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Tatsuo Uchiha
Tatsuo Uchiha
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All It Takes is Dexterity Empty All It Takes is Dexterity

Tue Sep 12, 2023 5:15 pm
Mission Link: All It Takes is Dexterity
Character Stats: Tatsuo Uchiha Stats

As Tatsuo was passing the mission board one day, he came upon a peculiar post: Reward offered to anyone who can best the marksman. Intrigued, he had taken down the post and carried it with him all the way to the training grounds, where it was said he could meet the one who'd issued the challenge.

Now standing in the middle of the empty field, Tatsuo looks around carefully. Sure enough, there was a strange looking man in a travel cloak leaning against a nearby tree, so he starts to approach the man cautiously. "Are you the one looking for a marksmanship challenge?" he asks hesitantly, ready to run if this guy was bad news.

He saw a crooked grin break out on the man's face, and thought for a moment his mother must have a been a scarecrow from the way he then shambled over, all limbs and dust with straw poking out of his clothes. "Indeed I am, though I didn't expect such a small challenger~. You can call me Getsuyoubi, and I am the greatest marksman in the Land of Fire!" He then cackles, and Tatsuo cringes a bit.

"Right... So, how does this challenge go, then?" His arms fold across his chest, looking at the cooky man skeptically.

"Easy! You choose the projectile, and I choose the target - whichever of us lands or mark closest to the target, is the victor!" The scrawny man rubs his hands together gleefully, and Tatsuo tilts his head.

"I choose what we throw...?" He took a moment to consider this, before opening his school bag and rummaging inside for a simple sheet of paper. Sitting on the ground, he starts to crease and fold it, holding up a pristine paper airplane and smiling cockily at the man. "I choose this."

The man blinks a few times at the creation before laughing out loud and nodding. "Very creative! You have yourself a deal. The target is..." He runs over about ten meters away and draws a 12-inch circle on the ground. "Here! Make the plane land here, and it's your success!"

Tatsuo nods, dropping his bag. "Fine, but I get to throw first." Lifting the airplane, the young boy takes aim, paying careful attention to the wind and steadying his stance before letting it fly, watching it soar a good distance before taking a spiral nosedive straight into the circle. Tatsuo pumps his fist gleefully, grinning. Not only did he land in the target, but the plane had surely been dented by the fall, just enough to throw off its trajectory the next time it was thrown.

"Oh! Ohho, you made it in the circle! I say, spectacular my boy, watch and learn!" He saunters over and picks up the fallen airplane, returning to where Tatsuo is stood. Lifting his arm back, he takes aim and launches the aircraft in a smooth arc, watching happily as it soars - but then - "Ack! No, fly straight!" he screams as the plane begins to waver and corkscrew, falling pitifully a few feet from the target.

Tatsuo looks at the man smugly, holding his hand out. "I believe you mentioned a cash prize?" Getsuyoubi was positively reeling from his loss, his posture crestfallen as he sullenly took out a wad of ryo from his pocket and left it in the boy's hands. "A promise... just... just don't tell anyone!" Tatsuo smirks quietly, patting the man's arm. "There, there. I'm sure you'll get it next time~" Chuckling, Tatsuo pockets his prize and picks up his bag, turning back to head for town. It was time for a trip to the bakery.
WC: 608
Claiming: 1,000 Ryo, 5 AP; 5 Strength, E-rank Techniques Fire Stream and Hearthfire; 100 WC toward Rope Escape
Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Stat Page : The Everbloom
Mission Record : Misson Log: Everbloom
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Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 2500

All It Takes is Dexterity Empty Re: All It Takes is Dexterity

Wed Sep 13, 2023 2:22 pm
Tatsuo Uchiha wrote:
WC: 608
Claiming: 1,000 Ryo, 5 AP; 5 Strength, E-rank Techniques Fire Stream and Hearthfire; 100 WC toward Rope Escape

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