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Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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The Drunk & The Devil Empty The Drunk & The Devil

Sat Sep 02, 2023 6:56 pm
His return was one of victory, his time after mostly spent with meetings between higher ups and others that wished to see him. Safe to say, Ichigo couldn't think of relaxing just yet. History had been written, an important footnote added to Kumogakure. Nevertheless, the Raikage knew they weren't allowed to take things easy. There was a lot to discuss, plans needed to be made. If they wanted to continue to improve and make progress in the right direction, they had to proceed in the same vein. "We can rest another day". No need to take things slow after all.

For now, Ichigo found himself sitting behind his desk in the Raikage Chambers, writing down a couple of things he wished to see implemented in the village. A couple of people already came to see and inform him of the current state of affairs in Kumogakure. Not much had changed, which he considered a good thing. However, that didn't mean there was no room for improvement. In order to maintain the balance he himself created, the Drunken Storm was aware he would have to come up with certain measures. As their territory grew and with it their influence expanded, so should their forces. Perhaps something he could discuss with some of his most trusted individuals. 

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