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After the Plate, Shadowed and Shaded [Private] Empty After the Plate, Shadowed and Shaded [Private]

Thu Dec 14, 2023 5:57 pm
The sun rise and the sun fell, for many cycles. A conversation, which sowed seeds some months ago, sprouts and blooms once again. Power has been obtained, strength. Yet, for two shinobi, a step beyond strength and past power was needed. A step that required both of them and one other. The villagers that passed them by noted something curious about the two, a striking similarity in their features. Dark haired, dark eyed, fair skin, with equivalent expressions of determination. One bore the symbol of the Uchiha crest, while the other seemed more plain.

Through alleyways and main roads, the two came upon the close gates of the Unseen University, the entrance to its main campus. The fields and walkways were unpopulated, but signs of life were present, as the stone on the walkpaths were worn and the grass, well cut, was tamped down in many places. Yet, for being called a University, the scene was rather quiet. Eerie even.

Monsoon, dressed in his simple martial attire, looked to his cousin Ciel.

"Do you think Natsuki will show?"

Monsoon craned his head to look between the bars of the campus gate, to see some sign of the royal Hyuuga. Their journey to stand where they currently stood was not an easy one, though the walk was pleasant. Many bandits and nightmares had been felled by Monsoon and Ciel, to gain a better handle of their own bodies. As well, both Uchiha had been on numerous missions together, Monsoon was confident to say that he knew Ciel well, thus was the reason he called him "cousin".

Monsoon looked to his cousin, to see a similar gleam of doubt in his eyes. The step to greater horizons seemed simple, deceptively so. As well, their were questions that lie beyond the gates in front.

Wonder what else will be needed for this..."ritual"

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After the Plate, Shadowed and Shaded [Private] Empty Re: After the Plate, Shadowed and Shaded [Private]

Sat Dec 16, 2023 10:34 am
"Ive waited so long for this , I'm not sure wether to be scared of the surgery or excited that I'm going to unlock a new level of power for myself", the young Uchiha thought to himself as he stood there with his cousin. Ever since he learned about the final stage of the sharingan he wanted it for himself, but never thought that it would come down to something like this until he was informed by Natsuki.

"Not sure , but I don't think she would waste our time like that. I’m honestly more curious how this power will affect us. Those who seek power always have to pay some price wether it be mentally or physically.", he would say back to Mon before taking a pause. “Let’s just hope it’s plays out well and nothing goes wrong with the surgery”. He wasn't one to give anyone absolute trust without deserving it but he hoped she'd be there. He hope that the procedure wouldn't be to painful on the eyes but then again with something as drastic as this , one could only imagine that it would be quite painful but he also knew going blind wasn't an option either. Having used his sharingan a few too many times already the last thing he wanted to do was go blind from overuse.
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