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Chokoku-Ji Kamizuru
Chokoku-Ji Kamizuru
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[Mission 05, 06 & 07] Chore Day Empty [Mission 05, 06 & 07] Chore Day

Mon Dec 25, 2023 6:54 am
Finding Furry Friends
Leafy Greens
Patrol Training

Mission 05, 06 and 07 Chore Day  

This was the pinnacle of all training that he had been working towards, a true test of a Shinobi’s prowess - finding a giant squirrel, Cho kicked a rock towards the entrance to a park. Apparently within this local ecosystem a squirrel had been running large, finding and locating other squirrels nuts and claiming them for its own, not only that but it had been seen running off with citizens sandwiches, an odd jacket potato and strangely, a bowl of oatmeal - bowl and all! His task was to come here, locate and restrain the beast, dead or alive.

“oh, just alive” Cho thought to himself, taking his pencil and writing a thick line through the Dead, he was glad he checked before just helping himself to taking out the squirrel with his Tanto and getting himself in some mild trouble for his mistake. Failing an E-Rank was exactly not the kind of start he wanted to his promising career. Cho, master of the bees - squirrel murderer. Now that would be nuts. He laughed to himself, a citizen next to him jumped out of the way. Apparently laughing in public was a case of the crazies!

Entering the park Cho made an effort to examine the monuments at the centre of the entrance, a large statue dedicated to whoever either donated the land or the money to build this park. The park was flatland, gravel pits spread in some areas, a play area was in the corner and the entire park was framed by a large and thick imprisonment of trees, mainly oaks. Perhaps some of it was Senju wood - he wasn’t entirely sure. The first and most important part of this mission was to find the target, and squirrels were very quick to run and hide. So his first move would be to find a position in some trees above a trap that he would lay and wait to spring it when the creature was near, he took some berries from his pocket, conveniently taken from another park that he travelled to on the way and placed them atop a clear stone.

Around the trees surrounding the park, piles of leaves were evident. This was a second task that he had picked up, his hand shifted to grab the second scroll on his belt to begin reading once again, the aim here was to take the leaves to be turned into fertiliser. Whilst chasing a squirrel was probably more up his avenue, he had to admit this was a little different to what he was expecting from a mission. Each handful was musky, a top layer of leafy greens followed by a later if crispy dried ones, leafs left to dry for atleast a week in the baking sun. Beyond again was the ‘meat’ of the leafs, the leaves that had started to naturally compost, this was full of vitamins and would make excellent fertiliser too, he took a bag from the pack on his back and started to fill them up. By time he was done, three bags had been filled. Each one stomped on to ensure maximum capacity. It was boring work but it was money and another tick on his mission log.

He would take his time to head back up a tree and rest, closing one eye and focusing the other on the berries. He woke up several hours later, with the berries gone and no trap sprung. Cho cursed at himself, jumping down with a flourish and staring at the mushed up berries. Wherever it was, the little bastard had ate them right infront of him and spat them back out! Cho’s eyes narrowed, anger filled him for a moment before he turned on his heel and continued his search for the squirrel.

Atleast the collection of crushed berries could be kept again for his other mission. Reluctantly he scooped up the tribute, heading back to another set of trees which like the others, contained a luxurious earthy skirt of leaves that had fallen, one such leaf was unlike the others - caterpillars clung to its side, chomping away at its bounty. He watched them for a moment. Mesmerised by there apparent disinterest in the world around them, were humans the same to another species? Cho looked up to the sky and saw nothing. A rustling of leaves from the side caused him to turn his head swiftly towards it, hoping to catch the squirrel he was after. Instead was a younger student, clearly doing the same mission as he. The boy tried to speak to him, Cho simply put his fingers to his lips and wandered off, he didn’t have time for that. Instead he would head back to the tree to plan again.

Back in his tree, he went back over the mission dosser for finer details. Perhaps there was something in here that would help him find the creature and he stumbled back through the person who put in the request, ofcourse, a family. Why set his own traps when this place was full of them already! Cho took a moment to find the biggest family and headed on over, hiding towards the base of a tree waiting for the vermin to arrive. He thought again back to the caterpillars, they were feasting themselves - maybe that was where he got the idea from.

It took 5 minutes for the berry stained selfish picky arrogant prick to come out, Cho grabbed his Tanto, ready to get it. But instead he bit his tongue and put it away, alive- not dead. Without a second thought he performed the Ram hand seal and appeared a mere 10 metres away, his hands scooped up the rascal and bagged it into a pouch. The creature rustled and attempted to get out. But it was to late. Cho had caught it. Two Missions complete! With the bag swung over his shoulder containing a squirrel and a bunch tied to his waist to deposit outside the park containing organic matter, he pondered if there was much more he could do with his day, another mission was more pay - perhaps a better house. Better sleep. Better training. Maybe this time, something more up his street.

Cho returned to the mission board, on the way he dropped off the oversized squirrel to the research labs. The hefty bag hasn’t stopped shifting from the moment he picked it up to the moment he dropped it off. As he left the building the evident sound of a squirrel lose in the labs made him chuckle, just the thought of its crazy beady eyes, mouth covered in crushed cherries made it easy for him to get on with his day with a smile.

On the mission board there was one scroll that had clearly a few names already down, this was something that all Academy Students would want to do, and that was to do some patrol training. This was the first step for many into a military career, and an important one at that. Without a second thought he put his name immediately down. Another student had apparently tried to come after him, but Cho had selfishly taken the whole mission dossier and took it to the front desk.

Once accepted, Cho raced across the market, vaulting over one stall and the the next, spilling wares over the sides of the wooden frames, he vaguely apologised as he jumped over. Next he had to balance over a beam that would allow him to cross over the large groups of people forming outside for some kind of concert. His patrol was due to start over and beyond the concert, making sure no-one had gotten through without a relevant pass. Or rather watching for people trying to skip the queue. It wasn’t dangerous, but it would need keen eye sight.

Once over the beam he dropped from one floor to the next, his hands grasping a window frame and then dropping again, his feet tethered him for a moment, momentum meant he would stay there until he dropped backwards, using the two buildings to ease his fall back and forth until he reached the bottom.

The rest of the journey was easy, simply crossing a park and then coming to the entrance for staff. He helped himself through, mission scroll in hand ready to let him through. He wasn’t stopped though, confidence was key apparently. Cho joined another group of Academy students being put through a kind of orientation, it was basics, he was to shadow a Genin and keep an eye out, reporting back to the Genin during and after the exercise and then they would compare notes. The journey would take them through each of the four corners.

The first was easy, trees found themselves all the way up to the barrier. He noted that this could be used for a quick travel into the concert, by jumping from the tree straight into the walls, he didn’t notice anyone guarding it and so this was an immediate worry, he looked to the Genin, who looked him back in the eyes and started to take notes, clearly he had passed this. Or he missed something.

The next and second one was harder than the original, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary however there were tracks heading from a field into the wall. His hand touched the wooden walls, trying to locate something that was odd. The feeling went from hard oak to soft fabric, pulling the fabric revealed a intricate and well made fake wall. Someone had cut a hole through and multiple had gotten through. The Genin nodded and continued following Cho around.

The third didn’t have any issues. It was a clear attempt to get someone to overthink. There were no patterns, nothing of concern. Everything was almost perfect, which was good - perfect meant something was wrong, something out of place. Beyond a cursory check there was nothing to report. So he moved onto the final one. This was slightly different, it took a moment to spot it but beyond a small grass knoll was an almost not obvious distortion in the grass colour, heading over revealed what resembled a pit fall trap, however what it actually was was a way into the festival underground, again they both took notes and moved on back to the security booths

The two compared notes, though Cho’s was intricate the Genin had spotted a few other things. Small trails or marks where people had manually climbed over and even someone they walked past who wore a security tag but the photo didn’t match, he had a lot to learn when it came to concentrating on more than one thing at once but he was confident he would get there in time. At the end of the day, Cho decided that this was a job well done. He had been extremely busy, completing three missions in a single day. The patrol took most of the afternoon and though he wanted to take a moment to think of completing another mission, he instead left it for tomorrow. It was time for dinner, rest and then sleep.

Cho thanked the patrollers for their assistance and opportunity, and decided to head home. Passing through the park that he had cleaned up earlier he noticed less leaves, but they had already started to pile up where he spent time to clean them. There was also a number of people having there late afternoon tea in the park, free from the fear of being attacked by a large squirrel. He felt another sense of pride for his work, pride to be a Konoha ninja. This almost annoyed him, his love for his homeland for a moment had been replaced by his Iwagakure loyalty. Stubbornness replaced the pride and as his face turned rock hard in annoyance he ended up back on his poorly made chair, looking around his poorly made apartment. He hated it here. He longed for home, or did he regret that he liked it here, in Konoha.


Missions x 3 E rank complete
+3000 Ryo
+15 AP

WC: 2009
Chakra +20

Natural Energy Proficiency [429/2000] +1571 [2000/2000]
Previous WC
[C] Mud Spore [438/1000]
Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
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[Mission 05, 06 & 07] Chore Day Empty Re: [Mission 05, 06 & 07] Chore Day

Tue Dec 26, 2023 2:22 pm
Chokoku-Ji Kamizuru wrote:[exit]

Missions x 3 E rank complete
+3000 Ryo
+15 AP

WC: 2009
Chakra +20

Natural Energy Proficiency [429/2000] +1571 [2000/2000]
Previous WC
[C] Mud Spore [438/1000]


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