completion/Exiting}

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