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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
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Duo. Empty Duo.

Sun Aug 27, 2023 6:17 pm
The air was chilly up here, even when the sun blazed directly above him. He no longer donned the white robes of the Raikage, instead dressing in long dark robes, which hid the Darkened Skies armor he was wont to wear, which shielded him from the cold wind, and absorbed what little heat the sun offered. The construction of the site was up to spec, as far as he could tell; next to him, a hardened architect who at least looked like he could hold his own against someone their own size. Within months, the structure would be ready. Great lengths had been taken in order to not only finish this within the specs requested by the Lord Raikage Ichigo Sato, but also to connect this structure to the tunnel systems and choke points already existing within the village and country. All the connection and choke points were under tight control of the higher management of the village. “Good job, Hiro-san.” Hiro nodded, and took off to do what he needed to do.

The construction taking place was a brute sore against the landscape, one of imposing strength. With the months passing, the erecting buildings took further space against the skies, the cinder blocks demonstrating the strength of what would be held within. Towers were erected, with diverse functions to fulfill soon: control of land and aerospace. Testing. Holding prisoners for as long as they needed to be held.

By the height of summer, the facility was completed. Both sides of the main hall were decked with masked ninja in the SUMMIT Armor of the Kumogakure, as Noboru looked down the hall at the present ninja. He saluted, they saluted, and he turned his back and walked away. Wearing only a dark gi now, as if he came back from or was on his way to the Noboru Kaito Academy of Martial Arts; which, to be fair, had become a major part of his life. Even so, the best was yet to come.

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Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
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Duo. Empty Re: Duo.

Sun Aug 27, 2023 6:21 pm
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