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Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Cold Day in Hell Empty Cold Day in Hell

Fri Aug 11, 2023 3:23 pm
There come a moment in life where you must face an immovable wall and it is up to you if you allow it to stop you from accomplishing your goals or if you surmount it and go on to do what you wish.
This was one of those moments for Jecht, Lord Aokidanza had arrived back in the village after his conquest of Sunagakure, A summonings had been sent out for Jecht to meet the powerful shinobi at the Inferno Arena. This was a place that Jecht was intimately familiar with, a sixty meter circle that had multiple safeties in place to assure the lives of those who fought within it, the ability to change its environment so that people could train in a multitude of foreign places that you couldn’t find here in the land of fire.
The appointed time had arrived and Jecht was as prepared as you could be when faced with this moment, he was wearing his typical outfit but adorned with the vest that he had received upon being appointed as a Jounin. His communication gauntlet on his left arm as usual and his red headband that use to hide the nubs of the Ushitora horns upon his brow. Beyond that Jecht needed nothing else.
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Cold Day in Hell Empty Re: Cold Day in Hell

Mon Aug 14, 2023 12:35 pm
Silence swallowed the immediate atmosphere of the entire arena, and a few meters that surrounded it. The subtle, yet gradually growing sensation of despair would seed and bloom within the pits of all that drew breath stomachs. The air grew dense, so much so that it was straining to even breath as the source of this anomaly drew near. The heavens grew dark, roaring before weeping as the rain descends. Rhythmic patters bounced off the ears and surrounds.

Steps from the Demon approached. Was Yachiru with him? No. No? She stood within the stands of the VIP section as she fixed her eyes in Jecht. This would be the first of many opportunities that she would get to see him in action. Sadly…the first is against her Lord, Aokidanza. However that may be, she wanted to see for herself exactly why Aokidanza decided to not only make this man his pupil, but his Warden of the prison. Though, he has been rather busy filling some of the cells of the prison, that she had to give to him. A smile, sinister, but harmless, formed on her face.

His visage came into view, the Hokage stepped within the arena, standing 20 meters away from the Ogre. The Demon, in his armor and his gourd fasten to his hip. His Sharingan, fully matured and hugged by black scleras that gave his leer a demonic gaze. A subtle red tint hues in his pupil as his pupil reflected off his retina. The Demon stood with his arms folded before his chest, his expression somewhat void as he observed the man standing before him.

Today marks the day that you, Jecht of the Inferno flames, prove to me that you are deserving to be amongst my ranks as a Warden and my student. Show me your might and do not hesitate, not even for a fraction of an instant or you will find your life forfeited.

His words carried an overwhelming weight. But, somehow he was not conveying them to add pressure, but to offer a glimpse of hope. Was this pride? Pride within this man that stood before him?  The Demon would smile malevolently as his eyes fixed more into a predatory state.

I, Aokidanza Senju, Lord Hokage, Demon Lord of the Fire Country recognize you as an equal worth taking seriously. Thus, you will witness the very power that granted me the title “The God of Destruction”. And should you impress me, I will bestow upon you a name to mark this day if your ascension.

It was at this moment that the Senju flipped the switch that unleashed that Deity of chaos, the calm before the storm…

AP: 2000/2000
Sharingan: -10 AP
Natural Berserker: +10 AP
Sand Charges: 4 (in Gourd)

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