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Sato Hibiki
Sato Hibiki
Stat Page : Nightmare Circus

Mission Record : Mission Records
Medical Weaponry Puppetry Remove Default
Water Lightning Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Clanless
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 3625

Sato Hibiki - A Busy Day Indeed Empty Sato Hibiki - A Busy Day Indeed

Sat Dec 16, 2023 5:03 pm
E-Rank: Rot Solid
E-Rank: Food Shopping
E-Rank: Patrol Training
E-Rank: Photo Op Protege

Hibiki got up at the crack of dawn to ensure that he could get a good start on his missions for the day. By some outrageous and insane clerical error a large amount of missions had been allocated to him after he agreed to cover any urgent E-Rank missions whilst the academy students were on leave. It appeared that a backlog of missions had been requested but left incomplete and were due all on this one day. Hibiki wondered if it was some kind of prank by the students. Had the responsibility not fallen to him he likely would have found such a prank pretty hilarious but it was less funny now he had to deal with it. Hibiki reflected on this and made a mental note to consider any future pranks and potential repercussions. Hilarious as they could be he would need to keep them small and harmless if he carried out any at all. Being a ninja forced him to grow up a bit quicker but he felt he still managed to retain his fun loving and sunny disposition. Just because he was disciplined didn’t mean he couldn’t also enjoy himself.

He set out towards the woods where a large selection of weird and mysterious cubes of decayed matter. They popped up from time to time, but Hibiki was never certain why or where they came from and felt content to leave that mystery unsolved for today. He could certainly go searching for whatever was creating the rotting cubes on a day where he would not be up to his eyeballs in missions to complete. He arrived at the location, smelling the cube before he saw it and resisted the urge to retch. Fortunately it had appeared in a location that was not too close to any houses or buildings and so he could tackle the problem more aggressively than might otherwise be allowed. Hibiki prodded the cube with his kunai and he winced a little as the kuanir pierced is with squelching noise that made him grit his teeth. “Well its not too big and looks like I can cut it without too much trouble.” Hibiki took a breath and held it as he began chopping the cube into smaller pieces with his kunai, fighting the stench and fresh horrors that were revealed with each cut. How can something be so interesting and disgusting at the same time?

Once the cube was nicely diced into smaller pieces Hibiki took a few steps back and made the hand signs of Snake > Ram > Tiger as he inhaled fully and allowed his chakra to ix with the air and infuse with the fire element, exhaling a large fireball that Hibiki held centred on the remains of the cube for several seconds. Hibiki released the technique and admired his handiwork as most of the remains had been burned to ash leaving very little residue to clean up. He nodded to himself and formed the hand signs of Ram > Tiger > Ox > Dog before repeating the same preparation but this time shaping the chakra with water and spitting out a blanket of water that spread over the residual flames before thickening into a starchy glue. Hibiki maintained the technique and moved the Starch Syrup Capturing Field, shaping it around the ashen remans and gathering it in a small sphere before releasing the technique. Hibiki scooped up the shy sphere which fit nicely in the palm of his hand and headed back to the village, disposing of the ashy sphere in the first bin he found before brushing his hands together to remove any further residue.

The village was beginning to wake up properly with stalls and shops opening their doors and allowing in the few early raisers (or night owls) that needed to gather and buy some supplies. Hibiki navigated his way to the market and spotted Mr Fumuro browsing some items in the window of a convenience store whilst he waited for Hibiki to arrive. Hibiki smiled and ran up to the old man, he was good friends with Hibiki’s grandfather and Hibiki had often seen him in the inn, arguing, swapping old stories or challenging his grandfather to games of Go. “You got here earlier than I expected Fumuro-San. I hope I haven’t made you wait too long, got a busy day ahead and had to take care of some business before I came to help out.”

Fumuro smiled dotingly as he responded, his voice rasping but still maintaining a strength provided by mental strength and pride if not from his waning physical prowess. “I wouldn’t expect any grandchild of Shoji to be on time so I wouldn’t worry too much lad.” He winked at Hibiki, clearly showing it was meant as a joke. Hibiki was used to the comparison and it seemed his grandfather and Fumuro though close friends had always maintained some level of rivalry since they were children. “So what do you need to pick up today Fumuro? Anything special you want me to keep an eye out for or just want me to help carry your things?” Fumuro considered the question seriously before responding. “Just a few bits and pieces and some sake, your grandad and I have a bet on our next game of Go and I have a good feeling this time, Shoji will finally have to accept that I am the better man once and for all!” Hibiki made no comment at the statement, knowing his grandfather had one the majority of Go matches they seemed to play.

Hibiki followed Fumuro and engaged in general conversation, discussing prices and quality of the food or goods purchased, frequently bickering when initiated by Fumuro. Hibiki suspected the old man enjoyed starting arguments and Hibiki took it with good grace, he knew there was no ill intent behind his words and he would often pass a hidden wink to Hibiki whilst playing a doddering old man with shop keepers who knew precisely what he was doing as well. An hour or so passed by Hibiki’s reckoning and he followed behind Fumuro wearing a large satchel and carrying a heavy laden bag in each arm. Fumuro himself carried a small satchel that held the sake and a few soft goods such as sweet buns and meat buns that he didn’t want to get to crushed on the journey back and Hibiki had the impression that Fumuro may not have physically required the help as much as might have preferred the company. Fumuro certainly had no trouble outpacing Hibiki around the markets and even after the journey to his home he barely seemed out of breath or showed any sign of difficulty whilst Hibiki tried desperately to show his own tiredness.

“Not bad for an old man eh.” Fumuro took two of the bags from Hibiki’s hands and carried them inside as Hibiki followed with his large satchel. “ I could have carried twice that weight when I was your age without even breaking a sweat! Need to make sure you don’t get to laze Hibiki and get plenty of exercise so you can be strong and handsome like I am at this age haha. Don’t end up like Shoji, he is more sake and meat buns than muscle now. I blame your mother, treats him too softly by half, just like her mother. Soft as kittens both of them.” Hibiki was uncertain what to make of the comments as he had never heard either his mother or grandmother as soft before, in fact his grandmother was famously strict as he recalled before she passed on.

“Well if that’s all you need i should be off, I would stay for a chat but I have other missions to take care of before I finish today. Do you want me to pass on any messages for grandad?” Fumuro snorted and broke into a grin, tossing a sweet bun to Hibiki which he promptly snatched out of the air. “No messages lad, have that and be on your way, have to keep your strength up and won’t let Shoji say I don’t know how to give thanks for a job well done.” Hibiki nodded his thanks as he tore into the sweet bun and waved as he set of, closing the door quickly and dashing to the training centre.

Hibiki arrived just as the instructor did, slightly panting and regaining his breath prompting a raised eyebrow from the instructor. “you here for patrol training as well?” Hibiki nodded to keep his breath under control and joined the other 3 genin that were giving him a bit of side eye at his unruly entrance. What followed was a very boring yet important lecture about patrols in the village, shift swapping and communication, pass phrases and chains of command in which to pass urgent messages. Most of it seemed to be common sense but then not all missions or tasks would be glamourous and Hibiki had a feeling that he might very well long for a peaceful mission every now and then. He also hoped that nothing too exciting would happen on patrol of the village as that could very well be a prelude to larger and more worrying events occurring and he had no wish to see any of his family or friends placed in danger. The final part of the training had them spreading out and patrolling the training grounds and a mock report as one of the staff snuck into the training ground (poorly) to allow the genin to report it using what they had learned. Hibiki struggled to commit to memory but was certain that if something bad did happen he would be able to recall the correct call signs.

With the training complete Hibiki was invited by the other Genin to join them at Kumogakure Fried Chicken which he very reluctantly declined. It was already past midday and time was surely slipping away from him as he checked the remaining mission he would have to complete. Fortunately it appeared he had only one left to go but it would likely take the rest of the day to complete.

Hibiki headed up to the cliffs and located his next mission target by the varying bags and apparatus she carried. “Hi, I am Hibiki, you wanted help taking some photographs?” The Photographer spun and took a picture of Hibiki as he stopped causing him to blink from the flash. “Oh sorry you startled me there, very stealthy. I suppose that makes sense considering your profession, sneaking around and uh… well anyway yes I hired you for the afternoon. I want to photograph some of the local fauna and have had my eyes on the hawks that roost on the cliff face. I was assured that you would be able to help me get close enough to take a few good shots and also carry my equipment up?”. Hibiki looked at the various bags and let out a sigh as he glanced up at the cliffs, he was under no illusion who would be required to carry them all up the cliff side. He put on his best smile before replying. “Sure thing, did you want to take the cliff path up or would you prefer me to carry you straight up?”

The photographer seemed hesitant as she spoke. “which way is quicker?” Hibiki smiled wolfishly and pointed at the sheer cliff face nearby. “I can get us up in about 10- 15 minutes with the equipment. Its even quicker coming down. The cliff path will take you at least 2 hours on foot. I can use my puppet to carry you up so you will be quite safe.” The Photographer nodded in acceptance and took many snaps of Jorogumo once Hibiki produced it from the storage displacement. He made 4 of the arms lock together forming a kind of seat for his guest as well as bar that retracted a little tighter on the midriff to ensure she didn’t slip out. Hibiki heaved the bags on to his shoulder and stepped onto the wall with his surface walking. “Ready?” His response was a simple and nervous nod as Hibiki began a fast walk up the cliff with Jorogumo and the photographer in lockstep and easily keeping pace.

Once at the top Hibiki assisted the photographer in setting up her cameras and pointed out the crags where the hawks roosted before creeping over and flushing one or two out so they circled the cliffside and village below. After a few hours the photographer seemed satisfied with her pictures but requested they take the cliff path back down. Hibiki shrugged and joined her on the much longer though less vertical journey. If it had been up to him he would have simply run back down but it seemed the journey up and dissuaded the client from a return journey down. Once safely returned to the village he headed to the mission office to hand in his missions before drowsily heading home. By the time he returned it was dark and he quickly changed into an apron and headscarf as he helped out in the family kitchen for the guests evening meals.


TWC: 2,200

Claiming Mission rewards:
- 8000 Ryo (x2 due to Beloved Presence)
- 40 AP (x2 due to Beloved Presence)

Claiming with 25% discount (Max stats):
- Mastery [H] for Medical Art: Poison Mist (A-Rank) - 1875 - 1875/2200
- Mastery [H] for Genjutsu Release - 188 - 2063/2200
- 137 wc towards (Incomplete) Sealing Art: Dark River Breaking Seal - 565/1750 - 2200/2200
Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
Stat Page : Mementos of Noon - Hiroki Shimada
Mission Record : Hiroki's Mission Log
Living Clones : Mementos of Dawn - Hiro Shimada

Mementos of Dusk - Ki Shimada
Familiar : Shichiro
Remove Medical Fuuinjutsu Ninjutsu Default
Earth Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 150580

Sato Hibiki - A Busy Day Indeed Empty Re: Sato Hibiki - A Busy Day Indeed

Sat Dec 16, 2023 8:26 pm
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