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Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
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Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Wed Dec 20, 2023 11:26 pm
[D-Rank] Time To Go
[C-Rank] Break Up or Break Down
[C-Rank] Bulk Trash Day

Total Ryo Reward: 10,000 Ryo
Total AP Reward: 50 AP
WC Requirement: 5,000 WC

Marabelle's journey thus far was an interesting and odd one to manage. Starting from the far reaches of the world away from where she was now, there was much to be thankful for and the mission to start the day in her hand was not one she would hope to have to do. With the idea and concepts of what people encountered from day to day, no village was without some amount of poverty or people down on their luck. The other two missions she had acquired to be completed were regular affairs though something that could be a bit messy to handle and deal with. She pinched the bridge of her nose and thought about the best method to go about it. As a foreigner, even with her clan's symbol, was not enough to make such an affair any easier than what was present. In the best-case scenario that she could sort out the method of approach was a terse one. Many would scoff her off if she were to offer aid and assistance in the situation and if she were to enforce the removal of the family it wouldn't be any easier for anyone.

The first step was to coordinate and understand the issues present and the history. The mission description foretold of a family who had been delinquent in their payments for almost a full year. It was uncanny to consider the timeframe matched and aligned for when she departed her own home to begin the journey she set out for. She did not have a place to call her own and she could empathize with the villagers who were having issues. However, the mission was to have them leave not to keep them there. Considering the fact that it was requested for help to remove them from the premises, it would be unwise to encourage them to stay either. There was always a catch in some facet and considering her own life and home situation it was easy for her to just try to fend for the little guy in this situation. Beyond that, it was not her home, not her place to be fending for others in that way. Such situations were always conflicting to her but there was always something she could do.

Upon arrival at the landlord's place of business, it was apparent there was likely a better option. Informing him that she was here for the mission that he requested, he retorted in an ugly manner of sorts though it was likely more out of frustration that it got to this point in time. Listening to the history of the landlord was not a pretty conversation. The family itself was a small unit of 3, a single mother and two sons. They were a bit past the age for enrollment in the academy but was supporting the two on her own. It really was commendable but she began to slip further behind slowly and eventually stopped paying for her lease. He had been nice enough to let her ride out the remainder of her term with him but at this point, it was a few months past her needing to depart which brought him to the mission at hand. Upon collection of the money owed, the mission reward was covered in full, and then some allowed the landlord to pay to help clean out the unit for it to be back on the market for those in need of a place such as that.

Once she concluded her meeting with the landlord it was time to actually meet the family she was going to be convincing to leave. Marabelle hoped that the family was packed and ready to go at the news of a shinobi having to escort them out but there was never any telling in these situations. She had left most of her combat gear at home since she felt the need to show force was unlikely and if needed she knew other ways and methods to handle people. Once she found the tenant's space she sighed and patted her cheeks to give herself a wake-up message and then she smiled. The affair to handle was one that could be positive if she could make it work and it was when the woman answered the door she realized something. The apartment itself was almost barren in the crack that she could see inside. She was met with some hostility and concern but Marabelle was quick to dismiss the notion and requested politely to come inside and that she did not mean any ill towards her. She was initially reluctant but after the idle chatter for a while, the tenant allowed Marabelle inside.

Inside the apartment itself, most of everything was in boxes and put aside to be carried out at a later time though there was a layer of dust that was visible on most of them. The kitchen table was set with four dinner sets untouched from time and the chairs unmoved. The mother was visibly tired and it was obvious that within the space she was working on were a few boxes with items sprawled out across the tops of others and on the floor. It was unclear if the items were pulled out or were being packed, however. A sadness crept onto Marabelle as she decided it was best to skip some pleasantries to get her side of the story. Her eldest son was recently enrolled in the academy and wound up in a fight. He was seriously wounded and as much as a few medical personnel had taken it upon themselves to help him out, there was something else wrong and she had been spending time between there and here to sort things out. Maraballe nodded and gave her word to help get them into a better situation and so she did. She went to the hospital to provide medical care for him alongside helping her pack up what remained and to her new place.

Returning back to the landlord, Marabelle then proceeded to explain the circumstances and to give her one more month. Reluctantly with the premise alongside hearing that she would be returning to aid in the removal of her belongings, he agreed. Now that the first mess of a mission was done there was a couple that she needed to reach out to and see about helping as well. A couple of workaholics were exasperating their own health issues from overwork due to the other working harder to compensate. The village of Hoshigakure no Sato was a wild west of workers doing their best from what Marabelle could view and see. All the people she had met thus far were interesting characters and a mixed bag of eccentric and regal. Considering the village's history and sensibility, it was not all that surprising though it was something she was not used to having to deal with. The shift and change of pace was something else, however, especially with one of the two parties being a shinobi. Marabelle's mediation skills were going to be cut out for her that day.

Surely someone liked playing jokes on Marabelle Blossom during her visits to the villages she had gone to thus far. Slowly she began to wonder if a village was the direction she should go for what she wished to do. Perhaps she should find herself an agency to work with at this point in time for just going and solving problems. She decided the best course and avenue to complete this mission was to see the work both did and see if there was anything she could point out between the two to help explain the issues they were causing. In her gut, she had a feeling the woman of the two would be more accepting of her presence since she was not a shinobi, unlike the male partner in the equation. All she needed to do at that point was find her, talk to her, and figure a bit more of the story out just as she had done so many times before. The woman was a florist by trade during the day outside of the community service projects they helped initiate. The Land of Haven was a beautiful landscape and it made sense that some of the strongest community activists were those attuned to the world around them.

Arriving at the flower shop, Marabelle realized it was a triple threat of a business as it dealt with more than just flower arrangements. From medicines to crafts, the flower shop she arrived at was a multi-scaled business model that operated with a few other business owners with her at the helm. Her name was Sumi Tsuya and to say she flew across the aisles was an understatement. She was never idle with something in her hands and always someone talking to her. An assistant of sorts was following her around grabbing and holding onto any of the items that needed to be handed off and then rallied to get others' attention to sort through what was handed off and what was needed. It was watching a full orchestration at work as business was being operated while events were being planned and arrangements were being made. There was so much going on that even Marabelle had a woe of tracking everything down. Which meant getting Sumi's attention was going to be difficult within this setting. Perhaps her initial feeling of reaching out to the woman of the couple was incorrect but it was when she stopped for a moment that Marabelle tried her shot.

Even if her encounter was a failure, she was learning quite a lot about the woman of the community within the neighborhood known as Sumi. The words she spoke were with eloquence and the stance she took was one of compensation. Just being near her told her enough about her physical health that Marabelle's sensory capacities were more than sufficient to diagnose a few issues. Meeting and discussing a bit of why she was there caught Sumi's attention rather quickly. It was almost as if she had hit a wall and the fact that her assistant was not waving or dismissing her became very apparent as Marabelle asked if she would rather continue the conversation she was having with her in private or if they wanted to they could continue presently here in the middle of her business' floor room. A sigh of acceptance escaped Sumi's body as she visually deflated a bit moving into a well-organized but massively filled office of various documents, awards, knick-knacks, and chairs. Finding a comfortable spot to sit, Marabelle began explaining the mission she was on alongside the circumstances that needed to be recognized.

Sumi sat silently for a while looking at Marabelle with an intensity that matched her pacing when she was working. It was not until Marabelle asked her to breathe that she realized that she had not been thinking about the action and felt a bit dizzy. Her assistant already aware of what was going on had fetched a glass of water without Sumi realizing it. It was obvious she was mentally cursing at herself in this situation as a foreigner was recognizing the issues that were plaguing her and from there, the idea of her business and the community began to trickle down her head like a dam releasing the water that it was holding back for decades. Before a flood occurred, however, Sumi saw that Marabelle began to clap randomly. It disconnected her and brought her back to the space of the office. She realized that she needed to slow down and that was when she popped the question about her fiancé. What was Marabelle's plan to handle her soon-to-be-wed shinobi of Hoshigakure no Sato? Marabelle smiled and reassured her that she had a plan in store for him and that he would be returned without an injury to his body. Sumi had a small gulp at that statement as the words and stance of Marabelle betrayed the tone that she spoke in. A dangerous woman had entered her flower shop and was being the mediator for two workaholics.

Departing from the flower shop that Sumi ran, the Everbloom instructed her to go back to their home and that she would return with the betrothed without much worry or concern. He was an on-duty shinobi and thus it was easy to find and recognize him from the description given. The issue was that he was on duty. He would need to be relieved for the day or voluntarily depart from his post. Both of which given the circumstances were likely going to be an issue but knowing how quickly she was able to subdue his future wife to resign for the day, perhaps this was an easier task than she initially thought. The words that echoed in her mind were that the village was one of heritage and recognized that. She looked down at the insignia that now was placed over her breast and smiled softly at it. Hopefully, small gestures were enough to not simply be dismissed though she was sure the shinobi posted with him would recognize the work that was being proposed by the wandering medical shinobi known as Marabelle.

Finding the man known as Masasaki Fujimoto was an easier task than she realized as the man was steadfast at the forward point of his group. It was not an easy thing to simply point out but the others around Masasaki were a wild mixed emotional bag of pain and some grievances. A simple nod in affirmation of the emotions that she could see upon his squad mates' faces and as simple as she found him that a street fight had broken out right in front of them. The shinobi of Hoshigakure no Sato were quick to act and Masasaki was equally quick to respond and block incoming blows to the face, gut, and legs of his comrades. It was a wild scene to see a grown man throw himself forward and block attacks that they themselves could likely take care of. A soft smile found its way upon the kunoichi's face as the fight settled with Masasaki having a few broken ribs from what Marabelle could tell from the distance. It was then she decided to approach the man and offered aid and help, pulling out her medical armband to indicate her skills.

Healing the man came with a lot of physical application and she used it to dig into the message that needed to be delivered. Marabelle gave the man no time to talk to her or talk back or dispute the words she said. From one appliance of bandages to salves being administered by her, Marabelle made it a point to critique the shinobi in his actions and how his not-wife was encountering similar issues that stirred in the man. Anger was beginning to boil before Marabelle's enhanced strength from her chakra surged with her using it to whallop the man's head before he could raise his voice. She added that yelling, shouting, or screaming were not going to be tolerated as she pointed toward his comrades who were nodding in agreement with the vagabond. Signs of protest began to subside in the man as he resigned himself to the treatment. Explaining finally her purpose here, the Everbloom made it clear that she was here to help and that the two needed to have a serious conversation about their wellbeing as she pointed out shin splits, general muscle fatigue, and other physical issues of overuse to the man.

Masasaki released a long drawn breath before standing up acknowledging the smaller kunoichi before him. He accepted her help and asked what there was for him to do and her response surprised him. The answer was simple, nothing. Rest, do not act, and relax were the 'doctor's' orders in this situation as she walked with him back to his home. Seeing Sumi in the doorway awaiting him brought tears to his eyes, he was about to run but grimaced slightly as the recognition of his injuries began to become prominent to him. Embracing each other, they both profusely apologized to the other before they both got slapped upon the backside of their heads as Marabelle stood there and gestured to go inside. Masasaki looked at Sumi who both nodded in fear of what the pink kunoichi on their doorstep would do if they did not showcase their hospitality. It was not a long conversation that Marabelle had with them in fact to their own surprise. She simply said that the community at large wanted what was best for them but had no idea what to do. Both Masasaki and Sumi looked at each other and wrapped their arms around each other before bowing before Marabelle. They thanked her for her dedication to helping support the village during her time and that they would work and sort out how best to proceed. Marabelle considered this an easy clean-up but made it clear that they egged each other on for the need to support the other if they were overworked.

Marabelle's eyes were intense and left much to the idea of what was the next step if neither of them changed their actions. A nod came from both before they watched the kunoichi leave their home. A sigh of relief could be heard within the usually loud home as it was the couple of them alone for a change and they decided it was best for them to spend the night together sorting through new health avenues of supporting the other. With another job done it was time to go to the landfill of Hoshigakure no Sato and she hoped that this was going to be another easy mission with consideration of the naturalist aspect of life that she could see here. There was always something to consider and think back to but there was something odd about the description that was provided for this mission that caught Marabelle's attention. Perhaps not everything was as complicated in Hoshigakure no Sato as she imagined but only time and interactions would tell her.

When it boiled down to the bulk trash day that Marabelle was going to be assisting within the village, there was no telling what practices or what was actually going to be disposed of. Furniture presumably would be the bulk of it, thus the name of the being bulk trash day would make sense, but there was no telling what the actual task would be. It was cordial of the mission supplied by the village to be as nondescriptive as possible for such a task since it primarily was or is a matter of either not talking about what you see or the dangers of falling into the landfill potentially. As much as she was worried about what it all would entail, she did not bemoan the task itself. All missions were reasonable to consider and it was a matter of trying to sort through things that it would constitute. Not being the most physically fit individual, she was acutely aware that there might be an issue or two that she would encounter on today's final task.

The landfill of Hoshigakure no Sato was not even that bad smelling either. It was a surprised but the holes in the ground that made up the space were neatly filled and had some flowers growing in some places where refuse was littering the pits. It was clean and organized which was appreciative but already she could see where problems could lie. Some of the bulky items were just not appropriate for the landfill's original plots but still needed to be discarded. Some shinobi were off to the side using fire techniques to burn and remove some of the larger wooden objects and burnable material where water users were on standby to help avoid any potential mishaps. From there there was earth technique users helping form new plots for use alongside with wind to blow ash away once they were finished with the burning of material. It was an efficient system though it seemed primarily focused on just some of the odd items that were not going to decompose in a timely, orderly, or proper method. Respectable by a village standard and it made her curious if other villages used similar methods.

Now was not the time for that open thought as she was here to participate and help out where she could. The foreman on site the day who was checking in shinobi for the day was doing role calls and was awaiting a larger group before going through his rounds of checks. Marabelle promptly went over to make sure she was not missed and that she could report on her capacities to be of help. Her water moves were not simple to hold onto the water control aspect of the job. However, she knew that her sword skills and medical practices would likely be useful in some situations. After hearing a scream in fright, Marabelle made a wild guess she was likely going to be one of a few medics on site in case something bad were to happen. While not taking care of someone they were supposed to help scatter seeds while also sorting through garbage to make sure that appropriate waste was heading in the right direction. They were given a bit of a free-roam aspect to their job as long as they were working and diligent about their work. Self-paced work felt the best after such tense and terse moments prior to this moment in the day.

A happy sigh left her lips as she was fully registered and allowed to go about her business for the mission. It was a few hours of work that she needed to fill in with work and that was going to be the easy part. Passing the time was going to be harder as she did not really have anyone she could converse with to make the time go by. She sighed to herself as she thought of Jurei and how they talked about doing missions. The time schedules provided were not easy ones to sort through and she knew that they needed to hang out one more time before she departed back to affirm her thoughts at the first place she went to at the start of her journey, Sakuragakure No Sato. As she moved and sorted and shifted the trash, the time allowed her to reflect on the path she had taken and the encounters she had made. No one was aggressive against others except probably Toneri. Even the leaders of Otogakure were wary but not hostile directly in regard to the presence of a village popping up behind them in a sense when they left the mainland to settle there.

The world was a wide one for sure and her desire to make a difference was one that she knew she needed to take active steps towards. The method of how to go about it was likely going to change based on what support she could get but she knew that there was going to be a plethora of options for her to really settle in and get ahold of. She needed allies and friends and connections now more than anything and sifting through garbage was really telling her that. As much as there were other things she could be doing at this time, she did choose to do this. It was a choice to help with Hoshigakure no Sato's Bulk Trash Day. Be it forming a group to wander, collect history, and record the affairs of villages or going back to where she started to make true her comment that she wanted to be there to help, it was all difficult in her decision-making. There were not many who she knew would be joining her on such a task and thus made it harder to really settle on one idea over the other. She dreamt of a tower filled with records that could help track transgressions and help affirm the companionship that villages could have by showing their histories were not all that different.

That was when the first scream nearby caught her attention. She let a bag filled with discarded cloth straps drop into the pit before her before moving towards the sound. Some furniture had slipped and landed on a shinobi's leg before they could move out of the way. A warm smile and a few hand seals later, a warm glow of energy enveloped her hands before beginning the healing process for the shinobi. There was always something to have a retort of as the shinobi being healed was chastising his other hand which was a part of the drop that landed on his leg. Before he could continue though, Marabelle elbowed his gut giving a stern look at the man. The first words she spoke, after she arrived, were short and firm but were something that startled the shinobi a bit. It was more of the fact that the way she worded it was that of an adult, not a child like he imagined. A light blush stretched across his face as it was almost embarrassing to act that way in front of a no-name child but to do it in front of a visible guest of the village like this was different.

The prenotions that people had based on appearances and gestures were interesting, to say the least. Once Marabelle healed the leg and got him back up, she bowed and left the group to handle moving the furniture once more. People would be people and that was not the issue that she had. Leaders make a difference and meeting Kaito was a nice assurance even with her cousin Sebastian being an aid, it was obvious to her that Otogakure would keep to itself unless provoked under his rule. What happens after him would be something to expect and wonder about. As much as she had not met the Hogokage yet, knowing that Toneri and Ayato were there in the leadership of the village as likely experienced veterans was also reassuring. Toneri's words were likely from a place of love and affection for the village over disdain for others. At least that was the hope she had for the man. She sighed as she stood before the pit with the discarded clothes and moved to another part of the landfill to help now.

Her time was beginning to pass without much of any issue but she felt alone in the space and there was not much she could do about fixing that feeling. There was always more for her to consider and think about with regard to presence and actions it began to be almost like an observation of different groups for her. Some groups were simply pairs whereas others were as large as 5 or 6 shinobi helping. Everyone with their own skill sets and friends and she was a simple wanderer doing the odd job and roaming, unlike the others in her category. It was obvious she stood out like a sore thumb and she began to really think heavy on it. Her pink kimono had some smudges and marks on it now from the dirt and grime but it still shined with her clan's insignia on it. The woe she had now was beginning to set in as she was alone. She needed to find others to help her out and benefit the places she wanted to help with. Breathing in deeply, Marabelle closed her eyes and focused on her sensory abilities for a moment to just take in the world around her.

The village of Hoshigakure was a wonderful village to have wandered to with the ghosts of her past itching the back of her mind. Yet there were more whispers on the wind that was calling out to her. There were two paths that laid before her such as with the landfill job. She needed to make a choice and that choice was going to become important for the benefit of what she wanted to do. Before she could truly settle on the path she wanted to take, she knew there were going to be some challenges she would need to accomplish and finish before then. One of those challenges was making it through to the end of this mission. She opened her eyes giving her cheeks a light double pat to refocus her mind. The words will always be in the wind to her as a guiding presence for the path she chose but right now that decision was delayed. There was more for her to accomplish and do before locking in that decision.

Wrapping up the job was a few more medic calls this time for simple scraps but considering the environment, those minor scraps needed to be tended to before they got infected or worse. Marabelle being practical and applicable in her medical practices began to really take form on her journey though she would not call herself a doctor. She could perform minor operations but practical procedures such as a transplant were not inherently in her wheelhouse yet. As much as she knew those were vital for some shinobi, the encounters she had encountered thus far were not ones that required that level of medical care yet. God forbid if someone was working in the landfill and had to get a transplant they would have to have been doing something majorly wrong for that sort of need to arise. Once the whistle for the shift signaled the shinobi that were there were free to go, Marabelle offered the foreman a good bye and thanks for supervising for the day. He simply scratched his head and shrugged saying thanks back to her. To most she was an odd one but to her, she was true to herself and that was enough.

WC: 5,000, TWC: 5,000 | TMWC: 5,000


Mission Rewards wrote:Total Ryo Reward: 10,000 Ryo + 2,000 x 3 Missions = 16,000 Ryo
Total AP Reward: 50 AP, New AP Total from 884 is now 934/1,000 AP
WC Claims: 5,000 wrote:Claims to be made later.

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Himari Hyuuga
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Achieving New Blooms Empty Re: Achieving New Blooms

Thu Dec 21, 2023 5:12 am
Marabelle Blossom wrote:
WC: 5,000, TWC: 5,000 | TMWC: 5,000


Mission Rewards wrote:Total Ryo Reward: 10,000 Ryo + 2,000 x 3 Missions = 16,000 Ryo
Total AP Reward: 50 AP, New AP Total from 884 is now 934/1,000 AP
WC Claims: 5,000 wrote:Claims to be made later.

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