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Puppetry Default
Wind Default
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 500

Kai Shuikana  Empty Kai Shuikana

Sat May 20, 2023 1:30 am
Kai Shuikana
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Basic Information

Age: 18
Birthday:  4/9
Gender: Female

Height: 5'9
Weight: 190
Appearance:  Kai is a tall slender woman with sharp facial features. She has a noticeably sharp chin and head which reminds you of a cat. She has large feline-like eyes that almost bare down into the soul with coldness. They are a soft glowing lime green color. A short but thin sharp upturned nose. Long thing eyebrows matched her violet-like hair. She has a full head of long and spiky violet hair which is wild-like.

When her hair is fully down it falls down to the middle of her back. Small and pouty rose-pink lips and normal-sized ears. Being 5'9 she is very tall and slender with an average-sized body. She has fair skin with noticeably rough hands. Due to years of work as a craftsman, her fingers are calloused and littered with the efforts of her hard work. Her fingertips specifically have many small scars across them as well. One noticeable large scar is on the back of her right hand.

Her typical attire consists of tight black leggings and matching black shorts. She wears a sleeveless black body suit on her torso. On top kai wears a white Jinbei with light purple highlights. It hands are somewhat long and stop past her mid-thigh closer to her knees.A large purple sash wraps around her waist matching the violet color of her hair. She wears black gloves and black shinobi sandals as well. Her long hair is kept up in a high ponytail with her bangs naturally falling a way to stay out of her face. She wears her sand headband around her neck.

Personality: Kai at heart is a very loyal person. She is naturally a very loving and attentive person. Her natural attention to detail has led to her having a curious nature. She enjoys things that require her attention or that have a deeper meaning. As such she has great insight on most situations and scenarios. Punctuality is also within her nature as she is easily a go-getter type of individual.

When interacting with others Kai is the Queen of sarcasm. It's almost as if she never takes things seriously and casually tearing people apart with cold-cutting jokes and remarks. However, she doesn't lack complete decorum she handles business when necessary. She always has a confident attitude whether it is cocky or calm and collected. When dealing with enemies or people she doesn't like she is one to easily berate them. She is also quick to call out nonsense when it presents itself.

While in combat Kai is a hell-bent demon who is uses any method to win. She uses her analytical skill to try and quickly diverge the area and opponents. However, this does mean she will get lost in observing. Kai is also a woman of action able to pressure her enemies and strike when needed. Kai does have a bit of a sadistic habit of torturing her opponents at least when it is one on one. Especially when she has the advantage otherwise she is quick to end things. She likes to have fun when she can but is not foolish enough to let her guard down either.

Likes: Creating Puppets, Cooking, Combat, Drawing
Dislikes: Lazy People, Sweating, Messy things.

History: Kai Shuikana was born to the Shuikana family. A long line of artisans who lived in the Land of Wind since it's creation. They are well-known crafters by trade as well as weaponsmiths. Well-versed in a series of techniques. At some point in time, the Shuikana family moved to the Hidden Sand Village, and is well known for the quality of their tools and weapons as well as other trades. When Kai was born she was also raised up in the ways of being an artisan. She was a talented crafter with wood and also assisted with weapon making for handles and other tools within the family.

Upon reaching the age of 17 however, Kai met his first puppet user. He was being escorted to travel to a neighboring country with his father for supplies. One of the ninja guarding them saved his life and with the use of a puppet.It was nothing short of beauty watching him fight. The mechanisms the movements the intricate details that allowed them to skillfully fight. The sight was enough to make her fall in love with her crafter's heart. So much so that when they returned from the trip she asked the chuunin to teach her the ways of puppet ninjutsu. Seeing as how Kai was a crafter the shinobi agreed and Kai also enrolled at the academy at such a late age. But she was willing to do so and put in the work.

After a year or so Kai had picked up the necessary skills to understand the art of puppet making. This was on top of the duties of working with her family's shop as well. Studying jutsu during the day and going to work at night. Kai also struggled with connecting with her fellow classmates for the majority of her stay. Considering she was already 17 and mostly everyone else was a young child. The other academy ninja did look up to her as an older sister since her age made it easier to understand things. After a year of accelerated work, Kai was able to finally become a Genin and start her pursuit towards becoming a master puppet user.

Ninja Traits

Rank: Genin- D
Village: Sand
Element(s): Wind
Specialties: Puppetry
Clan: N/A
Bloodline Bonuses: N/A


Health: 100
Vigor: 20
Chakra: 30
Speed: 30
Strength: 10

The Player

Other Characters: N/A
Faceclaim Name and Series: Machi Komacine- Hunter X Hunter
Roleplay Sample: "Stay close to me." Kai let loose as she eyed the bandits before her. "Don't be stupid it's only two of you and 3 of us." A tall rough figure said looming in the distance. Kai's eyes immediately swept her surroundings counting only 3 bandits. Two swordsman and the big man with a giant club. 20 meters away from her and the merchant. "Well honestly I ain't the stupid one see-." WIth a tug Kai swung the bandaged puppet on her back onto the ground before her with a demonic-like smirk. "Because all are three dead men." WIth a wave of her hand the bandages flew out revealing her puppet as she raised her hands and made it come to life with her chakra strings. The three bandits seemed to all take a step back losing their nerve .

With a wave of her hands the puppet flew straight towards the bandits with a rattling sound. With the dance of her finger tips the puppet would open up it's arm to revealing it's elbow joint. A flurry of senbon would fire out towards the the big bandit in the middle. All three of them scrambled to get out of the way. Kai used the moment to close the distance as blades grew out of the puppets arms with sharp sound. "Too easy." She whispered waving her arms and fingers as the puppet would attack the bandit to her left. A quick upward slash to match steel with steel as sparks flew. Kai grinned watching as the other two came rushing in towards her and the merchant. " Tag your it!" She yanked her arms back as the puppet would disengage the first bandit. With a quick swish and flutter the puppet would gracefully slash the back of the large bandit.

With a heavy dud she made the puppet maneuver over his falling body before slashing the neck of the third bandit. In one feel swoop, the final bandit was scared and running but she fired of another barrage of senbon. Her aim allowed her to strike the back of his knees and legs as he fell to the ground. "Wait wait please I-" The bandit had fallen to his knees and turned around before Kai appeared in front of him with a smile. She made a shushing motion with her lips as she smiled. The puppet was behind him with the blade underneath his neck as he cried. He was a shivering mess crying before her as she chuckled. "Shhhh don't worry. When the get keeper of hell ask who sent you. Tell him it was Kai Shuikana." With a smile she slowly puller her index finger towards her palm. In a quick motion the puppet would decapitate the man as she walked away from his body. "Sheesh all this blood for nothing. Almost got my clothes dirty." Kai whined as she recalled her puppet. Letting it rest by her side she quickly used her ninjutsu. The bandages wrapped themselves around the puppet securing it with ease.Grabbing the self made straps she swung the puppet on to her back. Spinning on her heel towards the merchant she smiled and waved. "See I told ya I'd keep ya safe. Make sure to leave a good review." Kai would say with a gentle smirk. And with that the mission would continue.
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Guren Chinoike
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Stat Page : The Big Blood
Remove Medical Ninjutsu Space Time Default
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 178950

Kai Shuikana  Empty Re: Kai Shuikana

Wed May 24, 2023 10:40 pm

Kai Shuikana  Approved

Congratulations on submitting a character app and having it approved. Welcome to the NRPG Family

  • With the approval now you can go ahead and make a Character stat page: Character Stat Page & Stat Page Template

  • And a Mission log tracker: Mission log & Mission log Template

  • These links will take you to the overall section where you can find the villages and the template for the Character stat page and the Mission log tracker.

  • You Copy and paste the template into your village's section so that for you, it would be [insert village name here]. These do not need to be approved when you make them, so don't worry about that. Once those are done, you are set to start RPing on the site.

  • Finally, once you make your stat page, add it to your account profile for easy access.

From everyone on the staff team, we hope you enjoy your time on Naruto RPG!
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